Fun Finds: More Obscure and Awesome Disney Food Merchandise…

During our recent travels to Walt Disney World, AJ and I ran into some weird and random food-related merchandise in many Disney shops. Here’s a little tour of what’s for sale in the World these days (descriptions are our humble opinions…).

Ceramic 1971 Magic Kingdom Tumbler

Nostalgia is big when it comes to Disney merch right now, and there’s nothing out there quite like this ceramic 1971 MK tumbler. It even comes with a swirly straw and rubber cap.

Magic Kingdom 1971 Ceramic Tumbler

Kind of Creepy Mickey Bottle Opener

I’ll be honest — this bottle opener creeps me out in the same way the BoardWalk Inn clown slide does. BUT, it’s for sale all over the parks on both coasts, so people must love it!

Mickey Bottle Opener

Princess Fascinator

This Ariel fascinator (tiny hat) displays a dinglehopper disguised as a fork. Note the coral-esque “feathers” on the left.

Diva Pot Holders

This new kitchen series features a potholder/dishtowel combination. The Tink version says “Domestic Diva,” the Cinderella version says, “I don’t do dishes,” and the Minnie version says, “Desperate Housewife.” Hmmmmm.

Japanese Cosmetics/Pencil Bags

I always love scoping out the bags at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcot’s Japan, and these were a great find. This one says “Hansel and Gretel go to the sweet house in the forest.”

Hansel and Gretel and the Sweet House Bag

And this one depicts Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter tea party…complete with door mouse!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Bag

Sippy Cups

I almost thought this little cutie was a new form of Vinylmation, but really it’s a sippy cup. Fun!

Boot Shots

Not only can you find cute boot glasses in Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe, you can even find miniature versions of them in Epcot’s Germany! Three little boots = three little shots.

Boot Shots from Germany

Two for One Mickey Bar necklaces

These come in a pair so you can keep one and share one with your BFF. That’s almost like sharing a real Mickey Bar. (Oh wait, that’s not something I’ve ever done :-))

Bottle Kimonos

Come on. Everyone needs one of these. You can find yours in Epcot’s Japan.

Bottle Kimono in Epcot's Japan

Wine Glasses

If hand blown goblets are out of your price range, these $15.00 Minnie-stemmed wine glasses are a great alternative.

Lightyear Candy

OK, I’ve seen this all over the place and I can’t quite figure out what it is. Is it candy? Is it a game? Is it a candy game?

Lightyear Candy

Eraser Heaven

Again in Japan at Epcot, these darling erasers are over in the stationery section. I must confess that I bought the one on the top right and have a mini “tea party” happening on my office desk right now. Why is everything in Japan so stinkin’ cute?

Japan Erasers

Official Oktoberfest Beverage Glove

I know some folks who are going to need this for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival… . Find it in Epcot’s Germany!

Oktoberfest Beverage Glove

Not-Really-The-Monorail-But-Kinda-Looks-Like-The-Monorail Bento Dish

This Bento dish isn’t a Disney branded product, but it ought to be. I mean, it’s the monorail, right? OK, OK, we know it’s the bullet train thanks to our commenters here, but still…

Alrighty! That’s just a sampling of the awesomeness we found on our recent visits!! Be sure to share what you’re finding by sending us a twitter or facebook message and pic! :-) And don’t forget to head over to to see if any of this great stuff is available there.

What’s coming home with YOU from your next Disney trip?

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. says

    Seriously, im almost wetting myself at the bottle opener and the kimono. However I really want that retro cup… I kicked myself I didnt get a similar version in 2011. Any idea where I can buy this?

  2. says

    I love those ceramic tumbler (first picture), and I almost bought one when I was in WDW in January, but I noticed that most of them had lids that were ripping (silicon?), so I didn’t follow through.

  3. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    I’m loving the ceramic tumbler and the hansen & gretel and alice in wonderland bags! So cute! I could spend forever in Japan (in Epcot ;)) – Thanks for this fun post!

  4. Hillary says

    My mom bought the ceramic tumbler in March and has used and washed it several times. She likes that it is relatively heavy. Also, the silicon lid is still in great shape without any signs of wear. I hope it continues to hold up.

    I also looked at the Diva Pot Holders, and I would not buy any of them because of the messages on them. Yes, I cook and clean in my kitchen. Therefore, I DO have to do dishes (and Cinderella also washed dishes without complaining, so I’m not sure why her pot holder says what it does). I’m not sure why Tink is a “Domestic Diva,” and I feel like the image of a “Domestic Diva” fails to appreciate women for their work in and out of the home. Furthermore, I don’t think that Minnie should ever be associated with a “Desperate Housewife,” not to mention that she isn’t married to Mickey, keeping her from being a wife.

  5. Prof. Brainard says

    I suspect what’s creeping you out about that bottle opener is its Freudian implications; it’s the thought of sticking the bottle cap into that gaping, insensate, shiny-plated mouse mouth. I wouldn’t let it bother me. To paraphrase old Sig, sometimes a pricey, made in China, Mickey Mouse bottle opener is just a pricey, made in China, Mickey Mouse bottle opener. I’ll take two!

  6. says

    OK … how is it that with one viewing I’ve now decided my life would DEFINITELY be better if I had my own official beverage glove … how have i been drinking beer in the cool air of October without one? Yes, I must have one!!

  7. Prof. Brainard says


    You raise some excellent points.

    My theory is that Cinderella, while appearing calm on the outside, was actually complaining on the inside, seething at the injustice of her life, sick of those dishes, longing to have what the others had, longing to go to the ball, ready to push that arrogant stepmother down the tower stairs and hack the ugly stepsisters to collops with the chopping knife. If those mice and that Fairy Godmother hadn’t stepped in when they did, there’s no telling what might have happened.

    I agree with you on Minnie “Not-a-Housewife” Mouse. Why, by the 1950s, Mickey didn’t just go ahead and make an honest woman of her we will never know, but he didn’t, and she can never claim the title of housewife (or housemouse, or mousewife, or whatever). By that time Mickey had lost the edgy, raucous persona of his younger years, so marriage certainly wouldn’t have cramped his style. I suppose it’s one of the great questions of the last century, along with why Donald Duck parades around with his bottom half completely naked, but wraps a towel around his private areas when he gets out of the shower.

  8. Hillary says

    Prof. Brainard –

    I had to laugh at your response (in a good way). I know these are cartoon characters, so they cannot be taken too seriously. However, I also do not want for marketing ploys, and the desire to make a dollar, to ruin the integrity of these characters that have been around for decades.

  9. Prof. Brainard says


    I really am in total agreement with you! The separation of Disney marketing from the actual truth of the Disney characters is problematic. It worked better back in the day when the guy at the head of the marketing side of things was the brother of the guy at the head of the creative side of things!

  10. Cherie says

    Any idea of the cost of the pencil bags in Japan? Also, where can I find the retro Magic Kingdom cups? Are they replicas of the paper cups used back in 1971? If so, TOO COOL!!!!

  11. says

    Nicola — Ha ha. I looked for the cup on and couldn’t find it. :-( I think it’s only in the parks.

    Mandy Jansen — Thanks for the heads’ up!

    Sandy — Agreed!! I always have to block out about an hour to look through Japan.

    Hillary — Thanks for the info on how the tumbler holds up! Interesting take on the pot holders, too.

    Prof. Brainard — Ha! I just think it’s so weird! AND, re: your potholder comments, 1.) I’ve never heard the word collops, 2.) Donald DOES wrap a towel around his bottom half after getting out of the shower…hmm…

    Tricia — I’ve seen the sippy cups in several locations around the parks. Check the main shops — Emporium in MK, MouseGear in Epcot, World of Disney in Downtown Disney.

    Robb H. — So glad you’ve been elightened! :-)

    Christa M. — Ha ha! I’m so glad you like it. :-)

    Anne — You can find several of the items in Disneyland. Check for the sippy cups, the bottle opener, and most other things that aren’t found in specific locations in Epcot. (Of course, the Magic Kingdom tumbler probably isn’t in Disneyland, though.)

    Cherie — Darnit! I usually take photos of the prices and didn’t on those. Rest assured they were more expensive than you’d think they would be. ;-) The MK cups can be found in most major merch stores in the parks.

    Matt — Go for it! :-D

  12. Prof. Brainard says


    Collop: a small piece or slice, especially of meat; a fold of fat flesh.

    It’s a very good word for a food reviewer to know!

  13. Jenny says

    I love the domestic Diva pot holder/ apron. I hope it will be there next year.

  14. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    the tumblers , the sippy cup and the 2 for 1 mickey necklacs will be added to my buy list when i am there in september…

  15. Leilani says

    Whereeeee can I get the Ariel fascinator!!!! I am in love with it!!!! Is it possible I can call the merchandise line to see if they have it there? :)

  16. Patricia says

    Well I for one hope those ‘desperate housewife’ merchandise are there in September, they’ll come home with me!

  17. Gwen says

    HAHAHA that Cars candy. I will remember that as one of the sweetest memories ever. I brought my parents to WDW for the first time in their lives and we had the most wonderful Christmas week. They flew in from Malaysia to spend time with us :) and it had been one of my biggest dreams come true to be able to afford (through DVC) to take them to WDW with their grandchildren. I’m talking like real dreams come true because I had so many dreams of being there with them and would wake up feeling sad.

    Anyway, back to the candy … imagine a 64-year-old Asian man standing at the store at the Polynesian for about 30 minutes trying to get all the little beads into the holes then proudly showing it to his 7-year-old grandson. I can’t believe I actually browsed the store for 30 minutes, waiting. But it was worth it. :) Best memory ever. Thanks for bringing it back up, and listening to my rambling!

  18. says

    Gwen — LOVE that story about your Dad!! That is really a dream come true that you were able to take them!

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