News! First Look at the New California Grill Menu at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

We previously brought you the news that California Grill, one of Disney World’s most popular dining spots, will be closing for a major renovation on February 1.

The signature restaurant, located high atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort, will be closed until late summer. In the meantime, Chef Brian Piasecki is already busily creating a new menu that blends classic dishes with fresh updates. Thanks to Disney Parks Blog, we’re getting a few first looks at a few of the creations. First up: sushi!

Although Yoshie Cabral, the restaurant’s beloved sushi chef, is retiring, sushi will continue to play a big role on the menu.

New Sushi Creations

Some of the new items aren’t fish at all, but take their inspiration from traditional Japanese dishes, like Japanese-style Bone Marrow with Crunchy Panko and Sweet Onion Jam and Beef Tartare. I can’t wait to try these!

Traditionalists will also find Sea Urchin Nigiri with Mamanori (soybean paper), Salmon Roe and freshly grated Wasabi Root.

More New Sushi Options

Meat lovers will find plenty to tempt their palates, too. The 24-hour Braised Beef Short Rib with Truffle Whipped Potatoes, Vol-au-Vent (puff pastry) with Roasted Vegetables and Natural Jus really sounds — and looks — incredible.

24-Hour Braised Beef Short Rib

One of California Grill’s most famous dishes (and one of my favorites!), Pork and Polenta, will be updated to Pork Two Ways.

Luckily, the wood-grilled pork tenderloin will still be accented with that awesome goat cheese polenta. Braised, Lacquered Pork Belly with a side of Country Applesauce takes its place beside the re-imagined classic.

Pork Two Ways

We will bring you more details of the renovation as they unfold. We can’t wait to see what Chef Brian and the rest of the talented staff have in store for us!

What are you most looking forward to trying in the new California Grill? Tell us in comments below!


  1. Janel says

    Im dying to know when they will re-open. Ill be there the first and second week of september and I want in!

  2. Sean says

    This all looks amazing. As someone who has dined at CG for the past three years, and enjoyed an AMAZING meal here on my honeymoon last month, this is really, really exciting.

    We were told by the chef that the new menu would focus on fresh fare with an experimental and cutting edge flair, and he was NOT lying. This looks perfect.

  3. Mark D. says

    How do you choose between 24-hour braised short ribs and pork two ways (pork belly….mmmmm)?

    Also excited to try the Japanese-style Bone Marrow with Crunchy Panko.

    I will be visiting in September or October so hopefully I can add this to my list of restaurants to try.

  4. Brooke says

    Janel — Agreed! We will bring you the date just as soon as we have it!

    Sean — We’ve had incredible experiences at California Grill as well, and can’t wait to see all the new menu changes. We are also really excited to see the new decor. It will be fantastic to see the new vision for California contemporary!

    Mark — I know – tough choice for sure! Good luck with getting an ADR and let us know your thoughts when you visit!

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    All of that looks very good. IF they allow substitutions (allergic to mushroom) the 24 hour ribs seem lovely. I’m also excited to try the marrow. I’ve never seen that on a menu near me.

  6. Robyn says

    I would love to try the California grill but I have a very fussy diet. We are there end of September for our wedding anniversary, I’m looking forward to the rest of the menu publicised so I know if there will be something I can eat on it, especially as we are staying at BLT, would be a perfect excuse to go and try it out :)

  7. mike b says

    Just as long as they bring back the Oak Fired Beef Filet we wont have no problems… just sayin…. but everything looks great so far!!

  8. Marc N says

    Disney’s Top Chief Brian and Chief Christian are a Disney powerhouse. I can not wait to taste their creations using only the best ingredients. If you never have dined at a restaurant they were the inspiration behind the cuisine you truly have been missing out. When my wife and I go back to Disney for Food and Wine this year we will dine with the best Disney has to offer at California Grill.

  9. Kim Sekulski says

    Please tell me that they will still be serving the Honig Cabernet. My absolute favorite!!

  10. Maureen Konen says

    New menu reads….FABULOUS!! Can’t wait!!! Bringing a young Chef down to experience the Open Kitchen at the California Grill Mid September. Time creeping closer to our visit….Magical Dream slipping away….keeping “HIGH HOPES” for a little Disney Magic to come our way!!! :)

  11. Sandra says

    Only going to be eating there if they have chicken nuggets and mac and cheese in adult portions–and none of that “adult” cheese stuff. My husband and I could do fine, but our son–forget it. If it doesn’t look like one of his main food groups, he’s not buying it (burger, chicken, pizza, mac and cheese). ;)

  12. Heather says

    CG has been our favorite restaurant for 15 years. I became a vegan (plant based) a few years ago for health reasons and REALLY hope you’ll have some options for apps, dinner and dessert.

  13. Maureen Konen says

    WE’RE IN!!! Reservations made for September visit to WDW’s CALIFORNIA GRILL…Hakuna Matata!!!

  14. says

    I’m excited! I got a 6:55 p.m. reservation for my first night in WDW — Oct. 1! Cali Grill on Oct. 1 and DFB snack attack on Oct. 2 — what a great trip this will be! Thanks for letting us know that we could reserve at Cali Grill as of today…

  15. Catherine says

    I managed a reservation, thinking we would be able to share an entree. The two that most appeal to us are the braised short rib and the pork two ways. In the photos, they don’t appear to be very large portions. Has anyone shared these dishes? Should it be sufficient for two older adults with moderate appetites? I do like to leave room for dessert.

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