Spotted: Unique Holiday Mugs at Disney World Starbucks

Ho-ho-ho and how’s it going? By now, I’m hoping that you’re sitting by a roaring fire, listening to some Christmas standards, and chomping on some dee-licious cookies.

What? You’re dreaming of 80 degrees, a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, and a ride on Soarin’ for Christmas? Sigh. Me too. But since I’m not there, I think I’ll amuse myself with doing a little window shopping from my computer screen. (Get it? Window shopping? Ha!)

Starbucks and Spaceship Earth!

And, if you’re lucky enough to be in Walt Disney World and are looking for some super cute drinkware to enjoy your cocoa from, you’ll love what we have to show you! Here’s what we found over at the new Fountain View Starbucks in Epcot!

Let's Head In!

Holiday Mugs at Fountain View Cafe in Epcot

I know what you’re probably thinking — more mugs emblazoned with that oh-so-familiar green siren on them?!? I mean, Fountain View is a Starbucks now after all. But these aren’t the coffee giant’s handiwork! I think that’s why they captured my attention. I haven’t seen them in other spots.

The mugs are actually Dunoon Fine Bone China, and are made in England. So they’re definitely gift-worthy options, elevating your cozy drink experience to the next level.

Christmas Tree and Christmas Goodies Mugs

I really love the artwork on the cups. They definitely speak to British traditions, so they’re just ever-so-slightly different than most of what you see. On the left one below, did you catch that it says Christmas Crackers? The tradition of small packages of prizes and paper crowns that crack when you open them is one of my favorite!

This next mug features Father Christmas (natch) adding a bit of holly to a snowman’s hat as he travels on his way, bag of gifts in hand.

Father Christmas and Snowman Mug

The jolly guy on the next cup is definitely more of the Santa Claus persuasion. Incidentally, I think it’s sweet that both Father Christmas and Santa Claus are accompanied by birds — robins from the looks of them.

Santa and Red Bird Mug

But I’ve saved the best for last! Here, we have a towering mish-mash of Santas. I think they’re trying to decorate a tree from the looks of it, but they aren’t letting duty hinder their good time.

One splashes a bit of Christmas cheer from the top of the St. Nicholas pile, while one of the bottom dudes is talking on a vintage cell phone. Hey, he had to take the call. It could be urgent North Pole business!

Tower of Partying Santas Mug

You just never know what you’re going to find! Kudos to the Walt Disney World Starbucks locations for continuing to offer things that are not available at every corner store. It’s a great way to ensure I’ll find my way into the shops at least once during every visit, just to see what’s new!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Which Holiday Mug at Fountain View Cafe is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment!


  1. Jenny says

    I really like the Father Christmas and the Christmas tree one.

    Hope everyone has a Magical Christmas. :)

  2. Essie says

    I like the Father Christmas and the Snowman – really cute! I hope all of you at the DFB and all of it’s readers have a Blessed Christmas and a happy 2014 , filled with Disney Magic!

  3. Jill D says

    Thanks for all the great pics this year! And Merry Merry Christmas to everyone at disneyfoodblog!

    Thanks again!

  4. Janet R says

    I was just there looking for these mugs and they don’t have any. I asked the employees if they were sold out and was informed that they have never sold mugs, only the pounds of coffee. Bummer, I really wanted a set!

  5. Christine O says

    I could not find these mugs at Fountain View. The CM I talked to said they did not have these.

  6. says

    Janet and Christine — I promise they were there earlier this year. Perhaps the CMs you spoke to were new. Sorry you weren’t able to find them! :)

  7. Natalie says

    Wow! I’m from the UK and had no idea that Christmas Crackers were a British tradition. In each one you get a small toy or tool, such as a yo yo or a length of measuring tape, a paper hat in the shape of a crown, and a slip of paper containing a joke (always terrible) and sometimes a fact or poem – something interesting to read at the table.

    The jokes really are terrible. Here’s an example:

    What says Oh Oh Oh?
    Santa walking backwards!

    Happy New Year everyone :)

  8. Bri says

    I’ve been working at Fountain View since opening, we’ve never carried these mugs or any mugs for that matter neither has the Main Street Bakery (Starbucks at MK).

  9. says

    Bri — Thanks for your comment! I do promise that these photos were taken at Fountain View in October of 2013. :-)

  10. Bri says

    I know for an absolute fact that those photos were not taken at fountain view nor did we carry those, I’m at fountain view right now showing my mgr and they are laughing, the counters those mugs are on don’t even look like ours! I swear on walt Disney himself.

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