Grand Launch Sale! The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2013 e-Book

We’re excited to announce the grand launch of The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2013 e-Book! This valuable resource is fully updated for 2013 visits, and is now available for purchase and download to help you make the most of your dining opportunities while in Disney World.

The fully updated DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2013 e-Book is an instantly downloadable PDF guide, featuring over 400 full-color pages of photographs, information, and advice about our favorite things — food and dining in Walt Disney World.

It’s guaranteed to help you navigate your way to delicious dining on your next vacation! And if you’re ready to get yours now, head on over to to pick it up!!

For our Grand Launch Sale, use code: 2013 to get a $4 discount for a limited time! And at the end of this post, we have details on even more savings!

Note: If you purchased the 2012 Guide last year, scroll down for details on repeat purchase discounts.

What’s In The Guide?

As thousands of repeat customers already know, the Guide includes:

  • A 5-Step Strategy for Disney Dining Planning, covering everything you need to know from budgeting and booking to kids’ meals, dining discounts, and fireworks.
  • A comprehensive and in-depth look at Disney World restaurants, including our personal tips and tricks to ensure a positive and stress-free dining experience.
  • Free, downloadable worksheets for planning your trip. These worksheets are designed to help you execute all the steps of planning the perfect Disney dining experience. And they’re reusable for your next trip!
  • Seven sample one-day dining itineraries for a head-start on planning.
  • A comprehensive index of bars and lounges. An often under-appreciated option for both dining and entertainment, the e-Book devotes a whole index to the topic.
  • The ability to be read on your mobile device or computer! It’s fully portable right in your pocket!

While our 2012 Guide was very extensive, Disney World is always updating menus, prices, and other dining info. And we’re always finding new things to tell you about! So we’ve updated our 2013 edition with over 100 new pages of details along with more exclusive info! Check out a couple of sample pages below. Click to enlarge!

DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Sample Page

Samples Pages of the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013

Here’s Just Some Of What You Get With Our 2013 Guide:

  • Over 100 NEW pages of Disney Dining information — 400 pages total!
  • A greatly expanded Disney Dining Restaurant Reviews section, covering all Disney restaurants, food kiosks, bars, and lounges
  • An updated Disney Dining Plan section and price analysis for 2013
  • NEW Disney food and restaurant photos
  • An updated Disney Snacks chapter for enjoying treats in the theme parks and resorts, one of the most popular Disney dining topics
  • An extended and updated section on birthday parties and specialty cakes in Disney World
  • A comprehensive, 10-page chapter of Disney Dining news and updates from the past year, including new restaurants, new menus, and more
  • Details about how the My Magic+ Planning System could affect your vacation planning
  • 11 Great Snacks you must try this year
  • Scavenger Hunts and Top 5 List updates
  • Updates on all pertinent facts such as dining hours, prices, resources, phone numbers, and restaurant closures/openings
  • All new restaurant additions, closures, refurbishments, and added dining experiences
  • And much more!

And the best part is: the price hasn’t changed! Our extensive Disney Dining information, fully updated and extended with 100+ extra pages and countless new details, will cost you the same amount that it did in 2012.

DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Sample Page

DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Sample Page

But, of course we’re offering a discount for our Grand Launch week!! To celebrate the launch and to thank you for your support of the blog, we’ll be offering the Guide for $4 off its standard rate for a limited time! Order your copy now at and use code: 2013 for your discount!

Should I buy the 2013 Guide if I have the 2012 Guide?

The 2013 Guide has entirely updated information, a greatly extended Disney Dining Restaurant Reviews section, over 100 extra pages and more photographs, an updated chapter on snacks, a 10-page “what’s new this year in Disney World” section, extended scavenger hunts, and more.

If you purchased the 2012 Guide and would like to purchase the 2013 Guide, we’ve got a special discount for repeat purchasers. Email me here to get a limited-time, one-use, exclusive discount code to purchase the 2013 Guide at a $6 discount. Please include the email address you used to purchase the 2012 Guide in the body of your email.

For more detailed information and screen shots from the e-Book, head over to! With a 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! :-)

Want Even Greater Savings? Here’s How!

Great three awesome e-Books bundled for over 30% off! Limited time only…

Three Great e-Books: Over 30% Off!

Our DFB Guide & Snacks Bundle offers:

  1. The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2013, PLUS
  2. The DFB Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks, AND
  3. The DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks

All three are being sold together for the first time –and for a massively discounted price. Just $29.95 instead of the regular price of nearly $42.00.

Our Snack Guides vibrantly display and review over 250 Disney World snacks (!!), but also showcase some our favorite under-the-radar treats and eats in the parks. Get your DFB Guide & Snacks Bundle — including the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013, the DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks, and the DFB Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks — for over 30% off here.

Find out more about the DFB Guide & Snack Bundle here!

Thanks for your support of the DFB!


  1. Mark D. says

    Congrats on producing another great (monsterous) e-book. I am sure these take an incredible amount of time and effort and it really shows.

    Truely an accomplishment to be proud of.

  2. Chuckie Blades says

    Congrats AJ your Web Site is incredible thank you so much for the time you put into it!!! I cannot wait to download the book!

  3. says

    Mark D. — Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support (and for sharing your awesome ideas like the Snack Attack!)

    Chuckie Blades — Huge thanks to you, CB!! It’s been so much fun getting to know you over on twitter!

  4. Mark D. says

    Any snack attack dates getting floated about? I am getting ready to make my reservations for the fall. Would love to finally be able to attend.

  5. says

    Mark D. — Haven’t floated dates yet, but I’ll get the info out asap! It should be the week of Sept. 29th-Oct. 5th, I’m hoping!

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