NEW! Hot Sandwiches Debut in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square!

DFB reporter Zach Metzger has a great review of the brand new sandwiches from Liberty Square Market in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Hot dogs, popcorn, turkey legs, baked potatoes: just a few of the vittles available to satisfy your appetite in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square.

Liberty Square Market, home to the aforementioned hot dogs and baked potatoes, is now also the home to two new sandwiches: the Hot Ham and Cheddar and the Hot Roast Beef and Swiss.

Both sandwiches are $6.99 not including tax, and are served wrapped in foil and piping hot, as advertised. I had the chance to try both!

New Sandwiches in Liberty Square

Liberty Square Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

The roast beef is presented on a nice French bread “sub”. The bread is crusty on the outside, providing good bite resistance, and moist and springy on the inside.

Piled high with meat, it’s far from skimpy. The flavor on the roast beef was robust; and the Swiss cheese was also in ample supply and at the perfect stage of melty-ness.

Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

I tried to cut through the sandwich to show a cross-section, but the plastic knife lost the battle to the crusty bread. Tearing the sandwich in half worked a bit better, but also mostly destroyed it. Oh well. You can use your imagination to picture a perfect cross section, with layers labeled and in their correct places, right?

Hot Roast Beef Cross Section

The sign says the roast beef is made with a horseradish sauce, which was misleading to me. I was expecting a zesty, sinus-clearing, horseradish kick, but instead was disappointed to find what I would call a very lightly seasoned mayonnaise.

The texture was nice, providing a creamy element and taste, but I didn’t get horseradish notes at all. Overall, the sandwich has great textures from the hard/soft bread and creamy “horseradish”, but is lacking on flavor.

Liberty Square Hot Ham and Cheddar Sandwich

Next up, the Hot Ham and Cheddar. This sandwich is served on a round roll. Mine was a bit squished, and the bread was rather soggy. I didn’t mind either of these attributes, but it’s something to keep in mind if you have an aversion to soggy bread.

On the upside, the roll was not dry at all! Like the roast beef, this one is also stacked high with meat, which tasted like standard deli ham. The cheese (cheddar this time) is nice and melty again. This one seemed smaller to me, however it may simply be an illusion with the differing shapes.

Hot Ham and Cheddar with Dijonaise

A dijonaise sauce topped this ‘wich, and I was much more satisfied with it than the horseradish sauce. It enhanced the whole assemblage with a nicely flavorful taste. Although light like a mayo, I could still sense a subtle creamy mustard zip.

Hot Ham andCheddar with Dijonaise Cross Section


I wasn’t overly impressed with either sandwich. They were just okay. I do think they would be a great, safe option for anyone with a semi-picky eater (though watch out with the sauces if you have a non-mayo or non-mustard eater).

If I had to choose which ‘wich to have again, I would choose the roast beef. I think a sandwich is only as good as the bread it is made on, and the bread of the roast beef is far superior to the ham and cheddar’s bread.

Overall these are a pleasant, if not a little boring, addition to Liberty Square Market!

What do you think about the addition of hot sandwiches to Liberty Square? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Rebecca says

    The ham and cheese sandwich looks like the Breakfast Jack from Jack in the Box! And I like the taste of that! Looks yummy!

  2. Ben Rockwood says

    Please share how these are made and how they are heated. There is no kitchen at this location, right? So are they microwaved? Do they have a little toaster oven? Are they brought to the market wrapped in a heat-shielding container from another location? Are they made on-the-spot?

  3. says

    At last! Whenever we head in there, our sentiment is generally that “if they made a good sandwich we’d be happy” and the nearest we’ve ever got to this is either Casey’s Corner for counter service, or the Tuna Croissant Salad Sandwich at the Plaza.

    Good park food does not have to be complicated, but it does need to be tasty and affordable and this post convinces me.
    From the pics it does look like the beef survives the packaging a little better!

  4. says

    I assume that they are made in the kitchen above Columbia Harbour House. They don’t look like made to order, which is shame.
    I think I’d pass on these sandwiches. I’d rather go to Columbia Harbour House where I worked in 2000.

  5. Pardonmyfrench says

    Thanks for the update. I did have high hopes for the beef, but with your review, we can pass

  6. Eeyore says

    The ham and cheese looks awful. In fact, I’d send it back looking like that. Doesn’t look like much meat on the roast beef either, and since I don’t like mayo, I’ll be giving these a pass! I’m disappointed that Disney would offer these. Usually their food looks great.

  7. says

    Yeah can’t say I the ham and cheese looks good at all. It looks like it was microwaved. The actual steak sandwich itself looks good, but I am not too big on horseradish. Thanks for the review!

  8. Linda says

    The roast beef and swiss would be something I’d try if I could skip the horseradish sauce. I would love to be able to add my choice of condiments. If they can’t do a better job with the bun on the ham and cheese, I will have to pass. Too bad, I would love to be able to grab a hot sandwich over in that corner of the park. We had to hike all the way back to Tomorrowland last year just to have a choice of a grilled chicken sandwich. All the quick food in Liberty Square area was fried. I think with a little tweaking, Disney can fix this up a bit and have a very welcome food choice.

  9. daniel johnson says

    Honestly, I’ve eaten worse. They have hot boxes for the baked potatoes, so I’m guessing they use them also for the sandwiches. That explains the soggy bread.
    I’ll try either next time I’m there!

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