Guest Review: Truckeria Rolling Tacos Food Truck in Downtown Disney Orlando

More about food trucks in Downtown Disney!!

We recently mentioned the Taco Food Truck in Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World resort. And today, we’re welcoming Kaitlyn Smith with a mini-guest review!

The taco truck is a fun alternative for fast food while hanging out in Downtown Disney.

Taco Truck!

And this one, featuring Mexican-themed goodies has rolled right in!

Tacos Truck.

The menu features steak, chicken, and fish tacos priced individually for $3, or three tacos for $7. Beverages include soda and water for $3, or beer for $6. Chips and Salsa are $2.

Truckeria Tacos Menu

I stopped by the Truckeria food truck in Downtown Disney and sampled all the items on the menu. The two tacos on the menu when I visited were chicken and fish.

Chicken and Fish Tacos.

The prices were not bad; you could get your choice of three tacos for $7. We got two fish tacos and one chicken.


There was no description as to what was in the tacos, so I pretty much had to guess.

The fish in the fish tacos tasted like tilapia and was very mild and tasty. On top was a sweet slaw and what seemed to be a tomato and mango salsa. I did notice quite a kick of spice in the end, which made a really nice balance of sweet and spicy.

The chicken taco had some sort of sweet tomato salsa. This one also had a kick of spice at the end.


They were, overall, really good! They were small but filling. The entire taco was very fresh tasting and delicious. I would definitely go there again!

Thanks for your review, Kaitlyn!

Have you stopped by the taco truck? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Essie says

    I would like to try them since they are new, but they look nothing like the tacos where I live. Taco Bell (not very authentic LOL) and the very authentic and successful Mexican restaurants in my area all serve tacos with lettuce, cheese (either melted or shredded) and fresh diced tomato. Salsa, sour cream and guacamole are all served on the side. We love Mexican food; I’d really like to try a fish taco with Tilapia. Thanks for the review.

  2. Janelliz says

    We had the chicken tacos a few weeks ago because they were out of steak and they were the best tacos I’ve ever had! My entire party couldn’t stop eating them. And to think we almost passed this up!

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