First Look and Review: Joffrey’s Revive Coffee Kiosk and S’Mores Latte in Magic Kingdom

GOOD MORNING from Magic Kingdom!

Of course, it’s pretty much always a good morning when you’re in Disney World. But if you’re in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, the mornings are even brighter thanks to the arrival of the brand new Joffrey’s Revive Coffee Kiosk!

Tucked next to the Tomorrowland Stage where you can sometimes find the Mr. and Mrs. busting a move at the #INCREDIBLESSuperDanceParty, the newest Joffrey’s Kiosk is the first in the Magic Kingdom. (Until now, the closest kiosks to Magic Kingdom have been at the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Contemporary Resort.)

There are two things you can count on with a visit to a Joffrey’s kiosk in Disney World: one, fun theming to perfectly match its surroundings. And two: a good cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer).

Joffrey's Revive sign

Joffrey’s Revive sign

We’re here to check out both. So, Blast Off with us to Tomorrowland to hang out and caffeine up at the new Joffrey’s Revive!


As anticipated, Joffrey’s Revive fits right in its new Tomorrowland home.

Joffrey's Revive

Joffrey’s Revive

The retro-futuristic dome top and color scheme to match and complement the nearby Tomorrowland Transit Authority (WEDway People Mover), help Joffrey’s Revive to have a familiar feel, even as a brand new addition.

Joffrey's Revive

Joffrey’s Revive

While all Joffrey’s kiosks around Disney World are small and basic window order operations, it’s always fun to see how well they blend in with their location.

Joffrey's Revive Window

Joffrey’s Revive Window

This new kiosk is no exception. Short, but sweet! Now, let’s grab a cup o’ joe!


If it’s coffee you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. The key items on the menu are specialty espresso beverages, but tea drinkers will find options here as well.

Joffrey's Revive Menu

Joffrey’s Revive Menu

A quick glance also reveals the Seasonal Specialties, which currently include the Dreamscicle Iced Latte, Island Swizzle Iced Tea, and the Dulce de Leche Iced Latte.

You can doctor up any beverage to your taste with the sweeteners and cream selections available at the counter.

Sugars and Cream

Sugars and Cream



An assortment of pastries is also up for grabs, with cookies, twists, croissants, and fritters. And, of course, several Big Ol’ Donut King Donuts.

Pastry Selection

Pastry Selection

Pastry Selection

Pastry Selection

So, as you can see, the offerings here match those at the Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosks in Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, but with two exceptions.

First, you won’t find any options to add alcohol to your beverage as you will find in several other park locations, in keeping with all snack and Counter Service locations at the Magic Kingdom. And second, Joffrey’s Revive is the only home to an exclusive Tomorrowland beverage: the Mission to S’mores Latte!

Mission to S'mores Latte sign

Mission to S’mores Latte sign

And of you trip up because you’re in Tomorrowland and ask for a “Mission to Mars Latte” instead, I’m sure the Cast Member assisting you will understand :). It’s a fun little nod.

Like all the other espresso drinks, you can choose to have your Mission to S’mores Latte served hot or iced, and the key ingredient is artisan roasted espresso. But “Joffrey’s Beverage of Tomorrow” is mixed with chocolate sauce and Mars-mallow (ha!) syrup, and uniquely topped with whipped cream, graham cracker “space sprinkles,” and more Mars-mallows.

Mission to S'mores Latte

Mission to S’mores Latte

Yep, that’s whipped cream AND marshmallows — not just one or the other. Because Joffrey’s understands.

Mission to S'mores Latte Toppings

Mission to S’mores Latte Toppings

This is one of those unapologetic, hey-it’s-vacation, let’s-have-dessert-for-breakfast drinks. And once you get through all those toppings, you’re left with a rich espresso sweetened by the chocolate sauce (this one’s also sweeter than your typical specialty drink due to the addition of marshmallow syrup). Plus, there’s an added caffeine bonus to prepare you for the very short jaunt over to Space Mountain.

Mission to S'mores Latte

Mission to S’mores Latte

And don’t worry — if that doesn’t exactly float your boat as a day starter, you can always come back for it as an afternoon pick-me-up, or choose whichever other boost that boosts you the best! (Umm... can you tell I’ve had some caffeine here? ;) )


Welcome, Joffrey’s, to the Magic Kingdom at long last! I’m all for having more coffee options at the parks; not only for when the lines at the in-park Starbucks are super long (that’s Main Street Bakery, if you’re in Magic Kingdom), but also to have another choice to meet different coffee tastes and preferences. So remember Revive the next time you’re in need of an energy lift during a fun — but always wonderfully full! — day in the Magic Kingdom!

Will you be paying a visit to Joffrey’s Revive? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sandra G says

    Not being Starbucks fans, we are very happy to see this new Joffrey’s location in what has been pretty much a coffee desert. With lots of options, all for a snack credit, this will definitely be a MK stop for my family.

  2. Shannon says

    Can you order coffee with non-dairy milk options?!?!?! Just last year I traversed all MK for an iced coffee either black or with a non-dairy milk and everyone pointed me back to Main Street. I drink Starbucks at home but have not yet come to terms with the loss of the Main Street Bakery. Therefore, I boycott.

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