2014 Gingerbread House Displays at Walt Disney World

Once again, visions of gingerbread houses will become reality at select Walt Disney World resort hotels!

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie

The holiday season is underway as Mickey and his elves (and some talented chefs!) get busy filling the resorts and parks with seasonal decor, merchandise, and treats. Plan to stop by the resorts to see the displays, purchase a pin, and/or meet one of the fabulous chefs!

Contemporary Resort

And how cool is it that the Contemporary’s NEW gingerbread display showcases characters from Disney’s popular film, “Frozen” in the artistic style of Disney Legend Mary Blair! We reported on all the details last week. Check out all the details (including festive treats!!) on the Frozen Gingerbread Display here.

Frozen Gingerbread Display

Frozen Gingerbread Display

Grand Floridian Resort

The impressive gingerbread house churns out baked goods made from a classic Austrian recipe. Holiday treats for sale include cookies, shingles,ornaments, and houses — all made from gingerbread. Other freshly made items include Stollen Bread, chocolate peppermint bark, and truffles. Gingerbread decorating tips are given in free demonstrations! Opening date: November 23, 2014.


After 400 hours of baking, the chefs spent 160 hours decorating the house. This unique 80 square feet of retail space is 16 feet high by 17 feet wide and constructed with 1,000 board feet of trim, 60 sheets of plywood, 40 window panes, 100 square feet of display, and 10,000 pieces of gingerbread used.

Looking Down on the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

Looking Down on the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

The immense amount of gingerbread was made with 700 lbs. of chocolate, 1,050 lbs. honey, 600 lbs. powdered sugar, 35 lbs. spices, 800 lbs. flour, 140 pints egg whites. and 180 lbs. apricot glaze. Wow!

BoardWalk Inn

Inside the gorgeous lobby of the BoardWalk Inn, the Sweet Treats gingerbread display conjures visions of a Jersey Shore concession stand. We love the whimsical decor!

Gingerbread Shingle from Disney's BoardWalk

Gingerbread Shingle from Disney’s BoardWalk

Beach Club

Once again, a life-size carousel will be the centerpiece of the Beach Club’s lobby. Look for the seven Hidden Mickeys! Take home treats including small gingerbread kits will be available for purchase at the Beach Club Marketplace. Watch for inspiring demonstrations by pastry chefs. Opening date: November 25, 2014.

Carousel Horse at Disney's Beach Club

Carousel Horse at Disney’s Beach Club

Think your holiday baking list is long? It took 36 lbs. of honey, 96 lbs. of bread flour, 100 pints of eggs, 10 lbs. of spices, 10 quarts of simple syrup, 100 lbs. of icing, 50 lbs. of dark chocolate, 10 quarts of egg whites, and 100 lbs. of confectioner sugar to make the carousel!

Beach Club Carousel from Above

Yacht Club

The Yacht Club will stick to tradition with a New England-style train display. Watch the train chug past a candy-coated village and through a rock mountain made of sugar. Yes, it’s edible!

Part of the Yacht Club Train Display

Part of the Yacht Club Train Display

Limited Edition pins

To commemorate the inspiring gingerbread houses, NEW limited edition pins will be for sale. Look for four new pins at select resorts this year, including the Contemporary Resort’s gingerbread display pin!

Gingerbread Display Pin

Gingerbread Display Pin

Visit our Walt Disney World Holiday page for more information!

What’s your favorite gingerbread display at Walt Disney World? Tell us your top pick in the comments below!

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  1. Mike V says

    How long does Disney keep the Christmas decorations up after the New year?
    Traveling in early January and don’t know what will or will not be still there.

  2. Essie says

    I really like the GB house in the GF, the carousel in the BC is incredible, also. They both have so much attention to detail and beautiful trims, true works of art.

  3. Rob says

    Mike, they start taking them doen the first week of January. You ptobably won’t see much after the 3rd or 4th.

  4. Ppony says

    The displays are still beautiful, but less than half as drand as they were over a decade and more ago. So sad.

  5. Jeff says

    When did/do they start building the carousel in the Beach Club lobby? Or does it just appear overnight?

  6. Snafooo says

    Knowing that I love Disney and being an Annual Passholder for Disneyland, A friend of mine forwarded the May 2nd edition of the Disney Food Blog to me. That was a terrible thing to do. Because of her and the Disney Food Blog, I have a 2 week vacation to Walt Disney World planned and has been planned since May 10th when I called Disney World “just to ask a couple of questions” about their free dining promotion.

    This blog has cost me over $10,000.00 just on that vacation. I can’t even mention how many times I get the blog, I read the blog, I race to Disneyland to try something new (Oh, the raspberry rose macarons!) or I call and make reservations (Fantasmic! Dinner Package at Blue Bayou for Dec. 14).

    The only thing I can say is that I am so glad I don’t live close to Walt Disney World, and that I
    am glad that the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure reviews are few and far between. If I read as many reviews for Dizzyland as I do WDW, I would be living at the park instead of going there twice a week just to try a new item. (Isn’t the Zero Dog House Popcorn bucket adorable?)

    This blog is like a traffic accident: You really shouldn’t look, but you just HAVE to!

  7. Tberry says

    We are at Disneyland this week and there is a beautiful gingerbread house on display at the Grand Californian.

  8. Diane Levendakes says

    To Mike V.
    We were there on the 3rd through the 9th (Jan. 2014) and as I saw it, they didn’t start removing the C-mas decorations until the 8th. I was very happy about this. We usually go the week after Thanksgiving, but that wasn’t possible. We were still able to enjoy the Holiday spirit! Hope you have the same on your trip.

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