Review: Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito and Empanadas at La Cantina in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion

Happy NATIONAL MOJITO DAY, EVERYONE!! OK, I’ll be honest. We’d PLANNED to share this post with you on the ACTUAL National Mojito Day, but a big news item came up and we had to bump it. So this is our STAND-IN National Mojito Day. I hope that works for you. :-D

Still, crazy how time flies, isn’t it? I remember last Mojito Day like it was yesterday! It feels like I was just putting up my Mojito Tree, baking mojito cookies and singing all my favorite mojito carols…

Oh, wait, was that just me?

Anyway, on this day as we gather with family and friends to celebrate Mojitos all around the world ;), we thought we’d show you a mojito in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion that has more than a bit of a twist… the Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito found at La Cantina de San Angel.

La Cantina Sign

La Cantina Sign

La Cantina Drink Menu

La Cantina Drink Menu

The drink serving is huge – it fills every inch of the glass and beyond, as you can see. (At $11.50, I should hope so.)  As a bonus, it’s also looks terrific!

Frozen Pomegranate Lime Mojito

Frozen Pomegranate Lime Mojito

A traditional Mojito is a mix of fresh mint, lime, club soda, sugar, and white rum on the rocks. The Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito has… well, it’s got lime :) . And pomegranate!

Tequila – as opposed to rum – is the featured liquor here, and I can’t say I picked up one hint of mint. What I did pick up on was a refreshing blast of cold, fruity sweetness nicely balanced by the tart lime.

Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito

Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito

For all my joking about Mojito Day traditions, I’m actually not a huge mojito fan myself, so this version is far more up my alley.

You know what goes well with a tart-and-sweet beverage like this? Something

salty. Better yet, something salty and cheesy… I paired mine with the Empanada de Queso (cheese empanadas).

La Catina Entrees

La Catina Entrees

I mean, it’s melted cheese in fried dough… what more could you want?

Cheese Empanadas at La Cantina de San Angel

Cheese Empanadas at La Cantina de San Angel

As the menu mentions, the empanadas are topped with green sauce, queso, and Mexican cream. While the description makes it sound like it will be swimming in sauce, it’s really just a touch to add a nice bit of extra flavor.

Inside Cheese Empanadas

Inside Cheese Empanadas

I also got a side of refried beans. If you haven’t had the refried beans at La Cantina, they’re a little different from what you might expect, since they are refried black beans. I used the beans as a dip for my chips. But the serving remained largely untouched since the portion was huge, especially when served with an already rich entrée.



All in all, my meal was a nice mix of traditional cuisine and something unique and unexpected — a combo you can really aim for in any World Showcase Pavilion.

Until next time, adios from the Mexico Pavilion! Oh, and a Happy (belated) National Mojito Day to you and yours ;) !

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Would you like to try the Pomegranate Lime Frozen Mojito? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sandra says

    I loved these empanadas! It can be challenging to find a veg entrée that isn’t a veggie burger or salad. These were well-balanced and tasty. It was so crowded the day we ate there, we toted our tray up to the several tables on the Mexico pavilion and ate peacefully in the shade. I also loved the frozen coconut bar for dessert; my husband thought the spicy mango was great–our son went with the churros though.

  2. Lina says

    My husband was so so disappointed with the pomegranate Mojito… He was expecting rum. I too tasted no mint… To me it was a pomegranate margarita, not a Mojito. I thought it was tasty though… Just very misleading!

  3. says

    I was pretty confused about mojitos were going to fit into the Mexico pavilion (beyond the fact that the name was Spanish), but the addition of Tequila makes much more sense. More importantly though… those empanadas look to die for. Can’t wait to try them when I’m back in October!

  4. Shayne says

    We just ate at the Cantina last Friday and I ordered the Tacos de Carne. They were decent, but after we sat down with our food, I had a moment of regret and wondered whether I should have ordered the empanadas. These look a little thinner than empanadas I’m used to seeing, but as you pointed out, fried dough + melted cheese = yum!

  5. Wendy says

    Sandra — Yes, that’s where I took mine, too. A great hidden spot when the waterside tables are all full!

    Angelina — ooh, not a bad idea ;)!

    Lina — Agreed, I’m still a little confused over the name, too :).

    Morgan — Enjoy your October trip!!

    Shayne — Fried dough + melted cheese is about the only kind of math I can do ;). Ha!

  6. Essie says

    The empanadas do look good and I would like them with refried beans, also. But, I’ve always wondered, why do they refry them?

  7. Mark says

    They look good, but at these prices, a plastic glass and Styrofoam bowls sure seem out of place.

  8. Sandra says

    Bessie, I always wondered about that too until I learned that the original term “refritos” didn’t mean fried twice. Rather it means that the mashed beans were well-cooked (fried). I would love a side of them with these empanadas, but the black beans will do nicely too.

    Mark, I’m afraid that’s just Disney. They have put themselves out of my price range with cocktails touching $15.00. No one in my household would pay that much for a drink unless maybe it was a really nice brandy or aged sake. The little pool bar at our resort charges about $8.50 for a basic drink so with a tip, it comes to $10.00. Nice as they would be, I don’t think a CS is really set up to do regular glasses, which could also be a breakage hazard after a couple of drinks.

  9. Danielle says

    I want this drink so bad! Right now! However, it’s clearly a margarita! Without rum and fresh mint, it can’t really be called a mojito…but margaritas are more my style anyway :)

  10. Kelly Gregorski says

    On our trip in January, I tried the empanadas. I went back 3 times for them! Seriously, best thing I ever had in Disney. I loved them!

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