Review: Fish & Chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Disney World’s Epcot

Are there any Disney experiences that are such important vacation traditions for you that, had they not taken place, you’d almost feel as though you hadn’t really been to Disney?

Allow me to give you an example: “I haven’t really been to Magic Kingdom until I’ve been on the Haunted Mansion.” Or, of course, any of these great first day at Disney traditions!

Well, mine ways always: “I haven’t been to Epcot until I’ve had Fish & Chips from the United Kingdom Pavilion.”

Is anyone with me here?

Let’s head back to the Yorkshire County Fish Shop for its signature dish!


The Yorkshire County Fish Shop blends in fairly seamlessly with the rest of the Pavilion. The shop itself stands independent of the seating areas, and can be identified by its forest green signage, which identifies (just about) everything on the menu: Fish & Chips!

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

It’s not at all unusual to find a line here at any time of day, but the midday lunch rush and the half hour before Illuminations are particularly busy.

Upon receiving your order, the next part of your adventure is finding a place to sit. There isn’t a ton of seating in the area, and the tables to the right (facing the Fish Shop) are rather large, not leaving a lot of options for smaller parties or more tables.

Tables to the right of the shop

Tables to the right of the shop

If you can score a table, you’re rewarded with some of the best views World Showcase can offer. However, be warned — you may also be visited by some birds… they are not even remotely shy here.

Even with more ample seating, it would likely be a struggle to find a place, because it’s nearly always hoppin’. There is a bit of additional seating with smaller tables towards the back of Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room.

Walkway to the back

Walkway to the back

This group of tables is separated from the Rose & Crown seating by a small wall, and it offers a bonus of being right by the water.

Back of Rose & Crown and Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Back of Rose & Crown and Yorkshire County Fish Shop

While these benches aren’t only for guests of the Fish Shop, they do offer enviable seating when you’re enjoying your fish & chips while waiting for Illuminations to begin.

View of World Showcase from the UK Pavilion

View of World Showcase from the UK Pavilion

For my part,  when I spent some (admittedly far too brief) time in London, I picked up fish & chips at a few stands that never had any sort of seating, and I just found a random place to sit wherever I could. So that’s exactly what I do at the UK Pavilion. I pass the gardens across the street and head towards the back.

Back of the UK Pavilion

Back of the UK Pavilion

Bench in UK Pavilion

Bench in UK Pavilion

We found a seat… now it’s time to tuck in!


Like I said, the signs on the Fish Shop tell you just about everything you need to know about the menu, specializing in only one entree…

Yorkshire County Fish Shop Menu

Yorkshire County Fish Shop Menu

Fish & Chips!

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Prior to grabbing your spot, you’ll want to stop by a condiments bar. These are found on either side of the shop.

Condiments bar

Condiments bar

The top three condiments for this spot are kept in the larger pots on the bottom: malt vinegar, tartar sauce, and ketchup.

Malt Vinegar

Malt Vinegar

Tartar Sauce

Tartar Sauce



In the compartments above you’ll find salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and mustard, along with cream and sweeteners for hot tea, which can be ordered here as well.

The Fish & Chips come served on a piece of faux “newsprint.”  I hope that never changes!

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips from opposite side

As for the fish… unlike the one large piece you may receive in other parts of the globe (or as nearby as, say, Raglan Road), here you receive two smaller filets. I enjoy the lighter (or “less fishy”) flavor of the white fish — I think even non-seafood eaters might have a shot at enjoying it. The fish is nicely tender and flaky.

Cross-section of fish

Cross-section of fish

But really, for me… it’s all about the batter :) .The words I would choose are hot, crisp, and salty, without being too much so. In this instance, though, I think a few pictures will serve better than words.

Close-up of Batter

Close-up of Batter

Close-up of Batter

Close-up of Batter

One more from the Batter Cam!

One more from the Batter Cam!

The chips (fries) are a terrific accompaniment. These aren’t the standard fries you’ll find in Quick Service locations around Disney World. The thickness is closer to more of an authentic chip.



Close-up of chips

Close-up of chips

I’ve never had a batch here that felt like it’s been sitting around. I assume that’s because the spot is busy enough that the food moves out of the kitchen quickly. The soft texture of the chips also balances well with the crunch from the fish batter.

Of course, you’ll want something to wash down all this fried goodness. While I often just grab a Coke because I like the sweetness with the fish & chips, Bass Ale and Harp Lager Drafts are available here, and hard cider selections can be found at the drink kiosk right next door along with the brews.


Earlier on I acknowledged that this dish is a sentimental favorite for me. When I first started vacationing in Disney World, a stop for Fish & Chips in the UK Pavilion became my very first Disney dining tradition. But even without the nostalgia attached, I think this dish stands well as a solid Counter Service meal in its own right.

What are your Disney vacation MUST DO traditions? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Linda says

    How do the fish and chips compare to those served at Rose & Crown? We have an ADR there and I considered trying them.

  2. Rune says

    I’m a Brit and although I’ve had the fish ‘n chips at Cookes of Dublin, I’ve never stopped off here, mainly because there are too many other new / interesting and good things to eat that I don’t want to waste stomach space on something so familiar.

    I do wish they would expand the menu a wee bit more though, even if to just throw in a few extras like curry sauce, mushy peas, fish cakes, or meat pies just to ring the authentic takeaway feel changes, how about as a ‘seasonal special’ for example? Even the humble chip butty would be so good, and it’s super transportable! I’m guessing the menu is so small because the kitchen space is too.

    Also, I’m forever lamenting the fact that there is only a ‘sugar cookie’ here for dessert (I believe it used to be shortbread.) I’m struggling to think of any where I have eaten at home that offers a cookie as a dessert, the UK is famous for its puddings, and while they showcase a few at the Rose & Crown, it would be lovely to have something different here too once in a while.

    All that being said, it’s good to see it always has a long line and your photos do make it look good (and dare I say it, much nicer than some of the offerings from some of the fish n chip shops back here!) =P

  3. Anna says

    I don’t mind the Yorkshire County (I’m from Yorkshire, what can I say?) but I did prefer it as a Harry Ramsdens a few years ago when the chips were ‘real’ and they have the fish bites, real mushy peas and fishcakes on the menu. I think the fish is still delightful but I have to agree with Rune, I’ve never had a cookie from a chip shop, or anywhere else to be honest. Chip shops don’t really do desserts though they do have lovely battered sausages and fritters and I think it’s missing this to make it really British. If it’s Yorkshire County Whitby Scampi or a Sheffield Fishcake would be pretty cool to have too. And a wooden fork!

  4. Mike says

    As always, I love your reviews.

    Maybe I missed them, but I’d like to see a review of the spots in Port Orleans. Even is its a bar review (FQ) and a restaurant review (RS), I dont know if I have ever seen them.

    We have a trip upcoming and we’d like to stay at one of them and a review would be extremely helpful.

    Keep up the good work! – M

  5. Brent Hannon says

    It’s not on the menu, but you can get a “side” of those delicious chips(fries) for $2.99 :)

  6. David Mince says

    This was my first WDW dining tradition, too! My wife and I love getting fish & chips and sitting in the courtyard and listening to the music. We LOVED the British Invasion band that was here for years. We miss them very much!

  7. Joni says

    What are your Disney vacation MUST DO traditions?
    Well this one has nothing with food, but. We have a picture taken of us on the Big Comfy couch in the entry way of the Boardwalk Resort. That is a must.
    But I must have a Citrus Swirl in MK or I feel like I have missed something

  8. Leslie says

    I’m completely with you on this one. I also always tell first time or infrequent visitors that if they don’t have an ADR, this is the place to go for lunch. My husband and I once did a tasting around the world at all the various counter services (we had lots of left over DDP credits on the last day) and this one was by far my favorite. Yum!

  9. Tom says

    If you order inside the R&C pub they give you only one Yorkshire sized piece and if you order in the R&C restaurant you’ll get one larger than Yorkshire piece for about double the price which equates to about the two pieces you’ll get at Yorkshire. If you want fish and chips at the UK Pavilion, always order from Yorkshire only.

  10. Joanna Metcalf says

    Yes, yes, yes! My husband and I fell in love with fish and chips on our honeymoon in Britain and Ireland. There’s nothing like it here in the states except at Disney. The fish and chips at Epcot never fails to take us right back there. It really is one of our must-haves. We’ll be enjoying it again (and again) in July on our upcoming trip. Thanks for sharing this often over-looked gem of a dining experience.

  11. Heather says

    Love the review! We’re planning on stopping off here on our December trip. I was REALLY hoping for the English Bulldog banger & mash concept, and was really sad to see it’s not around anymore.

    I really love your reviews, and the pictures are great as always. Really makes me anxious to get back!

  12. Maria says

    Ugh, why did I have to read this post. I’m pregnant and now craving fish and chips!!! Nothing would ever come close to comparing to the ones from Epcot. Why do I have to live in Pennsylvania? Why?????

  13. says

    I always mean to stop by (I live in Celebration), but I have not as of yet. This post is making me want to go TONIGHT!!!!! Which would be very irresposible with a little one on a school night. But I am so TEMPTED!

  14. Kim says

    My 8 year old daughter always wants this to be our first and last meal at WDW. Luckily we usually stay at Beach Club so it’s an easy walk.

    Now I’m craving these so November can’t come fast enough!

  15. Debra says

    We always indulge in the fish and chips! Seating is a problem; when we do score a big table we always try to offer to share the table with another couple if we notice them wandering around with that lost look! As for the birds….while searching for a place to sit I had seagulls fly over my shoulder from behind and score my whole meal! A CM saw what happened and arranged for a free replacement meal. Nice.

  16. Wendy says

    Linda – You may have seen Tom’s review, and he’s correct: you typically get one larger-sized piece inside the restaurant. The batter and chips are similar, but I do prefer getting the two smaller pieces at Yorkshire, as well as what you get for the price. That said, it’s a great perk to have the guaranteed seating in the lovely pub setting at Rose & Crown. Have a great trip!

    Rune and Anna – Thanks so much for your observations from your lovely corner of the world :). It’s really fun to read your thoughts. Cookes of Dublin offers the mushy peas and curry sauce, but you’re right – it would be fun to see those additions here!

    Mike – I noticed you saw AJ’s link :). Enjoy your vacation! Port Orleans is my favorite resort.

    Brent – Thank you!! I remember when they used to be listed separately, so glad you can still get them on their own!

    David – That’s so cool, I was hoping this was someone else’s first Disney dining tradition! Hope you’ve had fun adding several more since!

    Joni – a photo tradition is a great idea! I never thought to start one (aside from in front of the Castle, but I like the idea of having one that’s off the beaten path, like yours).

    Leslie – Yes, I’ve recommended this one to plenty of first-time visitors, too!

    Tom – Thanks for chiming in with Linda’s question!

    Joanna – Sounds like an awesome honeymoon!!

    Heather – I stop by to glance at the Rose & Crown menu each time I’m in the UK Pavilion in hopes that the English Bulldog will be back someday. If we ever spot it, we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted immediately, since it’s a favorite!

    Maria – Congratulations, and best wishes to your family :)!!

    Beth – Ha! Hopefully you can make it soon ;).

    Debra – Oh, no! I’ve had the birds come quite near, but have never had that happen… yikes!! Glad you were able to get a replacement meal, hope you were able to enjoy it!

  17. sam winston says

    Can you clarify the type of fish served at which locations. Are they all Cod or do some serve Haddock?

  18. Joe B says

    According to a CM from Rose & Crown, the fish from Yorkshire County Fish Shop is Pangasius which is a type of catfish. But Rose & Crown does use North Atlantic cod fish. But by no means is this a bad thing because the Yorkshire is still delicious.
    With that said, I still prefer Cookes of Dublin over Yorkshire. I’ve yet to try Rose & Crown though.

    Thanks for another great review AJ.

  19. Linda B says

    Oh my gosh! My mouth is watering! I LOVE the fish and chips here! Malt vinegar, baby! Last year, we sat in the back and chowed down. Just keep an eye out for the seagulls!

  20. Anna B says

    Fish & chips at Yorkshire is an obsolete must every time my family visits Epcot. The fish is every bit as fresh and tasty as it looks in these pix. Originally they had the option of buying 3 pieces but since they only give 2 we always buy an extra for sharing. A must try if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

  21. Lesley says

    We started this tradition last year and it’s definitely on our list for November! It was a great light lunch for my husband and our two kids to split. We sat on those benches by the water and just relaxed. It is a great memory for us!

  22. Cristy says

    The Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a MUST DO for us when we visit Epcot. We love sitting with our girls, watching the water and birds who will waddle right up and take a a fry from your fingers. We didn’t know about the seating at the back of Rose & Crown. We will definitely check is out during our next visit…which sadly will not be until October 2015.

  23. Doris Sanchez says

    We are planning a Trip to Disney world and I would like to know if there any where in the park where we can purchase a wrist band for meal,if so can you please give me Information, greatly appreciate it ,thank you

  24. zappomatic says

    I know a lot of people here love it, but as a Brit I thought the fish and chips from this outlet was horrible! And if as stated above they are using pangasius, no wonder. Many fish and chip shops in the UK have been prosecuted for serving it in place of the advertised cod and haddock. It’s a cheap, flavourless fish and makes for very bland fish and chips – you need a sea fish to get the right taste, not a freshwater fish. I also found the batter to be strangely seasoned.

    Totally agree about the “sugar cookie” – an odd and lazy thing to offer.

    And finally I’ve always been bemused by the offer of Bass and Harp beers as I don’t think I’ve ever seen these on sale in England since I reached legal drinking age but then I guess it’s all about what beers they can reliably get hold of on draught.

    Sorry for this almost entirely negative post! I guess the chips aren’t too bad…

  25. Robert Crawford says

    I had fish and chips from a little stand next to the Tower of London, and they made me long for Yorkshire County!

  26. Lottie says

    Another Brit here, who ,shock horror, doesn’t like fish!

    I always used to be allowed to go to the fish and chip shop after gymnastics on a Wednesday where I would have battered sausage with chips covered in vinegar (no ketchup on fish ‘n’ chip chips, that was saved for skinny chips only!).

    I agree with the other posters that they should add some other authentic fish and chip shop classics, mainly so I can have myself a battered sausage!

    Do they allow you to just have a portion of chips? I think they’d make a nice change from the skinnier fries around the parks.

  27. Shelley says

    I have traveled to London many times and sampled Fish n’ Chips at many different locations. In London the food is much less greasy and salty but as a red blooded American I prefer the grease and salt :) There’s no Fish n’ Chips better than at EPCOT!

  28. Kaetra says

    How much fish do you get at the counter service compared to what you get inside for $18.99?

  29. Christopher Smith says

    Was there this past week and this is always a must stop for myself and my daughter. It was very good this time, but very greasy. I don’t know if their oil wasn’t hot enough or what the issue was. Our napkins were just soaked with grease. More so than other times and we usually stop here multiple times each vacation.

  30. Deb says

    Really enjoyed the fish & chips but the fact they only offer cream for their tea instead of milk is an absolute crime against humanity!

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