News! Planet Hollywood Will Be Re-imagined to Fit the Disney Springs Look

If you’ve found your parking spot by using Planet Hollywood’s giant globe-meets-spaceship as a landmark, get ready for a change.

As we mentioned in a previous post, we now have confirmation that the iconic restaurant will be undergoing a major transformation in the near future. The makeover will take place to ensure that the restaurant’s decor is consistent with the rest of Disney Springs. (Read more about the transformation of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs here.)

The star-themed eatery will transform into Planet Hollywood Observatory, and will be modeled after a turn of the century (20th century, that is) observatory, a feature that a town might have had at the time.

The new motif will incorporate a high-tech planetarium inside, thus enabling guests to “dine among the stars.”

But if you’re sad to see the Hollywood memorabilia go, don’t be. Much of it will stay put, as the restaurant and lounge will still feature props and costumes from film. In addition, large movie screens will play movie features as you dine. (You can take a look at the current atmosphere and menu in our review here.)

Entrance to Planet Hollywood

Current Planet Hollywood

The outside area will also transform with brick surrounds, and the pole that has hosted the neon “Planet Hollywood” sign will be turned into a water tower.

Artist's Rendering of the New Planet Hollywood Observatory Restaurant at Disney Springs (Photo Courtesy Orlando Sentinel)

Artist’s Rendering of the New Planet Hollywood Observatory Restaurant at Disney Springs (Photo Courtesy Orlando Sentinel)

The menu is getting a makeover too, but those plans are still in the works. According to Planet Hollywood International founder and chairman Robert Earl, the restaurant hopes to continue competing well against other restaurants in the immediate area. Earl plans to enlist the help of celebrity chefs in the creation of the new menu, but he’s striving to keep the prices in the moderate range.

Mr. Earl did offer a little nugget of information that intrigues us: “I’m going to focus heavily on the food,” he said. “We’re going to have some worthy opposition, some that has been announced and some that hasn’t.”

We’ll take this as proof positive that Disney has many, many more tricks up their sleeves.

Expect the new design to be unveiled sometime next year.

Are you looking forward to dining at the new Planet Hollywood Observatory? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!

Source: Orlando Sentinel


  1. says

    Oh the Artist’s Impression looks waaay better than the current building which I’ve always thought was a bit of an eyesore.

    I look forward to hearing more about the menu too, as I was not overly impressed in the past (can tell I’m not a huge PH fan, huh?)

  2. Lee says

    I like the concept drawings of the exterior of the new “Observatory”. I just hope they get the stars in the “planetarium” correct. I’m an astronomer. I can’t think of any location at WDW which incorporates stars (Spaceship Earth at Epcot is a prime example) where the stars are depicted correctly to match actual constellations in the sky. One would think Disney would not make such gross errors in theme.

  3. Evelynn says

    Aww…. I loved what it originally looked like :( now it looks all modern

    My niece however loves that it looks ” updated” :)

  4. Galloping Gourmond says

    Menu wise they always had too many kinds of items. 10 burgers, many sandwiches, pizza, pasta, grilled items. That meant they really did nothing well. Downtown Disney has a good pizza place at Wolfgang Puck’s, so they can cut that. Sandwiches won’t be done better than Earl of Sandwich. What DD lacks is a good burger bar. Focus on burgers with some grilled chicken, salads, and side and they’ll have something that won’t be in competition with other specialty items already offered elsewhere.

    I just realized I basically wrote Disney Foodie FanFic. I’m very sorry.

    The entire chain has been in decline partly due to over-expansion and partly due to owners that just plain don’t seem to care about the quality or atmosphere. There are only 4 left in the USA and 7 total worldwide, and two of them are on Disney property. That’s down from over 70. Many opened and closed within 5 years.

  5. Miles says

    Planet Hollywood once so tacky,
    Tried so hard to be hip and knacky.
    A fresh coat of paint and a brick here and there,
    And what was old hat has a new Disney flair.

  6. Nancy S says

    The exterior looks like it will be a big improvement. However I just can’t imagine going back to a restaurant with music so uncomfortably loud.

  7. jessica says

    I’m sad that their changing the look of Planet Hollywood. It is tradition on our first night down in orlando to go to downtown disney and have dinner at planet hollywood. Hopefully since the family and I are going down 9/29/15 it will be open for our traditonal dinner


    I love the new concept art for Planet Hollywood and I can’t wait to see it next year! Awesome job Disney!

  9. Lissylou says

    I was quite happy to hear this…although PH is a downtown disney icon it is in much need of a re-vamp,my last 2 visits here have left little to be desired which was rather disappointing.
    Hopefully the re-vamp will restore PH back to glory! – I’m excited now!! …actually can’t wait to dine here!!

  10. paul says

    Does anyone know if Planet Hollywood will be open for business in Sept. of 2015

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