News! Menu Changes at ‘Ohana and Earl of Sandwich in Disney World

Adios chicken skewer!

Yup — the rumors are true. There’s another menu change at ‘Ohana at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort!



Menu Changes at Disney World’s ‘Ohana

Among other dining changes at this resort, guests will now find fan-favorite ‘Ohana removing one of their most popular items from the all-you-can-eat dinner.

Grilled Chicken at 'Ohana

Grilled Chicken at ‘Ohana

While the majority of the menu remains the same, the Grilled Chicken Skewer has been removed from the options, while the Sweet and Sour Pork Loin, Szechuan Sirloin Steak, and Spicy Grilled Shrimp remain.

A children’s dessert has also been added to the menu here (more bread pudding for meeeeee!).

'Ohana Dinner Feast Menu

‘Ohana Dinner Feast Menu

While we’re on the topic, it appears there has been a menu change at another Disney dining favorite:

Earl of Sandwich Menu Updates

At Downtown Disney, all eyes are on the construction of what will become Disney Springs, and it seems Disney food fans have much to look forward to. Still, we love our old Downtown Disney favorites, and for many – or most — that certainly includes Earl of Sandwich, so we wanted to let you know of a few recent changes to the sandwich menu.

Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney Orlando

Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney Orlando

First, the All-American and Cannonballs sandwiches have been removed. Cannonballs was my favorite, so I gotta say… this one hurt a bit.

Earl of Sandwich Menu

Earl of Sandwich Menu

It looks like the Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich has been replaced with a BBQ sandwich, and the Best BLT with an Avocado BLT. A Veggie Sandwich has been added. Additionally, most of the sandwiches have received a price increase from $5.99 to $6.49.

Remember, Earl of Sandwich can be found in other places across the country, so if you’re one who is lucky enough to live near one, know that the menus may vary and these changes may not affect your location.

That’s the latest from two much-loved Disney World restaurants. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye out!

What do you think of these recent menu updates? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Diane says

    I’m in agreement with everyone else. The chicken is an important meat for a lot of people and yes, they probably figured they are already serving chicken wings so why more chicken which did tend to be a little dry but still good with the dipping sauces. It is the #1 meat of choice by most people. I was just there in September of 2014 and the salad was gone and in place they served lettuce wraps. They were delicious but now I see the salad is back again. What’s up with that? Make up your mind Disney!!!! I’m curious if anyone else was lucky enough to taste the lettuce wraps and how they felt about them. I’ve never experience bad service there. Our “cousin” was all over us and brought my DBF so many shrimp skewers I thought he’d turn pink!

  2. Robert says

    I had the wraps and In thought they were a nice option for vegetarians, but also good enough for a meat eater like myself to enjoy. The chicken should be added back to the protein list, I never found it dry, but really?, are they saying they don’t know how to cook chicken? I am also very disappointed with the removal of two of the three dipping sauces. The new sweet and sour is terrible and doesn’t go with any of the remaining proteins. The peanuts sauce is excellent and I’m glad they kept it. We loved this restaurant, but my wife doesn’t really like the proteins they offer and it’s hard to justify the price eating potstickers and noodles. The wings are tasty but very rubbery.

  3. Nancy says

    I am extremely disappointed! I had not been to Earl Of Sandwich recently, because of all of the construction in Downtown Disney, so I didn’t realize they took the Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich off of the menu. I received my birthday coupon in January, I was so excited. I went into the store and when I viewed the menu, I was utterly disappointed. I have been loving this sandwich since 2005. Every time I went to E.O.S. I could not get any other sandwich. This is the one sandwich that I live for, I have cravings for this sandwich. I tried another sandwich, because it was free. The sandwich of regret, was awful! I have not been back since and I do not see myself going back anytime soon.

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