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  1. I blame the Disney Food Blog for this situation! Since it opened, Nomad Lounge has always been an easy walk-up situation with a mostly empty patio. I always thought it was one of the best kept secrets in Walt Disney World and no park location was better to sit, relax in a great setting and experience some great F&B. Unfortunately the Food Blog has constantly talked about how great it is for the past year and it appears that everyone is listening. Now yet another best kept secret is ruined! Thanks Food Blog.

  2. How does the virtual wait list work? When a table becomes available how quickly do you have to be there? Would we essentially need to be waiting close by or could we be on an attraction?

  3. Amanda, when you use My Disney Experience to request to join the waitlist, you’ll be given a window of time in which you will be seated. Sometimes seats open up sooner than the timeframe you’re given. In one teammate’s experience, her table became available when she was on an attraction, and when she explained that to the host(ess), she was still able to be seated.

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