DFB Video: Food Tour of Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Why, hello there!! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re taking a food tour of Epcot’s beautiful Japan Pavilion!

Japan Pavilion Pagoda

Japan Pavilion Pagoda

Japan is the Pavilion where you can find everything from Pocky to SAKE in Epcot! But there’s so much more to take in… from sushi to Frozen Kirin beer and more, Japan is completely PACKED with fun and unique foods to try during your Epcot adventures. From two Table Service restaurants to outdoor vending spots and everything in between, you might be surprised to learn all there is to know about noshing in Epcot’s Japan.

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your favorite food find in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion? 


  1. Essie says

    I love the Japan pavilion! My peaceful spot is the koi pond with the waterfall. Every trip I get a triple flavor Kakagori and check out the store and exhibit. Teppan Edo has wonderful steak and shrimp, but I still miss the Candy Artist so much! I loved watching her. Great video!

  2. says

    The Japan Pavilion is just awesome! However, now that I am officially hungry at 1:28am est, lol

    You completely slammed this and I want to say thanks. My next trip to EPCOT will have a yummier meaning.

    Thanks :-)

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