News: Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Relocating to Ariel’s During Refurbishment

Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is one of those Disney World hidden gems that is actually quite good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – especially if you don’t have an Advance Dining Reservation. And beginning in mid-May, guests will find the Captain’s Grille temporarily relocating to Ariel’s while the restaurant undergoes a refurbishment.

Captain's Grille is relocating temporarily in mid-May

Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club is set to be renovated this spring

The decor of the Captain’s Grille is mildly nautical, but doesn’t have any stand out elements; so an update to the setting can’t hurt. Plus, there is currently quite a bit of work happening at Yacht Club – rooms are being updated and the convention center is also being enlarged.

If you aren’t familiar with Ariel’s, it’s located in the Yacht Club and offers diners an “enchanting underwater setting” including coral displays, fish sculptures, and hand-blown glass bubbles. It’ll be the perfect setting for a seafood-themed meal at the relocated Captain’s Grille.

Dark Chocolate Waffles at Captain's Grille

Dark Chocolate Waffles at Captain’s Grille

The refurbishment at Captain’s Grille is scheduled to last through the fall. We don’t have an official date for when it will reopen, but we’ll keep you posted!

Is Captain’s Grille one of your “hidden gems” at Disney World? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Frank says

    In the day, Ariel’s was our favorite seafood restaurant.
    I believe they had an open kitchen. Will that kitchen be utilized again when it reopens as Captain’s Grille replacement? Or would it just be to outdated?
    Just curious where they will be doing the cooking??
    This may increase the traffic at Martha’s Vineyard too. Neat bar!! Never seemed that busy though. Not sure why?????

  2. Lisa says

    It’s kind of weird that Ariel’s is a seafood restaurant. Did the imagneers even watch The Little Mermaid?

  3. Tricia H. says

    I’ve stayed in the Yacht Club a few times and never heard of Ariel’s….where exactly is it?

  4. Charlie says

    Ariel’s was also a favorite. Remember when King Stefan had a restaurant in Cinderella’s Castle?

  5. Frank says

    If you are walking from the Yacht Club over to the Beach Club along the pathway that passes Beaches & Cream, as soon as you enter the Beach Club, look to your left.. that’s Ariel’s.

  6. Megan says

    Tricia, it definitely blends into the background as you walk along the inside hallway. That combined with the fact that it’s no longer a regular restaurant and is used only for private events (such as a wedding reception), I’d think a good number of guests have no idea it even exists.

  7. says

    We just ate there for breakfast two days ago. Everyone of my party had the buffet except for me- I ordered the lemon ricotta pancakes which were really good. Even though everyone really enjoyed their food, I agree at this place could use a little updating.

  8. Debbie says

    Eating breakfast at Captain’s Grille this past December was a delight. We were staying at the Beach Club so it was a nice stroll across the say. We both ordered off the menu (not buffet). I got the Tailored Eggs ($12 kind of like a regular eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes, biscuit) breakfast with coffee and orange juice. My daugther had the ($13) Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Blueberry Compote and roasted potatoes. The food was generous, well-cooked and seasoned. i wish I could post the picture. It felt kind of old school with nice dishes and glassware. Service was excellent.

  9. DeeDisney says

    Absolutely Captain’s Grille is a hidden gem! This is always on our “must eat-at” list when we come to Disney. It’s not crowded so it’s a nice and relaxing dinner. The food is fabulous and the servers and kitchen are very accommodating on modifying any entree for your picky eaters. Most of the members of my family order the New Strip Steak which they love. I especially enjoy their pork tenderloin medallions. Even the side dishes are amazing. However, the desserts are like the icing on the cake!!! My favorite is always the seasonal fruit cobbler…a la mode of course!

  10. Beth says

    Hello. We have reservations for captains grille in October? Should I be concerned with the new location that the food will not be as good?
    Do u suggest I change ?
    Thank u for you input

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