Pirates of the Caribbean Returns to Disneyland With NEW LIMITED TIME EATS at The Blue Bayou!

Just in time for its 50th anniversary, Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland reopens with NEW LIMITED TIME FOOD items!

Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland

Pirates of The Caribbean Entrance Sign ©Disney

After a six-week refurbishment, the Pirates of the Caribbean reopened to guests on June 8th. We’ll talk about that in a second, but first…THE FOOD! 

New Blue Bayou Pirates of the Caribbean Menu Items

Available for a limited time until June 18, Blue Bayou will be offering these special Pirates of the Caribbean inspired eats!

Redd’’s Strawberry Cake is a sponge cake covered in strawberry compote syrup with candied strawberry, coconut Chantilly, and pineapple sautéed in brown sugar and vanilla bean… YUM!

Redds Strawberry Cake at Blue Bayou ©Disney

Redds Strawberry Cake at Blue Bayou ©Disney

The “Cursed Pirate” Fried Octopus & Calamari includes andouille sausage, remoulade, haricot vert, and rum-soaked pineapple.

Cursed Pirate Fried Octopus Calamari at Blue Bayou ©Disney

Cursed Pirate Fried Octopus & Calamari at Blue Bayou ©Disney

Chicken Betty’s” Jidori Free Range Chicken is served on coconut rice with ham hock, maque choux, fried plantains, and a spiced rum glaze.

Chicken Betty's Jidori Free Range Chicken ©Disney

Chicken Bettys Jidori Free Range Chicken ©Disney

Make sure you check out the new eats while you can before June 18th!!

Pirates of the Caribbean New Redhead Auction Scene!

Like Disney World a few months ago, Disneyland has kept most of the original aspects of the ride. But they have also introduced some new elements to this classic attraction.

Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene ©Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene ©Disney

OF COURSE we’re talking about the auction scene, which used to auction off women and now auctions the townspeople’s possessions. And yes, the redhead is now a pirate herself! These changes are said to be reflecting modern sensibilities, but are controversial with Disney fans around the world.

Speaking of, Redd is currently wandering Disneyland’s New Orleans Square if you’d like to get a picture yourself!

Redd Character in Disneyland

Redd Character in Disneyland

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Robyn says

    if they continue adding modern sensibilities, one of these days we won’t even be able to recognize the Pirates ride at all! Making things politically correct, changing how things were at the time, just burns me up. Leave the ride alone!

  2. Melissa says

    I think people need to chillax about the change, personally. I was never super against the original scene or anything, but I don’t see why the change is so upsetting to some people. I think it’s pretty cool. How are people complaining about a lady pirate? Lady pirates are cool. Whatever. Thanks for the update!

  3. Debi W says

    Why do some folks think they can erase history by ignoring it? Parents that are horrified that their children are observing a scene where women are being auctioned off are missing a teachable moment. They can teach their children about it being wrong in the past and present day too, as it is still a fact of life today. Even in the US. My son is in law enforcement and used it as a teachable moment for his son, Number one, that it is so wrong and number two, to be aware of strangers approaching you because there are still bad people out there stealing children and others to sell in the slave market.

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