First Look and Photo Tour! Disney World’s All Star Sports End Zone Food Court Reopens after Renovation

The End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports has just reopened after a lengthy refurbishment — four months, to be exact! We were thrilled to be on the scene for opening day, and are excited to have you join us for a FIRST LOOK!

End Zone Food Court Atmosphere

The first sight to greet you is nicely familiar… the entryway sign remains the same, so as to make the transition from the hallway seamless.

End Zone Food Court Entrance

But in no time you start to notice that things have indeed changed, thanks in part to this sleek “Now Serving” marquee immediately to your left at the entrance.

“Now Serving” Board

Then things really kick into high gear! Gone are the primary colors and life-size cutouts of football and baseball players. In their place are earthy tones and clean lines.

The changes are most notable in the dining area.

End Zone Dining Area

End Zone Dining Area

End Zone Dining Area

But they extend throughout the Food Court

Food Court

Food Court

Food Court

… and the Beverage Station.

Beverage Station

Beverage Station

I have two absolute favorite details. First, I adore the walls designed to look like basketball courts. They perfectly incorporate the new color scheme and feel while integrating the fun-loving theme of the Resort.

Basketball Court Walls

Basketball Court Walls

Second, they’ve brought Disney characters into the mix! The scenes featuring Goofy, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and, of course, Mickey are funny and whimsical. Yet, at the same time, they fit wonderfully in the theme.

Character Panes

Character Pane

Character Pane Close-up

Even though they match the characters as they appear in more recent Disney shorts, I couldn’t help but think of the early days of Goofy in the “How to…” series. LOVE it!

End Zone Food Court Menu

Well, it IS a whole Food Court with much to share, so we’ll be taking some more time to show you some more details and a review soon :). For now, we’ll focus on a few highlights!

Of course, Food Court faves have made it back to the menu: pizza and pasta, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets.

Glimpse of the Sandwich and Salad Menu

Chicken Nuggets and Hot Dogs

But even within this familiar list are some DEFINITE new highlights!

For starters, Create-Your-Own Pasta has come to the End Zone! YES!!

Pizza and Pasta Shop

Create-Your-Own Pasta Options

And those beef and chicken burgers have a Create-Your-Own option as well. Check out this list of toppings (and stay tuned for a review of this new option to come)!

Create-Your-Own Burger

Create-Your-Own Burger Toppings List

By the way, when you saw that “Now Serving” sign, did you think to yourself, “Wait… did I just read the words ‘Gelato Shop‘?!”

Gelato Bar!



Clearly, there is an entirely new vibe for guests to enjoy at the End Zone, and it’s exceeded expectations. There is much more to say and share – and we will! – but for now we’re just happy to give the End Zone a big WELCOME BACK! I think they knocked it out of the park (sports pun totally intended ;) )!

We’re looking forward to future trips… how about you?

What do you think of the End Zone’s new look? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Marcellina says

    Wow! I think the decor looks fabulous and would have no issues eating there! The menu looks good and I loved seeing the adult beverages on there too (Mojito anyone?!). Can’t wait to hear more Wendy! Thanks!

  2. Miriam says

    Can’t wait to check it out in May. We stay at this resort every time due to the location being convenient and meets our basic needs.

  3. Ron says

    We are here celebrating Christmas staying in All Star Sports. The new food court is fantastic and the selection and quality of the food is great. The new soda dispensers are a little confusing for kids because of the Chip readers in the cups, the cups need to be placed on the reader, but the atmosphere is really nice.

  4. Lindsay says

    So excited to see it Jan 8th. Any chance you know what condiments are offered? I am coming down for the marathon and was wondering if I need to bring items like honey, butter, salt, etc.

  5. Wendy says

    Marcellina and Janna — hope you get to check it out soon :)!

    James — That’s the first thing my husband looks for in person, but for you to spy it on a picture is awesome!

    Ron — Glad you enjoyed it — Hope you all are having a great time! (I love the enormous wreaths just outside the court — especially the baseball one!)

    Miriam and Ken — Enjoy! Miriam, AS Sports has always been special to me — we stayed at each of the All Stars on vacation, but Sports was the first one we stayed at :).

  6. says

    Please, have the other All-Star food courts been renovated? If not, will they?

    Does the End Zone Food Court still offer pastries, cupcakes and breads on one of its stalls?

  7. Wendy says

    Hi, Lindsay! They have honey, syrup, and all sorts of jams/jellies as well as sugar and half & half for coffee. I *think* they have butter and salt as well, but I’m not 100% certain on those two. If I’m able to verify this week I’ll drop a line on this thread to let you know, because I know what it’s like to travel for a race and not know if the regular foods that you trained with will be available :). GOOD LUCK on the Marathon — that is AWESOME!!!!

    Hi, Marcos! No word yet on any refurbishments for the other All Star courts. All of the yummy pastries and bakery items are still available :). I think the floor looks great, too, and the characters are my favorite!

  8. Michelle Hansford says

    I think the new look is awsome all but the floor part no carpeting will make it slick and easy to fall when drinks and food are spilled. But anxious to check it out in Sept. Food looks awsome

  9. Beth says

    Does anyone know if there are still toasters available for usage now that the remodel has happened? I was thinking about bringing bagels/muffins/toast for breakfast.

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