Full Review: Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Welcome to Tiffins!

We were so excited that this highly anticipated restaurant was finally open on Friday that we gave you a first look immediately! But today, we are back with our full review and tour!!

There is sooo much to share with you. And after a few days to process it all, we’re eager to share with you our experience at Disney World’s newest signature restaurant — right in Animal Kingdom!


You may still be trying to get your bearings where Tiffins is concerned. After all, this is the first time that Animal Kingdom has ventured into signature dining. So what’s it all about, anyway? I mean, how do they translate Animal Kingdom into fine dining?

Tiffins Sign -- Up Close

Tiffins Sign

In a nutshell, the restaurant celebrates the global inspiration and artwork behind the design of the park. And we loved how they incorporated actual ride concept art as well as mementos of the imagineers’ time in Africa while planning Animal Kingdom.

However, that’s not all that’s happening here. In order to give this celebration a home, Imagineers came up with a seriously detailed space. And in true Disney fashion, the details begin before you ever enter the restaurant. Check out the tiffins that nest on top of the restaurant’s sign above. “Tiffin” is an English-Indian word that refers to a portable midday meal. But it also refers to the containers used for the meal. Think of them as super cool nesting lunch boxes. :-) If you’ve ever been on Animal Kingdom’s Wild Africa Trek you may have used one like it!

Tiffins in use on Wild Africa Trek

Tiffins in use on Wild Africa Trek

As you make your way toward the entrance, be sure to take in the details around you — including the pavement.

Entrance Detail

Pavement at Entrance

As we have seen in other Disney spots, you’ll notice details here — namely, animal tracks! See how many you can identify!

Pavement Detail -- Animal Tracks

Pavement Detail — Animal Tracks — Up Close

To me, the jumble of tracks represents the spirit of this restaurant. It’s a crossroads, where all kinds of flavors come together to meet, mingle, and form something entirely new.

Tiffins Entrance

Tiffins Entrance

Look down — and then look up! The meticulous details on the carved figures marking the roofline are enchanting.

Entrance Detail

Detailed Carving at Tiffins Roofline

As you enter, you come upon the check-in desk, where warm woods with rustic finishes behind the desk welcome you.

Check In Area

Check-In Area

The map behind the check-in area is carved not only with topography, but with some of the animals that you encounter in Animal Kingdom. You’ll catch a glimpse of a few familiar buildings as well.

Check In Area -- Maps

Carved Map Behind Check-In Desk — Up Close

To the left and right of the map, you can read more about the works of art that are displayed throughout Tiffins.

Check In Area Detail

Check-In Desk — Restaurant Detail — Up Close

Check In Area Detail

Check-In Desk — Welcome Sign — Up Close

And this would be a great time to mention the staff. Our server was absolutely wonderful, as were all the Cast Members we spoke with. They were excited to take guests on brief tours and explain different things about the rooms. We were encouraged to look around, just like at an art gallery.

The Orientation of Tiffins and the Galleries

While we are excited to share the food of Tiffins with you, I think that we need to spend a little time getting you acquainted with how the restaurant is laid out, and what the general “feel” is like.

There are three “Galleries,” or dining rooms. The Grand Gallery and the Safari Gallery are to the right of the check-in desk. You’ll find Nomad Lounge and Trek Gallery to the left. It might be interesting to note that you actually have to walk through Nomad Lounge to get to the Trek Gallery. (While we have already given you a First Look of Nomad Lounge as well, we’ll have plenty of details about it later this week in a separate full review.)

Nomad Lounge from Tiffins check in

Nomad Lounge from Tiffins check in

We also noticed that it’s not just the visual details, or even the food, that take you on a journey. Throughout the whole restaurant, the background music takes you on an adventure as well, switching from African to Indian, and South American music and beats.

Next, we’ll take a few moments to explore each Gallery.

The Grand Gallery

The Grand Gallery is the largest of the three, functioning as the main dining room for Tiffins. The theme here is a celebration of the animals themselves as well as folk art.

Grand Gallery Description

Grand Gallery Description

View of the Grand Gallery

View of the Grand Gallery

There are two main exhibits in the Grand Gallery. And they’re both pretty amazing!

First, you may notice five large pole-shaped sculptures.

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings

The pole sculptures are over 20 years old. And if they look familiar to you, it’s because they once resided in the now-closed Camp Minnie-Mickey section of the park!

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings -- Up Close

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings — Up Close

When that land was closed to make way for expansion in Animal Kingdom, the poles were removed and saved. Thank goodness; because they are original carvings from Bali artisans.

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings -- Up Close

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings — Up Close

When it was decided that they would find a second life at Tiffins, they were refurbished (stripped of previous colored paint).

Ultimately, the poles served another important function, however. The style of carving here inspired the Tree of Life.

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings -- Up Close

Grand Gallery Bali Carvings — Up Close

The other notable feature here is The Lantern Wall.

Grand Gallery -- Lantern Wall

Grand Gallery — Lantern Wall

Located to the left side of the room, this display was inspired by the upcoming Rivers of Light show.

Grand Gallery -- Lantern Wall -- Monkey Up Close

Grand Gallery — Lantern Wall — Monkey Up Close

Also, the cloth backdrop behind the lanterns is from Animal Kingdom cast member costumes; the mix of red and blue represents fire and water, elements supporting life.

Grand Gallery -- Lantern Wall -- Elephant Up Close

Grand Gallery — Lantern Wall — Elephant Up Close

Safari Gallery

The Safari Gallery celebrates Eastern and Southern Africa. This is the dining room where we were seated.

Safari Gallery Description

Safari Gallery Description

Much of the artwork you see displayed here are artist renderings and design elements of Animal Kingdom — especially Africa and Harambe.

Safari Gallery Artwork

Safari Gallery Artwork

Safari Gallery Artwork

Safari Gallery Artwork

Safari Gallery Artwork

Safari Gallery Artwork

The most striking exhibit in the room is a piece called “Electrified”.

Safari Gallery -- Electrified Artwork

Safari Gallery — Electrified Artwork

Safari Gallery -- Electrified Artwork

Safari Gallery — Electrified Artwork

From what our Cast Member Tour Guides shared with us, this piece is a favorite of Joe Rohde, Executive Designer and Vice President, Creative — the driving, creative force behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

"Electrified" Description

“Electrified” Description

A Baobob Tree sculpture is another of the gallery’s striking features. It’s a miniature version of the tree that serves as a hallmark on the Kilamanjaro Safaris attraction.

Safari Gallery Baobob Tree

Safari Gallery Baobob Tree

Large Shadowboxes contain artwork displaying various things the Imagineers saw and experienced as they were traveling and conducting research for Animal Kingdom. The renderings in the shadowboxes predate the park itself.

Safari Gallery -- Shadowboxes

Safari Gallery — Shadowboxes

Safari Gallery -- Shadowboxes -- Up Close

Safari Gallery — Shadowboxes — Up Close

We found the seating in this area to be quite comfortable. We especially liked the seclusion of corner booths, like this one.

Safari Gallery Seating -- Corner Booth

Safari Gallery Seating — Corner Booth

Next up — Trek Gallery.

The Trek Gallery represents the corners of the park dedicated to exploring Asia. In order to get to the Trek Gallery, you’ll actually travel through Nomad Lounge.

It’s kind of fitting, I think. The Trek Gallery is a bit of a trek. :-)

Trek Gallery Description

Trek Gallery Description

This is the smallest dining room, but guests will recognize lots of touches from the Asia section of the park.

Trek Gallery

Trek Gallery

Trek Gallery -- Artwork

Trek Gallery — Artwork

Tibetan Prayer Flags seem to flutter over a corner booth. The sculpture is still, but it’s made to look like the flags are in motion, inspired by all the prayer flags the Imagineers saw blowing in the breeze.

Trek Gallery -- Tibetan Prayer Flags

Trek Gallery — Tibetan Prayer Flags

Trek Gallery -- Tibetan Prayer Flag Detail

Trek Gallery — Tibetan Prayer Flag Detail

Here’s another guy you may recognize — check out this bronze depiction of Expedition Everest’s Yeti!

Trek Gallery -- Yeti

Bronze Yeti — Everest Precariously Perched in His Hand!

He’s completely still, but terrifying nevertheless! :-)

We’ve reached the end of our gallery tour. And so it’s time to check out the other notable detail of Tiffins…

Safari Gallery Table


…The exotic menu.


Even when we come to the details surrounding the dining experience, it’s clear the chefs have been imagineering a bit themselves.

Menus are encased in these cool, leather-bound soft books.

Tiffins Menu Book

Tiffins Menu Book

There are several menus and menu pages to share with you. We’ll break them up into the appropriate sections so you don’t have to scroll back and forth between the menu pages and the food photos.

We’ll kick off the exploration with Beverage options. They are extensive, and include Cocktails, Beer, Wine, and crafted Non-Alcoholic beverages, in addition to soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

Menu -- Cocktails -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Cocktails — Click to Enlarge

Menu -- Beer -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Beer — Click to Enlarge

The wines available at Tiffins are more than just a list — they’re a philosophy! If you prize a wine pairing experience when it comes to fine dining, please take a few minutes to give this menu its due.

It’s pretty impressive, and very reminiscent of the wine program at The Wave…of American Flavors in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Tiffins Wine Exploration Philosophy

Tiffins Wine Exploration Philosophy

Wine Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu of Wines By the Glass in the Main Menu — Click to Enlarge

Wine Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu of Wines By the Glass in the Main Menu — Click to Enlarge

Likewise, the Wine Flights offer you a chance to explore different flavors, and possibly regions that are new to you.

Wine Flight Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Wine Flight Menu — Click to Enlarge

Wine Lovers, please take note: there is a whole book of wines in addition to the Wine Flights and By the Glass pages I included from the main menu. So be an explorer, by all means. :-)

As for our selections, we tried both non-alcoholic options this first time. There were a couple of reasons for this. First, we knew we were stopping by Nomad Lounge as well, and in this business, it pays to pace oneself!

But also, it was clear that the non-alcoholic cocktails were crafted with the same care as the drinks that contain alcohol. And because this is an emerging hot trend — delicious, unique “mocktails” that don’t contain alcohol — we’re definitely up for exploring it and sharing it with all of you.

Never fear though — if you prefer alcoholic versions of these coolers, they are available as well.

But enough talk! Here they are: the Zingiber Fizzie and the Hibiscus Henna.

Zingiber Fizzie and Hibiscus Henna

Zingiber Fizzie and Hibiscus Henna

In the Zingiber Fizzie, you’ll find Passion Fruit Puree, Mint, Ginger Beer (which is non-alcoholic), and Lime Juice. With a pronounced pop of ginger flavor, there’s lots of zing to enjoy here. If you’re a fan of a Dark and Stormy or a Moscow Mule — or just ginger in general — then I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this one.

Zingiber Fizzie

Zingiber Fizzie

But we also sampled the Hibiscus Henna, which combines Watermelon, Hibiscus, Soda Water, and Lime Juice. This is Florida in a glass! — full of fruity and ever so slightly floral flavor.

Hibiscus Henna

Hibiscus Henna

As we enjoyed our drinks, our server brought Tiffins Complimentary Bread Service. There is a distinction to make here: much like Sanaa, Tiffins also offers Signature Bread Service. You’ll find it detailed at the bottom of the Appetizer Menu in just a moment, and we’ll also share a reader photo as well.

But back to the Complimentary Service, which is actually pretty lovely. The bread consists of Pomegranate Focaccia bread with a mix of Pomegranate, Molasses, and Olive Oil on the side.

Pomegranate Foccacia Bread

Pomegranate Foccacia Bread

Pomegranate Foccacia Bread -- Up Close

Pomegranate Foccacia Bread — Up Close

The sweetness of the pomegranate comes through more in the fragrance than the flavor, which is more savory than sweet, owing to the Olive Oil. The oil blend is good, but potent — a little goes a VERY long way.

A Slice of Pomegranate Foccacia Bread

A Slice of Pomegranate Foccacia Bread

While we enjoyed our bread (and tried not to fill up on it!) we looked over the Appetizer Menu to make a few selections.

Menu -- Appetizers -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Appetizers — Click to Enlarge

By contrast with the Pomegranate Focaccia, here is a photo of Tiffins Signature Bread Service. It includes Naan, Lavash, and another Bread, in addition to three toppings: Harrisa Yogurt, Lime Chutney, and Black-Eyed Pea Hummus. Thanks to reader AM Appleby for the photo!

Tiffins Signature Bread Service

Tiffins Signature Bread Service

Of course, we had to try something as intriguing as Lobster Popcorn Thai Curry Soup. And I’m so glad we did — because it is truly delicious!

Lobster Popcorn Thai Curry Soup

Lobster Popcorn Thai Curry Soup

There is so much flavor here. Each bite starts out sweet with autumnal spices (similar to what you might find in pumpkin soup, but with the added tang of complex, salty seafood). After that first note, a warmer spice kicks in at the end and lingers. It’s not overwhelming to the delicate flavors; there’s just enough heat to make it interesting and an authentic curry experience. The popcorn brings a tiny bit to the table in terms of texture.

Lobster Popcorn Thai Curry Soup -- Up Close

Lobster Popcorn Thai Curry Soup — Up Close

Next, we decided to try the Marinated Grilled Octopus.

Marinated Grilled Octopus

Marinated Grilled Octopus

Admittedly, I don’t know much about octopus, and personally don’t care for the chewy consistency; however, the marinade and char on this was really very nice. It almost tasted like it had just been freshly grilled outside. It was nice and smokey. Ultimately, though, the dish didn’t appeal to us visually. (I’m still squeamish around tentacles and suckers.) For those of you who enjoy octopus, I’d say give it a go.

Marinated Grilled Octopus -- Up Close

Marinated Grilled Octopus — Up Close

It was time to explore the Entree Menu next.

Menu -- Entrees -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Entrees — Click to Enlarge

Menu -- Entrees -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Entrees — Click to Enlarge

Now, let me give you a little of our philosophy here at DFB when we review a new restaurant. Once in a while, we’ll order the whole menu. But usually we try to make choices based on 1) What’s going to be most popular, and 2) What do we think our readers would really like to see/visualize before heading to the restaurant. So, I hope our choices help you out when you’re headed to Tiffins!

For our first entree, we chose the Roasted Market Vegetable Curry.

Roasted Market Vegetable Curry

Roasted Market Vegetable Curry

What you have here are pure Veggies. There’s no tofu or other meat substitute. And the serving is enormous and very filling.

Again, you have those wonderful autumnal spices that are the hallmark of a creamy curry. Among the vegetables, we spied Zucchini, Mushroom, Cauliflower, and Squash. But, since this is market-inspired, these will likely change with the seasons.

Roasted Market Vegetable Curry -- Up Close

Roasted Market Vegetable Curry — Up Close

The Millet on the side has a strong hint of citrus flavor from the Lime Chutney on top.

Millet with Lime Chutney

Millet with Lime Chutney

And actually, this Millet looks more like Quinoa to me. Maybe it’s a mixture. Either way, it was tasty.

Millet with Lime Chutney -- Inside

Millet with Lime Chutney — Inside

Our whole party agreed — this is an excellent vegetarian dish.

But next up was probably our favorite dish of the day, and what we expect to be the most popular dish on the menu — the Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib.

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib

The sweet root Vegetables and Chimichurri were the perfect accompaniments.

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib -- Vegetables

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib — Vegetables

Even with all of the food we had, we could not stop eating this dish! Cutting through the meat was like slicing through a pat of butter, it was so tender.

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib -- Up Close

Wagyu Striploin and Braised Short Rib — Up Close

Finally, we had to share one of the more exotic dishes with you — the Whole Fried Sustainable Fish.

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish

During our visit, the selection was Yellowtail Snapper. But you can expect this to change due to availability and sustainability.

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish -- Another View

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish — Another View

Time for a little honesty. I am completely aware that this is probably some sort of culinary masterpiece, but I personally couldn’t get past the appearance. Just WOW. Eyeballs, teeth, and everything. I remember when Cat Cora’s Kouzzina brought the whole fish to the menu on their opening day, and I honestly thought it would be gone within a week due to disinterested guests. But it stuck around for years, so what do I know? ;-)

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish -- Up Close

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish — Up Close

We did discuss the dish with staff, who said that adventurous eaters were giving big props, and have been duly impressed. And I’ll say this — I can’t imagine this being served in any other U.S. theme park! Kudos to Animal Kingdom for offering this relatively unique dish.

Overall, the snapper was nice and flaky — almost meaty in flavor over “fishy,” which was good.

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish -- Up Close

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish — Up Close of a Bite

Still, I couldn’t separate it from the appearance and ate very little.

At the end of the day, though, we are glad to share it with you, and we can’t wait to hear if you love this option.

But we are also thrilled to share a couple more photos from reader AM Appleby! Her party, who also dined on opening day, enjoyed a couple of entrees in addition to the ones we have shared. First up, here’s a view of the Berkshire Pork Tenderloin. The pork is served with a Pork and Masa Tamale, Hominy Succotash, and Red Mole Sauce.

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

The group also enjoyed Hoisin-Glazed Halibut, which is finished with Forbidden Rice, Swiss Chard, and Turmeric Sauce.

Hoisin Glazed Halibut

Hoisin Glazed Halibut

Having wrapped up the entrees, we were ready to indulge in a few sweet endings.

Menu -- Desserts -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Desserts — Click to Enlarge

First, we tried the Calamansi Mousse.

Calamansi is fruit that is a cross between a citrus fruit (probably a mandarin orange) and a kumquat. Cut into the mousse, and you discover a soft center of Mango Jelly.

Calamansi Mousse

Calamansi Mousse

The dessert offered lovely tropical flavors in an incredibly light texture. The edible Viola on top was a beautiful touch, and the butter-rich Crust complemented the light texture nicely.

Calamansi Mousse -- Up Close

Calamansi Mousse — Up Close

We enjoyed the Lime Cheesecake as well.

Lime Cheesecake

Lime Cheesecake

This dessert is so light and creamy. Vanilla Cheesecake is the primary flavor over the lime, but that’s also present. The thin layer of lime spongecake on bottom serves as a crust. While I’d rather have graham cracker, the lime sponge carried the flavor through nicely.

We did find a bit of crumble as a garnish to the top. It looked like Matcha, but had the consistency of a Streusel.

Lime Cheesecake -- Up Close

Lime Cheesecake — Up Close

Finally, we decided to sample the South American Chocolate Ganache.

South American Ganache

South American Ganache

Don’t let the demure size of this one fool you. I know; it looks like a very teeny serving. But we are talking the best dark, rich Chocolate. It’s the same high-quality ganache experience that you’ll find at The Ganachery. This is meant to be slowly savored in tiny quantities. Much more would be overwhelming, I promise you.

South American Ganache -- Up Close

South American Ganache — Up Close

It was excellent. And we loved the addition of another edible Viola on one, and Caramelized Bananas with the other. They tasted like candy!

South American Ganache -- Detail

South American Ganache — Detail

Now, you guys know me by now, and you know that I’m a curd girl. Does that make sense? I love me some curd of any sort. So when I noticed there was Passion Fruit Curd as part of the Sorbet Tasting, I had to try it. (Yes, I AM that high maintenance when I’m in restaurants that if I see a garnish on another dish that I want to try, I’ll ask if they’ll bring me a taste. ;-D)

This one BURSTS with passion fruit flavor — far more decadent than any other sorbet I’ve ever tasted! BUT — note that this is a sorbet — it’s not straight curd. If you’re a curd fan like me, that could make or break your choice to order it.

Two Tasting Portions of Passionfruit Curd

Two Tasting Portions of Passion Fruit Curd

That said, I think this would be an amazing ending to a meal here.

As we wrapped up our meal, our server brought us an unexpected surprise: Joe Rohde print! Every guest receives a miniature print at the end of his or her meal to take home.

Joe Rohde Print

Joe Rohde Print

While these prints will change, I expect that they will always be a fitting tribute to the experience that we had as we dined at Tiffins.


It is fitting that Tiffins is styled as a gallery, because our initial impressions are that a meal here is more than a dinner. It’s a masterpiece.

Honestly, Tiffins exceeded expectations, both in terms of atmosphere and food. While I wasn’t thrilled about the menu when I first read it, it turned out to be some of the best food I’ve experienced at Disney in terms of quality, care in preparation and sourcing, and imagination. (Whole-head fish and octopus sucker feelings aside.)

This is a lovely restaurant for just about anyone (especially more adventurous eaters), but an extra special treat for fans of Animal Kingdom park.

That said — this is probably not going to be the place for your ultra picky eaters (beef and veggies is a great option, but if you’re a chicken nugget and fries ONLY kind of person, it might not be worth the price). And the atmosphere is, indeed, signature — as in high end. There will be plenty of kiddos, of course (this is a theme park), but with the food offerings and general feel of the place, you can tell they’ve tried to set this location apart from other dining options in Animal Kingdom as a fancier option.

For now, the menu is the same for both lunch and dinner. We’re not sure if that will change, but we’ll keep you updated.

As for logistics, do keep in mind that a meal here will cost you two table service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. And while they do not currently accept Tables in Wonderland, they may accept it eventually since this is a Disney-owned restaurant.

Pin the full Tiffins review for later!

The FULL review from DisneyFoodBlog.com of Tiffins, a new signature restaurant in Animal Kingdom!

But I’d love to hear from all of you now. What are your initial thoughts about Tiffins? Leave a comment and let me know if you plan to book a table during your next Disney World visit!


  1. Lindsay says

    great review. How does it compare to Jiko? If you had to pick between Jiko and tiffins, which would you choose?

  2. Kaz says

    Desserts look awesome! Though I am disappointed there wasn’t really an edible viola on top ;)

  3. Mark says

    Those first two signs strike me as pandering to the uneducated. Does Disney really think it’s customers are that dumb? Food looks great, but a meal for two won’t leave much change from $200. Sorry, but these prices are squarely aimed at creating a sense of value for tourists on the Dining Plan. Too bad, actually.

  4. jose says

    it seems to me that this menu/concept is almost the same as the Jungle Skipper Canteen – down to the plate used on that whole fish dish! interesting since the canteen does not seem to be too popular… i bet this one fairs a bit better since you can make reservations.

  5. Justin says

    I think I mentioned this on the other post, but while some of the artifacts are really cool I can’t help but feel this place feels a bit like a high-end chain restaurant. Ever been to an Elephant Bar? The beauty of Animal Kingdom is that so many of the buildings feel authentic to the theme and period – as if they could have been there for hundreds of years. In this case, the restaurant feels somewhat generic with some added decorations to make it feel at home in the park.

    For the record, this is the same sense I got from the new jazz bar at Club 33. The old venue had such history and heritage, while the new addition is so out of character with that theme. It feels like an upscale Bennigans or something.

  6. K Levy says

    My sister and I went on Saturday night AND Sunday afternoon we were taken so much by the menu/our experience! I have additional pictures if you would like! :)

  7. mirandamidas says

    I think it looks amazing. I used to be squeamish of whole fish but managed to get past it a while ago, now I kind of love them! I would be excited to eat almost anything on this menu except the octopus – I am still working on getting past tentacle squeamishness :-)

    Thanks for the great review, and to the DFB reader who contributed the other pics, I find it really helpful to get a visual idea of what the dishes look like ahead of my visit.

  8. says

    Essie — To be honest, there were DFB staff members who weren’t all that excited as well. ;-) At least one of them loved the experience. Still, if it’s not for you, that’s totally ok! That’s the lovely thing about Disney. So much variety!

  9. Jim says

    Does anyone know if the menu offered as part of the rivers of light show dining package differs or restricts the courses offered?

  10. Kelly D says

    I’m not thrilled by the prices, but am excited for the creative options! I love a good steak once in a while, but prefer a flavorful fish or veggie dish. Thanks, AJ, for ordering the market curry. I’m always interested in the veggie dishes, but hate how reliant Disney typically is on soy beans and tofu to pad them out. I’m also psyched about that fried fish! My family enjoys a well-prepared whole fish, freaky appearance and all! As for comparing Tiffin’s to Skipper Canteen – I was over the moon with excitement about that concept before trying it in January. The food was poorly executed and our waiter only delivered one hokey joke over and over throughout the slow service. I don’t think the “unusual” menu offerings are the problem there.

  11. Nic says

    On all of the blogs and reviews I’ve read about Tiffins so far i am really shocked that everyone seems to be so appalled by the sustainable whole fish. One blogger went as far as to blur the dish out. Also , 29 dollars for a vegetarian dish is insane. And for those prices the decor(especially the cheap diner looking booths) is pretty weak.

  12. James says

    My Family and I dined for a late lunch at Three PM on Sunday. The meal was amazing and it was our first ever Signature dining experience. We booked the Jungle Book Show package; so I don’t know if that has a hand in the fact we didn’t receive a Print, or if it was because it was a lunch service, or if the Print was only for the first day. Everything else was exactly as you Described!

  13. Marie says

    Thank you for reviewing the exact dishes we wanted to try, haha! Everything looks delicious – I’m really excited about that lobster popcorn soup.

    I’m a little confused about the dining/show packages here… it looks like it’s $67 for a three course meal and reserved seating at the Jungle Book show (presumably Rivers of Light when it switches over). Is it just me, or does that seem oddly low? The Waygu beef itself is $53, and adding any appetizer and dessert will take it WELL over the $67 price. Is that $67 in addition to the cost of food? What am I missing here??

  14. Keith says

    “squeamish about the whole fish”….ahh silly Americans! Personally, the only dish that I prefer to have with the head on is veal. Thanks for the review.

  15. Kirsty says

    Keith – I think that’s an unfair comment.

    I’m not American and that fish freaks me out a little!

  16. Kari says

    My dh and DS loved the whole fish at Kouzzina and now at il Forno because they bring the whole fish and then the server filets it for you and takes away the head and bones. Will they do that at Tiffins?

  17. Linda says

    I’m a pescetarian and have a gluten allergy. I was thrilled to see that the restaurant had a sustainable fish dish… but, the appearance put me off too. AND, unless they have a dedicated fryer and the coating for the fish is GF, I won’t be able to have it anyway. I had the whole fish at Kouzzina’s twice. It was quite good. I always had them cut it up for me – which they offered to do as they served it.

  18. Pamela says

    I loved it! I did the Jungle Book experience and very glad we did! The Joe Rohde artwork was icing on my cake. The wine list is incredible and I highly recommend trying some of them. Octopus is amazing (suction cups and all), cooked just right. I’d still pick Jiko over Tiffins but that’s my personal opinion. I won’t leave Animal Kingdom to eat elsewhere now.

  19. Madoka says

    I am soooo ordering the octopus (tentacles are my favorite part!) and the whole fish if it is (hopefully) still on the menu when I go! Honestly, I could eat one of everything on the appetizer menu (except maybe the salad and the bread service – too boring ;) ) The Berkshire pork looks nicely pink and moist too. Two thumbs up!!

  20. carrielou says

    Have booked Jikofor our next trip, should I change this to Tiffins? Haven’t eaten at Jiko before

  21. Lynne says

    Where exactly is this located? I don’t understand the big thing with the fish. Do you people never have lobster or prawns? And they look like huge bugs!! I can’t wait for our October reservations. This is the same price as fantasmic dinner package at brown derby and a great value if you get the filet!!

  22. Conchchowder says

    Sad they omitted this restaurant from the MyDisney app map. No way to locate it.
    Whole fried Branzino at Morimoto Asia was great as well.
    I’m hoping for a review of the chicken with hen-of-the-woods. Tastiest fungi in the world!

  23. Jared says

    Everything looks soooo Good!!! AS a solo traveler I love Disney’s continued improvements to signature dining experiences were its the experience not just the food that makes up your reservation. My fav dining experiences have come from Disney with VA and Remy topping my list. Hope to add this to my list soon.

  24. NENOLAN says

    This looks so good and totally unique. Can’t wait to try this in December with hopefully the ROL Dining package. I’m hoping they also keep that halibut on the menu. I love seafood but I wouldn’t go as far as ordering anything that was staring back at me. Even though I don’t eat meat much anymore but from what I’ve seen, the pork also looks delicious.

  25. Doug says

    We dined at Tiffins for lunch. Waitress was incompetent and, among other things, failed to place the order for one of our meals, which meant that one of us had to wait an extra half hour for his meal to arrive, well after the rest of us were done eating, and then eat alone. For this incompetence, Tiffins automatically added an 18 percent gratuity to our bill. We will not be going back.

  26. Hannah says

    Kudos to Disney for not catering to the lowest common denominator at every restaurant in the parks. I’m excited to try some more sophisticated cuisine in DAK!

  27. Joseph says

    This was single handily the best restaurant I experienced this past July. The halibut was amazing the lime cheesecake was just the right amount and that lobster popcorn curry is something dreams are made of. I had it for lunch and I loved the print they gave me. The server was awesome. I wish I could remember his name. Super helpful.

  28. Caitlin says

    I love all the interesting options on the menu. It seems like a lot of Disney restaurants open with a daring menu like this and then “dumb down” after a couple of years to more standard American-palate options, so we must try to get here before the cool stuff gets the axe (the knife?).

  29. Janis says

    We dined at Tiffins in July. Fabulous experience. Our dining choices were similar to yours except we thoroughly enjoyed everything including the whole yellowtail fish. You do not go to Tiffins to eat. You go to dine and marvel at the attention to detail, both in the restaurant itself as well as the exotic menu. The art is truly awesome. We have dined at Sanaa, Jiko, California Grille and a host of other WDW signature restaurants. We love them all but Tiffins moved into the #1 position, hands down.

  30. Katherine says

    Loved the food, we had the bread service, cheese service, the halibut, lamb, and duck. Beer was cold and refreshing, atmosphere was great. Prices were high, but I didn’t mind as I thought the quality was pretty good for a theme park.

    My only complaint was how condescending the wait staff and host were. little quips like, “did you look at the menu before you came in?” Well of course we did! I also did not appreciate the way that the server interacted with us. “We don’t use ice, our water is so pure that it would ruin the water.” Um… I wan’t ice, let me worry about the consequences.

    Anyway, would I go back, yes. Would I return the snarky interactions? Maybe.

    Thanks for the review.

  31. says

    I was at the park this past Saturday and had to try Tiffins. I will say that this was the best Disney dining experience inside any of the theme parks I’ve ever experienced. Kudos to the Powers That Be for going all unapologetic on the menu choices!

    I didn’t read this review before I got there, but I had examined the menu before arriving. My server was named Britney (not sure if that’s how she spells her name). She was terrific – gracious, friendly, and knowledgeable. And she managed to sell me on menu choices I HADN’T made!

    I went with the octopus as an opener. The one other time I’d tried octopus it was like chewing on a deflated balloon. Not this time – it was o-so tender (sous vide cooked and finished on a grill). It’s not really comparable to any other shellfish by way of taste – it’s not fishy, shrimpy, or anything else. Loved the smoky taste!

    I wanted lamb going in, but Britney steered me toward the beef short rib/wagu beef or the whole-fried fish. I’d had ribs a couple of nights earlier at Citricos (which, shockingly, was something of a disappointment – there’s a whole ‘nuther story there), so I opted for the fish, which was a yellowfin snapper.

    As noted, that guy came out on a plate staring at me. It didn’t bother me, although had my wife been with me she would have run screaming into the night. Britney said that the chefs WOULD remove the head before cooking it on request. The fish, as you can see from photos, was upright on a bed of a black lentil “stew”. You’re given chopsticks, something that looks like a butter knife, and a fork to work with. Britney explained how I could do-it-yourself filet it. and it was easy enough. This is a HIGHLY interactive fun dish if you’re so inclined. I loved it – it was mild and not in the least greasy.

    I finished off everything with cheesecake. Awesome. Light, just a little citrus-y, and just enough after a full meal.

    Gotta note the iced tea (and this is my Southerner coming out): the tea itself was very light, and included with all the other sweetener options was a tiny pitcher of simple syrup infused with a little vanilla. It made for an outstanding drink option.

    I got to meet one of the partners in the restaurant (I wish I’d caught her name), and she was very chatty about the concept behind Tiffins, her chef partner back in the kitchen, the philosophy behind the menu, etc. She mentioned “because we’re Disney” they could accommodate the pickiest of diners, even thought they don’t advertise it.

    Gonna tell ya – this was a stellar experience. I wish there was some way Disney could come up with a dining “pass” – some sort of pass that would get you in a park at your reservation time and give you two hours to eat … the pass wouldn’t include any rides or attractions. I think that’d increase revenue in the restaurants and give locals a chance to try out places like Tiffins. I know Epcot has a Florida resident pass for after 4 p.m. – maybe that concept could be tweaked for everyone else.

    I’m a fan.

  32. gru says

    I’m surprised at how squeamish people are about the whole fish… Probably because as an Asian, having them served like that is a norm! Cultural differences, I guess.

  33. Matthew says

    Dreadful. Slow service, cold food, and an unconcerned management, Far better choices out there, such as Yak and Yeti — half the price, better food, and better service. I doubt this place will last much longer.

  34. LM says

    We ate here on Christmas Eve and it was fantastic; granted, this was my first time at any kind of Disney signature restaurant, and my first time at Disney World in general in the past 20 years. We had the dining plan and had more or less enjoyed our quick service/table service meals, but this definitely was set apart.

    I am of Mediterranean descent, so octopus is fairly common to me (in fact, it’s a bit of a Christmas Eve tradition in our family) so I got that as an appetizer – the lemon/caper/saffron sauce was amazing, and it was the perfect texture. Yes, octopus does take a little getting used to and does take some chewing, but it was moist and tender and not rubbery. I was very excited to see it offered as an option! I got the chartoula chicken and the spices and couscous were very tasty. Everybody else at our table was very happy with their meal as well (my husband and father in law both got the duck confit and my gluten free mother in law got the waygu). I grew up eating a lot of different kinds of foods with bold spices, flavors, etc so to me this wasn’t as ‘exotic’ as it perhaps may appear to others.

    I also want to mention the kids’s meal; we were told we had the choice of marinated beef or some pasta for the kids (we have a 3 year old and a 5 year old). Both wanted the meat; we took a tasted and it was practically a filet! We joked we should have just ordered a few kids’ meals for ourselves! The kids loved it (in fact, my younger one also ate a good portion of his father’s duck as well ;)

    We also had some pretty great wine, and the coffee for our table came in a French press and was an Ethiopian blend that was probably some of the best coffee I’ve ever had (my father in law who is much more knowledgeable about coffee also agreed it was fantastic).

    I would definitely recommend this place for the atmosphere and food options.

  35. LM says

    In my previous review, I forgot to mention the dessert – I got the lime cheesecake and this was also really good. I typically find cheesecake to be too rich, but the server said this was made with coconut milk and served over a green tea sponge cake with some mango bits. It was perfect – sweet, citrusy, and not too filling. I can’t recall exactly what everybody else got (I believe some chocolate/hazelnut ganache that was pretty decadent) but nobody was unhappy!

  36. Tom says

    Thanks for the review! I’ll be eating there in June, and already have ideas about what to order.

  37. Tracy says

    Wow. Tiffins is wonderful. We had the River of Lights dinner package (a terrific bargain). As we were led to our table the hostess told the history of all the incredible art used in the decor of the restaurant. Our server was so pleasant and explained all the choices that came with the dinner package. Took our drink order (great bar selections) and gave us plenty of time to select our appetizers. My husband had the mussels and I had the watermelon salad. Both dishes were incredible. Next the entrees….lamb for my husband and the best couscous and chicken I have ever eaten. Desserts were wonderful….Passion fruit Tapioca and South America Chocolate.. Coffee choices were outstanding. This was the best experience and will be the place to dine on all of our visits to Animal Kingdom.

  38. Scott says

    Looks like a great place to eat if I want to spend $100 a person and leave hungry. Also, the only way to make seafood sustainable is to not eat it at all.

  39. Nancy says

    Tiffins has become our family’s go to place for big celebrations (anniversaries, birthdays etc). The food is amazing and I have certainly never left hungry!!! The popcorn lobster soup is to die for and I have had pretty much every main dish on the menu and have never been disappointed!!! It is costly but I have never felt it wasn’t worth it… seems lots of the negative reviews here either haven’t been or had an off server… we have probably been 10 times since it opened and haven’t had a single bad experience…

  40. Michelle says

    The Taste of Tiffins appears to have disappeared from Disney’s official online menu. Does anyone know if it is still available? It is the main reason we decided to book a lunch reservation rather than dinner for our December trip.

  41. 21 Year DVC Member says

    We ate at Tiffins yesterday and frankly neither my wife or I were particularly impressed, especially at the price. We were in the Great Gallery and the theming seemed fragmented. There were nice art pieces but overall it seemed unfocused and fragmented, not up to the standards of the decor at the Wilderness Lodge for instance. We are still trying to figure out what the server’s costumes were supposed to imply. As to the food, I had the Wagyu Sirloin and brisket and asked that it be cooked medium rare as recommended. It arrived much closer to medium well than medium rare and not particularly flavorful. The brisket was good, but no better than I can get for ¼ the price at several places at home in Fort Worth. I love octopus but the bet I can say about the octopus appetizer is it was good, but not anywhere close to great. The waiter went on at length about it being prepared sous vide for tenderness but it apparently was not in the sous vide bath long enough. Overall I would rate Tiffins okay, but not at the prices charged. Next time we dine in Animal Kingdom it will probably be at Yak & Yeti.

  42. Matthew says

    I’ve been there twice, and it was over priced and mediocre both times. I just don’t get this place at all — tiny portions of underwhelming food for very high prices.

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