Eating Gluten Free at Disney World


Update: Disney is no longer offering Divvies. They are currently offering bakery items from the Enjoy Life and OMG Manufacturers along with Rocky Mountain Popcorn, and Surf Sweets Jelly Beans throughout the Parks and Resorts.

Worry-free gluten free dining in Walt Disney World includes snacks such as Minnie’s Bake Shop Gluten Free cookies sold in 7.2 oz. packages and Divvies popcorn.

Gluten Free Caramel Corn

Gardens Kiosk: A food allergy information kiosk will open August 4, 2013 in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As a resource for guests with special diets including food allergies, cast members will be available to answer dining questions from 9am-3pm. In addition, pre-packaged snacks (hummus vegetables, granola bars, chips, popcorn) and gluten-free beer will be sold.

Splitsville Downtown Disney in Orlando: Sixteen new gluten free dishes have been added to the regular Splitsville menu. This Downtown Disney location in Orlando now features delicious, gluten free dishes including: rice bowls (fiesta chicken, steak fajita, Asian shrimp and spicy veggie) served with sticky rice; pizza crust; sushi rolls with no rice (The Alberto with spicy tuna and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber and served with lemon ponzu sauce); Blazing Chicken (tenderloins in spicy Buffalo sauce), steamed edamame and seared ahi tuna (also served as a salad with spring mix and Asian pear dressing); turkey BLT salad (roasted turkey, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, red onion, and blue cheese); blackened mahi mahi with spicy voodoo shrimp; and grilled salmon. See more pictures here!

Gluten Free Pizza at Splitsville

Gluten-Free Beer: ESPN Club sells gluten-free Redbridge Beer for $5.75. (1/17/12) Source: AllEars

Gluten Free Cake Recipe: This flourless cake was once served at The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

DFB Reader Sharon of St. Louis shared her experience with gluten free dining:
Yak & Yeti: Yak and Yeti in the Animal Kingdom was wonderful. The atmosphere was exotic and the presentation of the food was creative. Loved the sorbet dessert as well.

Liberty Tree Tavern was our first dining experience at WDW. A familiar meal for gluten-free dining, but it was so flavorful and cooked perfectly. The chef came to the table to talk to me and I explained that I had to eat gluten-free and he seriously said, “Is that all? That’s easy!” Just that statement gave me confidence and the meal was just great.

Liberty Tree Tavern - Gluten Free

50’s Prime Time Café: This was the chicken pot pie. The flavor was fine, the portion was huge, but the meal wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was a hot day and that influenced my attitude. The wait staff is in character and is bossy and fussed at me to finish my plate! But there was no teasing about a special diet. The chef visit was fast but informative.

50s Prime Time - Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

Yak and Yeti: This picture does not do the presentation justice. The beef with rice is set up like a tower. My whole party exclaimed that they wanted my entrée. The meat had a super tasty flavor and the soy sauce was Gluten Free. The sorbet trio was so tasty and beautifully presented.

Yak and Yeti - Gluten Free

Flame Tree BBQ: This is a counter-service meal. The BBQ chicken was wonderful and the aroma in the air of BBQ was amazing. I ate up my coleslaw before I remembered to take a picture. Open air dining was fun too. Just ask for the special diets menu when you arrive then stand in line to order. I tucked away my brownie for later and it was decent.

Flame Tree Barbecue - Gluten Free

Yak and Yeti - Gluten Free Desserts

Biergarten: I don’t have a picture of my food from Biergarten.The chef came out and walked me through the gigantic buffet explaining what I could and couldn’t eat. Of course many things were not available to me, but there were so many choices that I still had plenty of excellent food to eat. I doubt that this usually happens, but the chef came back out later, and gave me about six pre-packaged Gluten Free treats. He explained that I might need something later for a snack. What wonderful service!

Via Napoli: After so many excellent meals I was stunned at Via Napoli. My gluten-eating family was hoping to eat amazing pizza and they did. I should have been wiser when the wait staff explained before taking orders that there was no Gluten Free pizza and the Gluten Free pasta was….(grimace)…. The pasta was mush and the sauce was evidently Gluten Free flour, milk and water. I couldn’t taste any butter or salt. Absolutely the worst Gluten Free meal I have had in the 12 years I have eaten gluten-free. Be aware that this restaurant is not run by Disney. The regular pizza was amazing according to the family, but don’t even walk through the door if you are trying to eat Gluten Free.

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Web Resources

If you’re considering going to Disney World with someone who needs to eat gluten free, here are some great web resources!

Disney’s main website page about specialty diet info:

Great sites with LOTS of links about gluten-free/celiac in Disney:

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AllEars Reader Suggestions/Info:

An informative site on allergy-friendly restaurants: AllergyEats

Message Board with some good ideas:

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Specialty diet contact info for Disney:
General Disney Special Diets Contact:, or 407-824-5967
Animal Kingdom:, or 407-824-5967
Hollywood Studios:, or 407-824-5967
Epcot:, or 407-824-5967
Magic Kingdom:, or 407-824-5967

Here’s specific info about speaking with Disney prior to your trip to have special meals prepared (from

By now, you probably have heard from numerous sources how Disney World is the gold standard for gluten-free dining. A trip to Disney World truly means leaving your worries and home and letting someone else prepare safe and delicious gluten-free meals for you and your family. There’s virtually no need to bring any of your own food, and with just a phone call to the parks’ Special Dining departments or an email to, you can get gluten-free menus from each of Disney World’s theme parks emailed directly to you before your trip. For special dietary requests at Magic Kingdom, call (407) 824-5967. For EPCOT, call (407) 560-6395. For Hollywood Studios, call (407) 560-3551. For Animal Kingdom, call (407) 938-3288. You can also visit a special page on their website for more information on special dietary requests. One recommendation: if you’re staying at a Disney resort, the menu plan can’t be beat for value and convenience (you’ll save hundreds of dollars off what you’d pay for similar meals without the plan). For more information and reservations (just have them note “gluten-free” on your reservation), call 407-WDW-DINE.

For more information on gluten free dining at the Walt Disney World resort including how to make Advance Dining Reservations, visit our Special Diets Resources Page.

For more Disney dining information, including details on dining discounts, restaurants, dining plans, menus, and more, visit our Disney Dining Reference Page.