Fun Find: Tea and Teapots in Epcot’s China Pavilion

There are few things that I enjoy more than strolling around World Showcase in Epcot. But in addition to taking in the sights and bites from the various pavilions representing each country, I adore poking into the shops to discover what new treasures have been added since my last visit.

Today, we’re meandering back through the China Pavilion to take a look into a shop that few even know exist: The House of Good Fortune.

House of Good Fortune -- Outside View

I could use some good fortune, couldn’t you? Let’s see what we find!

Teas and Candies

One item that I love to hunt for in World Showcase is tea. I’m an avid tea drinker, and it’s always fun to wander around the countries in search of my favorite varieties, or something new to add to my collection.

The tea display offers many different types of tea, all packaged in different ways.

Tea Display

I love these little canisters! They’re pretty — and handy long after the tea you bought is gone.

Canisters of Tea Forte

There’s also a wonderful assortment of more traditional options. Being in here seriously reminds me of my days wandering the Pearl River Mart in New York City! :-)

Foojoy Teas

These boxes would last you a while — they’re more than a pound! They’re much bigger than [Read more…]