DFB Video: Best Disney World Discounts

Hey, there! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re talking about Disney World discounts!

Let's talk discounts when you're visiting THIS PLACE!

Let’s talk discounts when you’re visiting THIS PLACE!

What’s better than Disney World? How about Disney World with discounts?! That’s what we’re talking about today on our latest DFB YouTube video — the best Disney World discounts and how to score ‘em! From dining to Resort stays and more, there are more ways to save in Disney World than you might realize!

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So check out the video and then let us know: Do you explore discounts before traveling to Disney World? 


  1. Melissa says

    Hey AJ,

    We are DVC members, AP holders and have TIW and a Disney Visa card. We save a ton of money on our Disney trips with these discounts. Also if you have a Disney Visa card you earn rewards points all your purchases that translate into Disney dollars and you can request a rewards card that is reloadable. Rewards are good for anything Disney including dining and at the Disney store. You can also use them to book a flight if you wish. Also, if you live in GA (like we do) many of the hotels including the ones in the Disney Springs area will offer the same resident discount as for FL residents so Spyou can stay near all that great food at Disney Springs and still get some of the same perks as being on property in the parks. (fast pass, extra magic hours, shuttle transport) Love, love, love this blog!! Have a magical day!

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