End Zone Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Closed For Renovations

As we reported earlier on our News Pin Board, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is currently renovating their End Zone food court. And today we’ve got some pics of the state of things over there currently, thanks to DFB reader Galloping Gourmand!

From August 5 – December 20, 2013, the End Zone Food Court at the All-Star Sports Resort in Walt Disney World will be closed for refurbishment.

Guests looking for made-to-order food may take a bus to the All-Star Music or All-Star Movies resorts. Two motor coaches will run during mealtimes. Guests will board buses from the porte-cochere outside the lobby and will be dropped off under the porte-cochere at the All-Star Movies or All-Star Music resorts.

During this closure, grab-and-go food items will be available at the Game Point Arcade. Guests looking for arcade games may also travel to the other All-Star resorts. Let’s take a look at the resort map so that you can plan accordingly!

All-Star Sports, Music, and Movies are within walking distance.

On my last stay at All-Star Music, I easily walked over to the All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies resorts by cutting through the parking lots. Of course, this would be less than convenient when trying to get your family ready for an early day of touring or after a long day in the parks.

And while the Team Spirits Pool Bar and the Pizza Delivery service are still open, guests are reporting that few options are available.

Let’s take a look at the arcade now functioning as a VERY quick grab and go location.

The arcade is functioning as a Grab and Go location.

Available Seating.

At dinner time, only croissants, bagels, muffins, some bread, two refrigerated cases of sandwiches and salads, and chips were available on a recent visit.

Grab and Go sandwiches.

Some items were eligible as Disney Dining Plan snack credits as evident by the small DDP purple logo.

Grab and Go Pastries.

Coffee drinkers will find their brew here! No fountain service drinks are available, so all beverages are being sold in bottles.

Temporary Beverage Station at All-Star Sports.

Get your morning beverages here.

While bus service to All-Star Movies and All-Star Music is being provided every 10 minutes, guests will likely find an over-crowded food court — especially at high traffic times (mornings and evenings).

Guests will find this notice on Disney's End Zone Food Court page.

Thanks to Galloping Gourmand for the update!

Have you stayed at any of the All-Star resorts recently? Would you stay at resort undergoing a restaurant renovation? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. says

    Pop was booked for my early December stay so I’ve been forced into All-Star Music. I’m not worried about the food court – we’ll just avoid it – but I really hope the bus systems at Music and Movies don’t become clogged by all the people who’ve come by for food…

  2. Katie says

    My family is staying at the All Star Sports in October and we have the DDP. I was told that we would still get our mugs for free drink refills at the resort. Does anyone know if this will be available?

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    @Katie – I saw people refilling with coffee, but I’m not sure if that’s your only option.

    When checking in the person at the desk told me that they had set up a “Grab and Go, like 7-Eleven, where the arcade used to be. We have pizza delivery and The Hang Loose Pool Bar is also open. If you want a dining hall or arcade we have an internal bus that runs every 10 minutes.” If I was staying for more than a day I would have been asked to be moved to a different resort.

    If anybody has questions I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

  4. Millercv says

    Uh free dining where EVERYONE will have refillable mugs and nothing to put in them? There is no way to set up a temporary fountain? Not good

  5. Katie says

    Thanks for the info. One more question, do you know if there are any microwaves and/or toasters available?

  6. Galloping Gourmand says

    @Katrina. No, I laid regular price for the room under the 30% off discount they were running at the time.

    @Katie. Yes, there was a microwave and toaster. I didn’t get a picture of them.

  7. Katie says

    Thanks @Galloping Gourmand, I really appreciate your help. I think my family and I are going to bring some of our own breakfast food and just get coffee in the morning. Hopefully we can use the toaster and microwave for our own outside food ;)

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    @Kim If the lack of food upsets you I’d call and ask for/nicely demand another resort. Point out that they didn’t disclose this when you booked, and the price point and availability of a food court were what made staying on site possible. Disney is usually very accommodating. At minimum it’s worth a shot.

  9. Rebecca says

    I’ll be staying at All Star Sports in Oct. I was concerned until you said there was coffee! No kids, just me and my Mom and we are going for the express purpose of enjoying the Food and Wine Festival. So no worries about getting what we want to eat!!

  10. Cindy Kay says

    Wow… through Dec 20th? Can you imagine what it will be like during Pop Warner? We thought about staying at ASMusic for one night and moving to POR the next morning (to save money). I guess we’ll spend the extra money and stay at POR the entire time.

  11. Katie says

    Good news! My family was able to switch back to Pop Century, so we don’t have to worry about the restaurant closing at All Star Sports. Thanks, again for all your help!

  12. Sara says

    I’m not looking forward to this. I’m staying at All star movies in November and I know the crowds for food are going to be unreal. Disney could have planned better.

  13. Helen says

    Does anyone know if theres a coffee maker in rooms at all star sports. If not how early in the morning can you get coffee? Also is pop century a nicer resort?

  14. Marcos Valenca says

    Helen, there’s no coffee maker in Disney’s All-Star Resorts.

    I’m not sure about the time at this temporary grab-and-go location at the Arcade, but coffee used to be available in the All-Star Sports food court from 6 a.m. on.

    They are very similar but, as Pop Century was built after the All-Star Resorts, Disney improved the Value Resort formula a bit. Though only All-Star Music offers suites for up to 6 people and a baby in a crib. Real difference you would find at Art of Animation Resort. It’s like a Value Plus Resort.

  15. Millercv says

    For the record if anyone finds this – if you show your refillable mugs they give you a fountain drink in a paper cup.

  16. Kevin says

    This is a bit late seeing as the food court will re-open in two weeks, but just as an FYI, there ARE fountain drinks available at the beverage station, they are just not self-serve. If you have the refillable mugs, you must have them with you. The person behind the beverage station will dispense the drink in a paper cup (they are not allowed to directly fill your mugs due to sanitation reasons- per health department) and if you choose you can pour it into your mug.

    Also, Disney is now using their RapidFill system. The refillable mugs now have an RFID chip embedded in the bottom of the cup. The mugs are able to be used at any Walt Disney Word resort food court, not in the parks. If your mug is not activated, your drink will not dispense.

  17. Unis says

    Hi! Do you know if there are plans to do the same kind of renovation in the other All Star Resorts (Movies and Music) in the future?! Tks!! ;)

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