News! 2015 Epcot International Flower and Garden (PLUS FOOD!) Festival Details Announced

As we say goodbye to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival for another year and anticipate the eats at Holidays Around the World, we welcome news of more fun to come at Epcot this Spring!

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Details have been announced for the 22nd Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Mark your calendars for 75 days full of flowers, fun — and food! The 2015 Festival will run from March 4 until May 17.

What can we expect from the 2015 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival? Read on to find out!

Outdoor Kitchens

For the third year running, the Festival will feature Outdoor Kitchens situated around World Showcase.

The Smokehouse in the American Adventure Pavilion

The Smokehouse in the American Adventure Pavilion

The Outdoor Kitchens have been a welcome addition to the Festival, drawing a whole new crowd for the mammoth event. Reminiscent of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, the kiosks feature flavors of many of the World Showcase Pavilions.

Think the Piggylicious Cupcake Will Return for 2014?

Think the Piggylicious Cupcake Will Return for 2014?

Appetizer portions make it easy to experience lots of variety, and the smaller scale of the event — there are only about half as many Booths as you find at the Food and Wine Festival — makes it easier to try all of your favorites.

Duck Confit with Garlic Potatoes Was a Must-Have at the 2014 Flower and Garden Festival!

Duck Confit with Garlic Potatoes Was a Must-Have at the 2014 Flower and Garden Festival!

We’ve really enjoyed strolling the Promenade, taking in the international array of food and drink!

We've Loved This Violet Lemonade!

We’ve Loved This Violet Lemonade!

2015 promises plenty of brand new items added to the menus, featuring the flavors of Spring with an emphasis on Garden Goodness. And just like Food and Wine and Holidays Around the World, you’ll be able to track your culinary adventure with a Garden Passport!

Don't forget to grab your Flower and Garden Festival passport and keep track of all the eats!

Don’t forget to grab your Flower and Garden Festival passport and keep track of all the eats!


Once again, the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival will feature a weekend concert series by some of your favorite artists.

While we are still awaiting announcement of the full lineup, the Gin Blossoms, Pablo Cruise, and the Village People are some of the acts that are slated to appear. We expect the roster to include lots of familiar favorites spanning four decades of popular music.

Featured Topiaries

But another huge draw to the Flower and Garden Festival? All of those incredible Topiary Displays!

2013 Cinderella Topiary

Cinderella and Prince Charming Topiary

In yet another move that proves Frozen is taking over the world of Disney, you’ll see Sisters Elsa and Anna in a topiary tableau recalling the film’s finale.

Another brand-new addition to the lineup will include Chip and Dale! The lovable duo will appear alongside other Disney classic characters in the Festival’s Front Entrance topiary display.

Special Garden Displays

The Festival will also feature plenty of new gardening exhibits, too! Ten New Mini-Gardens will offer exciting themes. Check out fun spots like a Pepper Garden, a “Health Garden”, a Shakespeare Garden, and more!

Ahhh, Epcot in the Spring.

Ahhh, Epcot in the Spring

Weekend guests will once again enjoy Gardening Seminars, held inside Festival Center. And be sure to stick around for nighttime at the Festival, when the topiaries and play gardens will be illuminated.

With so much to look forward to, we can’t wait for next Spring!

What are you most excited to experience at the 2015 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival? Leave a comment and tell your thoughts!


  1. Mandi says

    May is quickly becoming my favorite time of year at WDW! Can’t wait for this gorgeous time of year!

  2. says

    I can’t wait to go back! It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but we just bought annuals again, so we will definitely be visiting a few times for this! I’m most excited to try the yummy food and drinks, especially the violet lemonade. And I really hope Gin Blossoms will be there when we are there!

  3. Chris T. says

    Looking forward to this year’s visit. I really hope there are mostly new items. In fact, since the outdoor kitchens and F&W Festival marketplaces are supposed to be about tasting things, I really wish they all had entirely new dishes every year. Since we (like many visitors) go every year, it’s unfortunate that a lot of the same dishes are there year after year.

  4. Kelly says

    Does anyone know if the food booths stay open longer during the evening EMH? Many thanks in advance, hopefully :o)

  5. tryphena says

    How does the food work on the dining plan. Are they snack credits, like I heard the food and wine festival is? And if I pay cash how expensive do these run? Can I use my magic band to charge it, or do I need to bring cash?

  6. says

    Tryphena — We are still awaiting confirmation of the menu and pricing for 2015, but in the past, many of the food items at the Outdoor Kitchens have been available for a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. Check out our review of the 2014 Outdoor Kitchens for an idea of menu and pricing. Items are normally priced in the $2-7 range. Yes, you should be able to use the Touch to Pay system. Stay tuned to Disney Food Blog; we’ll have more details soon on this beautiful event!

  7. Sheila Greene says

    I am travelling for my birthday in March, how do you get the Garden Passport and will there be a map of where all the flowers and Topiaries are located and displayed? So looking forward to my first trip with MY twin, I had thought about booking the Tomorrowland Terrace Restauarant for the Fireworks Desserts Party so we could have a great view , is this worth the cost and is there any way we can make sure we are seated at the front? What time are the fireworks at the castle the week of March 15th – March 22nd 2015 and is it correct we have to be there an hour before the fireworks? Would we be better to go somewhere else to see the fireworks? Do not want to miss anything as this is a trip in a lifetime for us both. Thanks in Advance

  8. says

    Sheila — Sounds like an awesome trip — I hope you both have a fantastic time! You can get the Garden Passport at Festival Center. They will probably have them at the Outdoor Kitchens as well. Be sure to get stamps from each stop to commemorate your visit! There will also be Festival Guides that detail all of the Festival attractions, and they include maps. Regarding the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom, you can check out our review here. We enjoyed our visit, so it all comes down to how much you like dessert and fireworks. :-) Many guests really enjoy this premium event. The party begins 1 hour before the fireworks, but it’s a buffet, so you don’t have to be there exactly one hour early. Fireworks are showing at 9:45PM, but please be sure to call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463 at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to reconfirm the fireworks schedule. Also, please note that fireworks aren’t guaranteed in the case of bad weather, but the dessert party goes on. Hope this helps!

  9. Jackie says


    Much like Sheila, I’ll be visiting WDW in March for my birthday. Any word on the Outdoor Kitchen Menus? They’re such a wonderful added bonus to the beauty & atmosphere of the festival.

  10. says

    Jackie — An early Happy Birthday to you! We’re still awaiting release of the full menus, but we’ll post them just as soon as we have them. We’re excited, too! This is such a fun, beautiful, and delicious event.

  11. Judy Matukaitis says

    Are there any special food events like at food and wine such as the 3d desserts? This is our firsttime for the flower show.

  12. says

    Judy — They haven’t announced any special premium special events in conjunction with the Flower and Garden Festival this year. Last year, there was one special brunch announced, but it was to launch new Disney Vera Bradley Collections. If anything is announced, we’ll be sure to get the word out! :-)

  13. Sarah says

    Is there any word of the kitchens and their menus?! I had such a great time last year, and the food was definitely a highlight!

  14. says

    Sarah — We are anxiously awaiting word and will share the big news just as soon as we have it. I know what you mean — we can’t wait! It will be so delicious AND beautiful! :-)

  15. Hannah says

    Sheila, Im actually going in April and yes it is worth it at the dessert party. This will be our third time attending and the spot was nice. They have a great variety of snacks and coffee and it was a perfect way to end the day.

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