Eating Gluten Free in Disneyland

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Disneyland Dining Gluten Free

Here’s an excerpt from a LONG report–this is the only section on gluten-free (

“Eating gluten-free in Disneyland is very possible but always a chore. This time, we obtained the special gluten-free menu from City Hall on Main Street. It turns out that eating gluten-free in California Adventure
really means manually eliminating the gluten yourself: that is, eating the hamburger without the bun, etc. We’d rather find a hamburger served on a gluten-free bun. To find that, you have to go into Disneyland park or to one of the outside restaurants. Here are the choices that particularly appealed to us inside the park:

* Club Buzz will serve a hamburger on a gluten-free Kinnikinnick bun. We eat these every time now.
* The Plaza Inn will serve gluten-free pancakes during breakfast hours.
* Coke Corner will serve hot dogs on a gluten-free tapioca bun.
* Pizza Port has two gluten-free selections: gluten-free pasta with your choice of sauces, and pizza served on a gluten-free crust (probably Kinnikinnick brand).

Instead of waiting in the long lines, we decided to wait while sitting on our bums in our favorite resort restaurant: Storyteller Cafe in the Grand Californian hotel. We’ve always had wonderful luck here finding
gluten-free alternatives, and this time was no exception. The chef actually came out to chat with us several times. One of the waiters later told us that this particular chef had been with the restaurant since the hotel had opened, and that he had been the one to push for gluten-free alternatives on the menu. Anyway, he helped us eliminate questionable items from the grilled salmon meal, and he also made us gluten-free macaroni and cheese , and two different pizzas made on gluten-free Kinnikinnick crust.”

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Eating Gluten-Free at Disneyland

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