New! Sushi Menu Items at Kabuki Cafe in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Popular for the iconic chilly treat, kakigori, the Kabuki Cafe in Epcot’s Japan pavilion has once again added a few new items to the menu!

Epcot's Kabuki Cafe

Now, sushi fans can find Temari Sushi as well as a Sushi Combo. These items replace the Spicy Tuna Roll and Tokyo Sushi at Kabuki.

New Menu

Let’s first take a look at the side items. While the Edamame Beans have survived, the Miso Soup is no longer on the menu (though you should be able to get it up at Katsura Grill, Japan’s counter-service location).

Menu - click image for larger version.


But the big story is the updated Sushi list! Kabuki Cafe goes through menu iterations seasonally, removing several items during less busy times. But now that the Summer crowds are coming to Orlando, we all benefit from a stronger menu here — including beer, wine, and sake!

And the Sushi items qualify for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

We got a couple of photos from our colleague Andy Jackson at Eating (and Drinking) Around WDW of the menu items. First up, here’s the California Roll. Fresh and flavorful, this is a great one to snag as you’re wandering around the World Showcase.

California Roll at Kabuki Cafe.

Next, the new Temari Sushi. Another great snack-sized portion that will fill you up and keep you going strong on your Epcot adventures!

Temari Sushi.

The Combo Sushi offers a little bit of everything. This might be a good one to share!

Combo Sushi.

And, of course, you can wash it all down with a Frozen Kirin!

Frozen Kirin Beer

Thanks again to Andy Jackson at Eating (and Drinking) Around WDW for the heads up and photos!

Are you a Sushi lover? Let us know if Kabuki Cafe will be on your snack list this Summer!


  1. Alan says

    Oops… hit submit instead of capitalize on my tablet. Just one more place at WDW that says “We’re trying to bring you food that will make your vacation special.”

  2. Cari says

    Frozen Kirin? The picture doesn’t look very frozen, is it an actual slushy type beer?
    I enjoy Kirin so if it’s super cold this might be a great treat on a hot day!

  3. Jacky says

    My husband and I had these today! We had the California rolls. They are pretty much the same California rolls you can pick up prepackaged around Disney property. It was good though!

  4. Sharon Hall says

    I was so hoping the new menu item would be the “frushi” fruit sushi item that was featured during the flower and garden festival. It was very delicious and refreshing and I’d love to see it on a menu permanently!

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