Review: Cotton Candy Lemonade at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Cotton candy lemonade has been added to the mix at Everything Pop Food Court located in Disney’s Pop Century Resort! DFB author Wendy shares her thoughts…

We’re off to visit Everything Pop at Pop Century Resort!

Entrance to Everything Pop

Everything Pop is no stranger to unique treats. It is, of course, home of the King Cupcake!

The King Chocolate Cupcake

King Cupcake from Everything Pop Food Court

And Tie-Dye Cheesecake! (Which, FYI, is now served in a circular serving versus a typical pie wedge — see the menu below.)

Disney's Pop Century Resort Tie Dye Cheesecake

Now Pop is offering up another fun find… Cotton Candy Lemonade:).

Cotton Candy Lemonade

Cotton Candy Lemonade

You’ll find this beverage at the desserts counter, and can place your order right under the Ice Cream sign.

Desserts Counter

Ice Cream

I’ll be honest… I pretty much figured the Cotton Candy was just a gimmick. You know, something cutesy to stick in the bottom of the cup and on top of the ice. And it IS pretty cute! I mean, how much fun is this??

Cotton Candy Lemonade in Cup

But the fun factor

melts quickly (as one might expect, what with the fact that sugar immediately dissolves upon contact with liquid and all ;) ). I watched the entire process below through the lens of my camera within a matter of seconds:







The cool thing, though, was the Cotton Candy dissolved in such a way that every so often there was a sugary bit of candy left that lent a fun, sweet burst to the wonderfully strong, tart lemonade. There is nothing subtle about this drink, from the appearance to the taste! I totally loved it, though I wasn’t expecting to at all.

Speaking of the appearance… it’s still fun even after the sugar dissolves :). You can mix in your colored sugar and it’s like getting a new drink!


Do I sound like a kid? If so, it’s because this drink makes you feel like one :). So much so, in fact, that it’s almost impossible to resist bringing your Cotton Candy Lemonade over to the totally rad Space Invaders arcade game tucked in the corner.

Hang out with Space Invaders

Stuff like this is EXACTLY why we love Everything Pop! Oh, to be back in the eighties and have a constant supply of quarters on hand for a moment such as this!

Retro sign

So next time you’re strolling through the decades at Pop Century, be sure to keep an eye out for something special. You really never know what you might find here! Oh… and be sure to dig out those quarters ;).

Would you try cotton candy lemonade? Have you seen other daily specials at your Disney resort? Chime in!!


  1. Bret says

    I guess it will be time to go try the new tie dye cheesecake in Nov….. just to check it out you know…. hahahaha

  2. Amie says

    I think I would love this lemonade much better than the berry foam topped ones that are everywhere. Must try this next time!

  3. Essie says

    This is getting me excited. I’ve stayed at all resort levels and last year I stayed at the AoA and loved it. POP is right across the lake and it looked like so much fun that I want to stay there on my next trip! I can’t wait to explore the place, try the fun foods and get my photo taken with the Potato Heads. I like lemonade and cotton candy, so yes, I would try this.

  4. Sandy says

    The lemonade intrigued me, for sure! Saw it last night. I’ll have to try it! And I’m very disappointed by the cheesecake…it looks like play doh and there is very little red velvet cake now.

  5. Cathleen says

    It sounds like the cotton candy would be long gone by the time you waited in line to pay…Cute idea but I have to save my sugar allowance for something else.

  6. john says

    …saw the tie-dye cheesecake in the “tub” 4 weeks ago while at POP ….and could not bring myself to get it. It looked more like pudding than cheesecake …and was disappointed because ALL the photos around the resort show it as a slice.

    The lemonade ….my daughter labeled, “diabetes in a glass”!

  7. Megan says

    This is a limited time item. We went there this afternoon and there wasn’t a sign up. We asked and the CM checked with a manager and they were able to make it. Don’t count on it always being there! With guest demand they may keep it for good though!

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