Hollywood Studios Club 33 Location at Disney World Confirmed

Recently, a not-so-mysterious doorbell made an appearance in the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot. And now? A similar — yet different — doorbell has been spotted behind The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Doorbell Next to Elevator

Hollywood Studios Doorbell Next to Elevator

This one is at the elevator that likely leads up to the old Catwalk Bar above Brown Derby!

Why do I say “not-so-mysterious”? Because in 2017 Disney confirmed that four Club 33 lounges would be opening in Disney World. Club 33 is known — and even legendary — for being an exclusive, members-only club with its first, and most iconic, location in Disneyland. Designed by none other than Walt Disney himself, the restaurant was made to entertain friends and VIPs. These days, entrance is gained by a hefty initial membership fee in addition to annual dues.

Whether you’ve been able to pass through the Club 33 doors in Disneyland or not, you may have noticed its famous doorbell by which members announce their arrival to Club 33.

And it appears that each location in Disney World will receive similar doorbell treatment… though with an added feature. 

Hollywood Studios Doorbell

Hollywood Studios Doorbell

So far, each doorbell that’s been spotted in Disney World has what appears to be an RFID reader installed directly below it, indicating that members will be able to utilize the technology with their MagicBands.

See Epcot’s Club 33 Location Here!

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We await further word — and further doorbells! — for the locations in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

What do you think of the upcoming Disney World Club 33 locations? Please let us know with a comment! 


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