Dining in Disneyland: New Belle Caramel Apples

A brand new caramel apple has debuted in Disneyland, and our Dining in Disneyland columnist, Heather Sievers, has the details!

Went on a little dinner/movie outing to Downtown Disney last night and had to stop by Marceline’s for a quick inventory check and a caramel apple to go. We went for the standard “Minnie” apple, but upon check-out I noticed these adorable new “Belle” caramel apples.

$14.95 Each, Wow.

At $14.95 a pop, I was not willing to take one for the team. I did however ask the cast member to take an up close shot to share here on the blog. The cast member also told me that yesterday was the very first day they were being offered. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you the brand new [Read more…]