News! “Tapaz” Waterfront Restaurant May Be On The Horizon at Epcot’s Morocco in Walt Disney World

We’ve got exclusive details from the operator of Disney World’s Morocco pavilion restaurants about a fantastic new development that has been green-lighted for Epcot’s World Showcase in 2013!

We all know about that lovely waterfront event space next to the Mo’Rockin’ stage, right? Well guess what — this gorgeous real estate might soon house a brand new RESTAURANT!

Morocco Pavilion Waterfront along World Showcase Lagoon Might Soon Be Home to a New Restaurant

Tapaz Restaurant

Reportedly breaking ground in January 2013, the new Tapaz Restaurant would join Restaurant Marrakesh and Tangierine Cafe to offer authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine in one of Epcot’s most exotic pavilions.

The Tapaz waterfront restaurant complex plans combine 120 outdoor terrace seats with 60 indoor seats to offer guests another incredible option for dining in the World Showcase (and another amazing view of Epcot’s Illuminations, Reflections of Earth, fireworks show).

Looks Like Tapaz Guests Would Have a Great View of Illuminations

Tapaz Eats

The food and drink offerings were described to me as a “Food and Wine Festival all year round.” The menu would include tapas, small plates, olive oils and ingredients, and great wines representing specific Mediterranean countries. For example, guests will be able to order a grouping of dishes from the same country, or mix and match to enjoy a variety of different flavors and influences.

Also included in the new complex built on Morocco’s waterfront would be several shops, including one selling the olive oils and other ingredients from the restaurant so that guests will be able to re-create their meals at home.

A small, walk-up window bar selling beverages, cocktails, wines, and pastries would replace the current Morocco pastries kiosk that stands to the left of the pavilion.

This Morocco Waterfront Space Could Look Very Different in 2013

Sounds like the France Pavilion expansion and the Morocco expansion are sure to make 2013 a HUGE restaurant year for Epcot!

As always, this information is subject to change and has not been confirmed directly by Disney.


  1. says

    That sounds fantastic! I’ll be really excited to try this one. It will be interesting to it works at night knowing the pavilion doesn’t light up..

  2. Tariq says

    Sounds great !! Will they employ chefs from Morocco? if yes, than HERE I AM … done a culinary program at the DAKL before and it was supper awesome !

  3. Logan says

    I’m actually a little disappointed! That area was a great place to stand and watch the show…and many people overlooked it.

  4. Kris says

    AWESOME! Hope they offer a realistic Morrocan/Mediterrean flavor to the dishes and don’t water down the spices.

  5. says

    @Logan: I completely agree. Why can’t they breathe new life into Restaurant Marrakesh before they just plop down another out-of-scale building that blocks IllumiNations views and mars the pavilion’s sight lines from around the lagoon (a la Hacienda de San Angel)?

  6. says


    The large outdoor seating component likely isn’t because they expect it to be popular – but because they are constantly putting seating there for Food/Wine that they leave up straight through New Years Eve to help with crowds.

    The small interior capacity suggests a building roughly the size of, if not a little smaller, than Gaston Tavern. It wont be very big at all.

    Ad finally.. why are they forcing this idea..? Tutto Gusto has not been a roaring success with a similar menu. Does someone at Disney culinary just have an olive oil fetish or something?

  7. Tricia says

    Sounds yummy to me. It sounds like a great place to get a variety of Moroccan foods without stuffing myself silly. We are traveling Early Sept 2013 so I hope it is done.

  8. Michelle says

    Ugh…. We just had our wedding dessert party at Morocco. This sucks that now there will be a restaurant there and we won’t be able to ever watch illuminations from this spot when there isn’t an event going on. Guess I wont be able to reminisce.

  9. Dana says

    Oh, I love this! I hope this does happen! I also heard a rumor that the Japan pavillion was going to be something similar. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about that, too….?

  10. Dana says

    Oh, I love this! I hope this does happen! I also heard a rumor that the Japan pavillion was going to be something similar. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about that, too….?

  11. will says

    I actually think its a bad idea. Takes away the site lines of the pavilion from across the way, they will remove the irrigation display for this, and lastly it seems they want every pavilion to have waterfront dinng for illuminations- will I have to make an ADR soon to see it?

  12. Ann says

    I agree that they should re-do the old restaurant first with this new concept. I love Mo Rockin and do not want to see it go.

  13. says

    Restaurant Marrakesh is already the least utilized F&B facility on the property. And it has been badly hit by the emergence of other new restaurants and remodels around World Showcase. Although a tappas concept is great, there is not that much demand for more Moroccan food. So this concept only works if there is another attraction going into the back of that pavilion. And I doubt that is in the works.

    Morroco is one of the most immersive pavilions in World Showcase. And it’s the only one to really represent both Africa and the Middle East. As Walt would put it, it needs a better “wiener” at the end of the stick. Restaurant Marrakesh is not it. And putting another F&B location in the front is not likely to draw them to the back.

  14. Lisa says

    Just adding on to my batch of reasons for not watching Illuminations. Just when you think you found a good spot, they up and put a restaurant there or kick you out for a “private party” (meaning more $$ for them). I notice they are starting to do that at the MK as well. I am a huge Disney fan, but not liking this “elitist” feel.

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