Updates: Disney Springs Restaurants

As many of you know, Disney made a big announcement this week for Disney World fans — the expansion and renovation of Downtown Disney in Orlando over the next three years!

As we reported earlier, the new (and improved) area will be called Disney Springs, and construction will double the number of shops and restaurants available to Disney guests.

And since we shared the rumors of new Disney Springs Restaurants a couple of weeks ago, even more rumors are starting to come out!

Downtown Disney will become Disney Springs over the next three years

Will Disney Springs See a “Food Truck Row?”

For example, according to Orlando Business Journal and The Daily City, a “Food Truck Row” may be a major possibility during the new Disney Springs renovation of Disney World’s Downtown Disney.

Disney Springs' Town Center will offer one of a kind shopping and dining experiences

Food trucks have been spotted at Downtown Disney and ESPN Wide World of Sports previously, but local Orlando Food Truck experts The Daily City have some interesting details that might back up a “Food Truck Row” at Disney Springs:

…one of the main food truck builders has a supposed mystery client who has rush ordered

10 highly themed food trucks. The new trucks will be ready by mid-summer, a timeline that lines up directly with the one that [Tom] Staggs shared…

Curiouser and curiouser…

More Disney Springs Restaurant Updates

The Daily City also reports the closure of Pollo Campero to make room for a World of Disney Store expansion. Not confirmed, yet, of course!

Will Pollo Campero Survive the Remodel?

And the remodeling and expansion of Earl of Sandwich also seems to be set at the moment.

Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney seems safe for now!

Oh, and to date, Shake Shack is denying the opening of a store in Disney World.

As always when it comes to Disney World construction, expansion, and plans — everything could change on a dime and all of this is subject to many many re-thinks on the part of Disney’s executives.

What restaurants do you hope to see at Disney Springs? Stay tuned for more details here on Disney Food Blog!


  1. Burgos says

    Nooo! I was hoping Shake Shack would be opening. I’ve been to the DC and MIA location. I get abuse from friends because I prefer it to In-n-out. The expansion of EOS will be welcoming. Pollo Campero hasn’t been there for that long?

  2. says

    The closing of Pollo Campero?! Does this mean I can’t get my BabyCakes fix when I’m there in two weeks? How sad!

  3. Kari says

    A Food Network themed restaurant would be huge…..also Morimotos would be nice…have been to his place in Philly. Another concept could be a deli like quick service providing sandwiches from the different regions of America….pittsburgh primantis, chicago italian beef, philly cheesesteak, new york reuben, etc. Lastly, a wing place.

  4. Dana says

    Oh no! I hope Babycakes will move to another location! Where else will I get my gluten free cupcake fix while I’m there?

  5. Suzanne says

    Have you heard anything about the future of Wetzels Pretzels? We don’t have these in the UK so picking up a sour cream & onion pretzel from there is a “must-do” for me every trip! I would be devastated if it closed…

  6. Jared Diamond says

    Burgos: Don’t fear — just because Shake Shack is denying the possibility of opening a branch at Disney Springs, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  7. Cheri says

    Noooo! I hope Pollo Campero stays. It’s such a good healthy option for that area – not to mention that I want to be able to get the honeydew-blueberry drink again.

  8. Lori says

    PLEASE tell me they will build a huge parking garage!! We were there last week and we circled the lots for at least 20 minutes a few different days just looking for a spot. All of the lots were marked as being full. If they are going to expand they must address the parking issues.

  9. Ti Colluney says

    As a native of Daytona and someone who grew up going to Disney and Lake Bueno Vista or Disney Marketplace or what ever they are calling it now, I am happy to see the expansion. I grew up with parents who liked Capt’n Darryls for their oysters and strawberry margaritas. I met Darth Vader there (I believe it was the original Dave Prowse) and got his signature after the first Star Wars movie in the 70’s. I have many happy memories of going to Lake Bueno Vista all my early years and now that we live in England, cannot wait to see the new and exciting changes that are occurring for future generations. I just hope Disney remembers one thing, as much fun as all this is, the average family are not millionaires and that they need to keep prices for normal average families to afford.

  10. Maureen Ramsey says

    A wing store..like buffalo wild wings…my husband gets upset because no one has good wings in disneyworld

  11. says

    I’m just glad to hear that EoS is safe. I love that place! It will be exciting to see what else Disney brings in.

  12. MaryM says

    Aack! Pollo Campero is one of our favorites – we have a tradition of going straight there from the airport on our arrival days. I hope they reopen elsewhere! The food is yummy – the grilled chicken, the salsas, black beans, yucca fries…I’m drooling as I type!

    Still, the expansion sounds like they’ve got a lot of interesting ideas. Morimoto’s would be especially cool to have, as would food trucks. Personally, I’d love to see Hamburger Mary’s, but I doubt Disney would go for that, LOL!

  13. Dave says

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around a fleet of WDW-owned food trucks. If the food trucks can only choose ingredients from the WDW commodity food purchasing service, I guess we can expect the braised spare rib truck, the filet of beef truck, and, of course, the cheese plate truck.

  14. Jeff Thomas says

    Hash House would be a great addition. I see that they opening some around the country, and that could fit in there well- and they have great food!

  15. Marc says

    We only went to Pleasure Island twice and never visited the Adventurer’s Club. It wasn’t until the announced closure of AC that we came to recognize what a very special place it was. Oh, please, please reopen the Club!!

  16. noelgypsy says

    Oh no, they can not close Pollo Campero!! no more Yucca Fries!!???? They are AMAZING!!!

  17. Sandra says

    Oh, boy, Pollo Campero is my son’s favorite! Of course, we have one near us at home, so he can still get his chicken fix, but I thought it was a nice addtion to DTD, especially with the smoothie bar and the Babycakes Bakery. We definitely need more family budge-friendly places to eat there.

  18. Courtney says

    Maureen Ramsey- Orlando Ale House has the best wings, better than Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn’t on property but it is five minutes from Downtown Disney.

    I wish they were not making this place look like another mall. It needs to look more Disney themed and less like the outlets. So sad to see it change.

  19. Lisa says

    I love the idea of food and wine style booths but food trucks seem strange to me. Any word when construction is going to begin, and how this will effect visiting DTD this summer? We were planning on having a meal there then.

  20. Keith says

    As an epicurean, I don’t eat average food…so this sounds like great things are coming. I would like to see restaurants that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to visit. The Edison sounds wonderful…I hope that is one of the additions. I wouldn’t mind seeing Morimoto’s and a Bobby Flay joint.

  21. gina says

    PLEASE keep Pollo Campero….one of the few places serving excellent chili and healthy salads. What about Babycakes ???? Please don ‘t take away my Babycakes? I have food allergies and Babycakes is the only pkave on property to get such yummy treats. I am at Babycakes everyday and always order treats to take home with me. PLEASE KEEP BABYCAKES. It is one of the reasons I come to Disney (3-4 x per year )

  22. says

    Leo — Fulton’s seems to be in the Disney Springs concept art, so my guess is that it’s staying. Not 100% sure, though.

  23. Liana says

    A 24 hour diner with singing waiters like the Hard Luck Diner in Branson (sounds super cheesey – but it’s actually a lot of fun) There are so many talented people in Orlando that they would have great talent to pull from (plus – those waiters sell tons of their personal cds to tourists) and it wouldn’t kill Disney to give people a “mini-show” that didn’t have an upcharge.

  24. Beth Horan says

    I wish they had a character meal at SSR. It’s my home resort. The need a table service breakfast place at SSR and the new improved Disney Springs

  25. Lynette says

    I hope the little Piña Colada shop stay open that was down by he water near the carousel. Best drinks in the World!

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