News: Raglan Road Hosts Free Beer Master Classes and Introduces New Menu Items

We have two pieces of exciting news today from Raglan Road Irish Pub!

The authentic Irish Pub, located in Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) is celebrating their Tenth Anniversary throughout all of 2015. And they’ve got some good stuffs coming up.

The Great Irish Hooley — Featuring Limited Edition Craft Beers and Free Master Class Beer Tastings

We told you about The Fourth Annual Great Irish Hooley recently, which takes place over Labor Day Weekend, September 4-7. The “Boutique Irish Festival” offers a holiday weekend packed with authentic Irish music and entertainment.

But we’re also looking forward to the beer! Rye River Brewing Company, located in Co. Kildare, Ireland, has brewed up four limited-edition Irish Craft Beers just for the event: a Raglan Road Saison, a citrusy Raglan Road Fruit Salad Weiss Beer, a refreshing McGargles Jims CO2 Stout and a McGargles Francis Tropical American IPA.

The Rye River Brewing Company Will Share Its Craft Beers at Raglan Road's Great Irish Hooley This Labor Day Weekend!  (©Rye River Brewing Company)

The Rye River Brewing Company Will Share Its Craft Beers at Raglan Road’s Great Irish Hooley This Labor Day Weekend! (©Rye River Brewing Company)

But here’s the really great news — Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you can participate in Master classes with one of the brewmasters from Rye River. You’ll learn about the company’s history, the brewing process, and about different styles of beer.

“But what does it MEAN, Corky??” Well — it means free beer, ’cause you’ll get to taste the brews as well.

Classes are 45 minutes long and will take place outside of Raglan Road (weather permitting). They are first-come, first-served, and will be available at 1:00PM and 5:00PM Saturday through Monday.

Seasonal Menu Featuring Wild Ocean Seafood Launches at Raglan Road

We also recently told you about the restaurant debuting Grass-Fed Irish Beef on their menu this year. Now, Master Chef Kevin Dundon is making some intriguing additions to the seafood menu as well!

On a recent visit to Orlando, Chef Kevin visited Wild Ocean Local Seafood in Port Canaveral, Florida. The retail fish market and restaurant are a family-owned, fourth generation businesses. Chef Kevin liked what he saw, and Raglan Road is now featuring some of Wild Ocean’s most popular items on their menu.

Raglan Road Menu Featuring Seasonal Appetizers -- Click to Enlarge

Raglan Road Menu Featuring Seasonal Appetizers — Click to Enlarge

Raglan Road Menu Featuring Seasonal Entree -- Click to Enlarge

Raglan Road Menu Featuring Seasonal Entree — Click to Enlarge

From the “It’s All For Me!” Appetizer Menu, guests can try Whiskey in a Jar. This cold salad of Wild Ocean Citrus Poached Shrimp is served with Cucumbers, Watercress, and a Marie Rose Sauce (similar to a creamy cocktail sauce) spiked with Whiskey.

Guests looking to share a starter might try the El Niño. This dish pairs Wild Ocean pan roasted Shrimp with a Bean, Sweet Onion, and Pepper Piperada. The dish is served on a bed of Soft Polenta.

El Niño

El Niño — Wild Ocean Shrimp, and Bean, Sweet Onion, and Pepper Piperada Served on a Bed of Soft Polenta

Finally, guests looking to make a full meal out of Wild Ocean seafood can opt for The Pale, which combines Wild Ocean Shrimp and Clams with Corn on the Cob and Baby Potatoes in a broth laced with Raglan IPA, Lemon, and Herbs. Soda Bread Scones are served alongside.

The Pale

The Pale — Wild Ocean Shrimp and Clams with Corn and Potatoes in a Raglan IPA, Lemon, and Herb Broth

As of today, there’s no specific end date for the special Wild Ocean items, but they’re definitely seasonal in nature. So hurry in to try them soon while you can! Better yet, try ‘em all at the Hooley!

Lots of exciting stuff happening at Raglan Road! Let us know in comments what you’re most excited about — The Hooley, the Beer, or the Local Seafood — or all three!


  1. Richard says

    Not interested, they’v changed and joined the small portions for a high price group. They’ve gotten way, way too full of themselves and the last time we were there a lot of other customers we not happy with the servings, service and way, way too loud bad music.

    Fish and Chips, piece of fish smaller than my hand (and I don’t have big hands) and 6 count them 6 french fries for $19 is excessive. The waiter took it back and after 10 minutes brought back the same plate. He said the kitchen said that was the size of the meal and wouldn’t exchange or replace it and by then the food was very cold.

    I asked for the manager and was told he was too busy to come to our table. We paid the bill and left and we won’t be back.

  2. says

    The El Niño does look and sound good, but is the photo the actual serving size? It’s about two shrimp wide in a half empty bowl. Being under the “It’s all for Sharing” section of the menu, I have to raise an eyebrow.

    Ditto on “The Pale”. I’m assuming it’s a play on words but here in America, we’d call that silver thing in the photo a Texas shot glass, not a pail. At $27, there’s got to be more to it than three 1/8 chunks of baby corn, five shrimp and three clams. Doesn’t there?

    Unfortunately, I’m with Richard on this one though… on a recent visit, I noticed the same thing he mentioned… Boathouse prices, Food and Wine sized portions. Perhaps this is the “new” Disney Springs, because Raglan has not been this way in the past.

  3. Keith says

    Raglan Road is one of the best eateries on property and continues to create new excellent dishes and cocktails…we will always make it a part of our Disney trips. FWIW we judge restaurants on the excellence of their cuisine, service, and atmosphere….not portion size. For those that do, I might suggest Olive Garden or others of that ilk.

  4. mealtrip says

    Ha!!! At the same time though, I don’t think I should leave something called an Irish Pub and Restaurant having spent $65 on food and drink, and still be able to say “great, now what’s for dinner”. If I’m not mistaken Raglan is still being marketed as an “authentic Irish pub where you can indulge in cold pints, hearty meals, nightly entertainment” … hearty … (of food) wholesome and substantial.

    If we’re saying they’ve changed to Irish Nouvelle Cuisine, then fine, bring on the black tablecloths and sorbet palate cleansers between courses. I like that type of experience just as much I enjoy the Olive Garden, but then the marketing for the restaurant needs to change so patrons know what to expect. Let’s have a grand reopening… Sláinte!

    The food at Raglan is, and has always been, outstanding. The portion sizes are smaller than they were five years ago, and it seems the new expected per cover is around $60. That is inline with Disney’s own per guest rate increases over that same five year period which bests inflation by a good margin. So I’m not calling a foul on the restaurant. In fact, I would not be at all surprised, if someone were to tell me their margins are shrinking YTD.

    As a general rule, food cost is (on average) 1/3 of the price of a meal, another third is labor and location. My only point is, looking at “The Pale” photo (for example), I’m not seeing $9 of raw food stuffs. My guess is that’s because the same “location” that we’ve enjoyed for years, has just gotten more more costly to exist in, and may be gobbling up more that 1/3 the cost of our meals… i.e. the “new” Disney Springs.

    Fine if you’re settling your tab with Table Service Credits, but for a culchie like me that has to pay out of pocket, I’d rather think that more of my money was going to Raglan for a job well done, and not to subsidize the new (and for the time being) free multi-level parking rack. They paved paradise… and all of that.

  5. Joni says

    That’s why the portions are smaller their on the DDP
    Love the dining plan in theory but it has changed some of the restaurants quality and that is a shame.
    The prices keep going up so I think the quality should remain the same.

  6. Tricia says

    Wait… looking at the new menu, looks like the Raglan Risotto is not Butternut Squash risotto anymore. :( I booked a reservation here for my upcoming trip just to try it!

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