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  1. hi
    so “Being able to snag the 7AM Boarding Groups from outside of the park means setting an alarm, getting those passes, then going back to bed ” means you can try to get in from the hotel using the app?

  2. I just got back from Disney and getting in the queue for Rise of the Resistance was probably the most stressful time. I did wake up early and logged in and still did not get in the queue. It runs out in a matter of seconds. At 1 PM time, I along with all the members of my party tired getting in and one of us did. This seems to be the only way to get in. There were about 4 other families around us doing the same thing and they were able to get in also. To me, this is a terrible way to get access to this ride. My family and I were the first ones back to the area and could not get in line since we were not in the queue. There needs to be a better way to get access to this ride instead of a slim chance that you get in the queue in a matter of seconds.

  3. I’ve only gone on MS: Green once, but the trip was an Earth orbit rather than a trip to Mars, so it was not at all the same experience as MS: Orange.

  4. We were caught in a heavy downpour that lasted for a few hours back in September. We were at EPCOT. We had just gotten our food and drinks at the festival. After about an hour of being drenched we made our way to the building between Mexico and Future World (Odyssey?). We stayed there for well over an hour (my husband was happy – beer!). It finally let up and we could do other things and leave. Yeah, everyone should have that happen to them. My sister-in-law still talks about it.

    Many, many years ago, I ate at the castle. No princesses and no set price. Everything was ala carte. The food was good. I wish it was that way again…..

  5. Agreed, the star wars queue makes no sense, beign a tourist, and having the chance to go to florida only once every few years and maybe never get in doesnt seem very fair. Its just bad planing from disney. Only way i see to increase chances is to grt the park hopper and try every day? Is that an option? Or you can 9nly try with that days ticket only?

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