Confirmed! Spice Road Table Restaurant To Open in Epcot’s Morocco!

Many of you will remember when in 2012 Disney Food Blog shared exclusive details about a new restaurant coming to Epcot’s Morocco pavilion in Walt Disney World! Yesterday, Disney confirmed that the restaurant will be opening in 2013!

The name has changed since we reported the story, but the details have not! Here’s a recap of what you can expect at the new waterfront restaurant — Spice Road Table — in Epcot later this year…

Morocco Pavilion Waterfront along World Showcase Lagoon Will Soon Be Home to a New Restaurant

Spice Road Table Restaurant

Please note that these are exclusive details from the operator of Disney World’s Morocco pavilion restaurants about the restaurant!

Breaking ground this year, the Spice Road Table Restaurant will join Restaurant Marrakesh and Tangierine Cafe to offer authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine in one of Epcot’s most exotic pavilions.

The new restaurant will combine 120 outdoor terrace seats with 60 indoor seats to offer guests a new option for dining in the World Showcase (and another amazing view of Epcot’s Illuminations fireworks show).

Looks Like Spice Road Table Guests Would Have a Great View of Illuminations

Spice Road Table Menu

The food and drink offerings were described to me as a “Food and Wine Festival all year round.” The menu will include tapas, small plates, olive oils and ingredients, and great wines representing specific Mediterranean countries. Guests will be able to order several dishes from the same country, or mix and match to enjoy several different flavors and influences.

We’ve also been told that the expansion of the Morocco pavilion could see the opening of several new shops, including one selling the olive oils and other ingredients from the restaurant.

In more food news, a small, walk-up window bar selling beverages, cocktails, wines, and pastries could replace the current Morocco pastries kiosk.

This Morocco Waterfront Space Could Look Very Different in 2013

We’re so excited to experience this new transformation in Epcot! More waterfront restaurants are always a plus!

Are you eager to try the new Morocco restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Chuckie Blades says

    Looks great, I think a new restaurant with Illuminations views will be fantastic!!!

  2. BringingUpDisney says

    This sounds fantastic! Fingers crossed that it will open by the beginning of December…

  3. Lynne says

    No, I think its a bad idea. There is enough blocking the open views to the lagoon. There are already two restaurants on the waterfront. No need for a third.

  4. Emily says

    Ooh this sounds great….I want to try one of the Morroccan restaurants this year, since I’ll probably miss this one (going in June).

  5. Rachel M says

    I have to agree that it is a bad idea. It can be hard enough to find a good spot to watch Illuminations without losing another place, especially when certain areas are taken up with private parties. It’s going to get to the point that unless you have a dining reservation or are with a private party forget seeing the show from a decent spot. Besides the fact that the food at Morrocco does not appeal to me at all.

  6. Crystal says

    Sounds Great to Me! Can’t wait to give it a try. I LOVE trying new foods, though I haven’t been a fan of everything at the Moroccan restaurants, I’m excited to try this new place out.

  7. Joe says

    It will be nice to have a new place to go to. After being at Disney (DVC member) so many times, I sometimes wish we had a car so we could go off-site sometimes to get a different meal. Looking forward to this.

  8. Karen says

    Well I think that the Moroccan Pavilion needs a better restaurant, so I guess this is a plus. If they take the beautiful and soothing water fountain out of there then I will be very sad. What I would love to see at EPCOT is a Spanish (Spain) tapas bar somewhere else on the walkway (perhaps where that Outpost is in between China and Germany…the space seems so forgotten and the Outpost feels like an afterthought.

  9. Dan says

    I agree with Lynne and Rachel…

    This is a bad idea. I don’t like them continuing to clog up the waterfront around the lagoon. Besides the fact that Resturant Marakesh is probably one of, if not the single, slowest eateries in the World Showcase. Was there really a demand for more Moroccan food? I would be fine with this replacing Marakesh, but being added to the pavilion, I can’t get behind that.

    Bad move Disney.

  10. Kathy P says

    I like the idea of another restaurant, especially with tapas! But I do NOT LIKE that it will be on the lagoon….I agree with others above, don’t need another obstruction to this beautiful area. Why couldn’t they build the restaurant with outside tables, but on their side of the walkaround? Good idea, bad location.

  11. Anna says

    It sounds like Spanish tapas would fit in well on a Mediterranean-themed menu. Based on the description, I would say Disney has given itself room to maneuver here. It’s not locked in to strictly Morrocan or Middle Eastern menu items. I imagine the menu will ultimately have a very wide appeal.

  12. Mitch says

    I think a tapas style restaurant would be a great addition. And, since it will be generic Mediteranian they can include cuisine from Spain, Greece, Morocco, Northern Africa, etc. Not sure that I’m too happy with them taking up more room on the water front for this.

  13. Trish says

    I absolutely cannot wait for this!!!!!! Morocco is already one of my top five places to eat in Disney. Hoping this will be open by the end of October!

  14. Jenny says

    I’M SOOO PSYCHED!!!!! I’m obsessed with morocco and Im not crazy about the menu at Markeseh so I haven’t gotten to eat table service in my favorite country, this might change soon! I happen to like Tapas so I definitely will be making time for this when it opens!!!!

  15. mealtrip says

    Ahhh, but then what “really” becomes of Tangierine Cafe? The three corner table-booth seats at the front of the restaurant have already been disassembled, quartered off, and that area has been turned into a gift shop with a register and everything. Will this be the fate of the whole Tangierine Cafe once the new restaurant opens? They say “… Spice Road Table Restaurant will join Tangierine Cafe…” but the refurbs that have already taken place there, might suggest otherwise.

    The view of Illuminations’ “center light globe, dancing water” bit is mostly obstructed by two lagoon islands already, so you won’t really loose much “viewing” space from where they’re talking about putting the new location. A bigger concern, is if we loose more “free walking” space. There’s a tremendous people-bottleneck in and around La Hacienda de San Angel because the free walking area is just so much more narrow now, than it was before.

  16. Ariel says

    I’m kind of split on my opinion on this one. On one hand I am beyond excited to try the food because i’ve heard somewhat mixed reviews on the main restaurant and hopefully they will offer some of these tapas as “snack credits” but I am also concerned about them getting rid of free walking space. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see =)

  17. Mamaleficent says

    Construction walls were up this weekend, so I’d guess work is already starting. The concept doesn’t excite me that much, but I’m hoping it will be an easier get than other restaurants w Illuminations views.

  18. Pudge the Fish says

    I think that the potential here is huge. Wouldn’t it be neat if they made this a two story restaurant with a roof top bar for drinks and/or an IllumiNations dessert party. Something open air with umbrellas and colorful tarps would be culturally appropriate for North Africa or the Mediterranean.

    It also makes me wonder about the fate of the current restaurant. It is always easy to get a reservation there and you would think that a new waterfront restaurant would further erode business. Maybe Disney could create something new to entice people to the back of the pavilion. A ride. A show. Or even a courtyard with quick service food stalls or something akin to the new bakery in France.

  19. Britney says

    Hoping for early September also! Love the New Mexico restaurant on the lagoon and if this allows for a view anything like that, I’m all for it!

  20. mike says

    The tangerine cafe is one of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat. We are looking foward to another place to induldge or palats.

  21. Kathryn says

    Love both concepts – outdoor seating for Illuminations and “Food and Wine Festival all year round.” Can’t wait to try it.

  22. Logan says

    Like a few others, I am not keen. The new restaurant is going where I usually stand for Illuminations! It is getting increasingly difficult to find a good place to watch the show.

  23. Kathy K says

    Bad Idea I’m usually open to new ideas and things but you are making it more and more difficult for the common “folks” those of us that can only make WDW visits every couple of years by taking all the prime spots for the light shows to find a great watching spot too. As a former Cast Member most of Disney is over the TOP wonderful, but it just seems to be getting out of hand. Updating a lot of things is great well overdue but more eating places for a not very popular location may not the best idea. Whatever, I realize we as your public Disney is going to do whatever they want and not consider the general feelings. Let’s see how long it lasts and my husband will likely try it as he loves FOOD, any kind of Food, I”ll have a Drink maybe some tasty delight. But please quit taking away from the General public all these great watching locations. I realize as Seniors we don’t have much say, but please listen to us and don’t underestimate our buying power. We are the first group of consumers that made Disney what it is. We are the folks that opened Disneyland, moved on the Magic Kingdom,then Epcot and on and on. I know it’s already too late for this Epcot location but maybe think outside of the box with the Almighty Dollar looming and choose a little wisely on your next move. One fear I have is that you will be putting homes and timeshares right inside the parks…..Have a Great Day, as always we’re looking forward to our return planning our trip as I write this. I try for yearly sometime semi yearly trips but your getting too expensive for the general public and young families
    Have you not see the Economy not everyone makes lots of money. Makes me sick when in the MK I hear some child being told by Daddy…I don’t have any more money….everything cost too much. Think about it please, Thanks for reading wonder if you’ll post! Kathy K

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