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  1. Not that it is a major item but it is disappointing that passholders no longer get the photo pass as a perk. That is/was one item that my family and extended family liked about the pass the most. We were able to get photos where ever we wanted without worrying about an extra cost. With the increase of the yearly price and then you add the price of this add on it makes it a challenge to reinvest in the pass. Time for the pro’s and con’s test for what we purchase in the future. Maybe this is a good thing. With the changes in the world today maybe it is time to have this heart to heart with ourselves. :).

    Thanks again for staying on top of all these announcements and changes at WDW… We love what you folks do for the all of us Mouse worshippers…

  2. If WDW continues to offer discounted tickets to Florida residents, you would need to visit the parks about a minimum of 10 times to make it worth the price for the new (Silver) Pirate pass. After 7 years of proudly bring a Passholder, it might be time to reconsider.

  3. We’re local… 10 minutes from Disney. We dropped our Gold passes during the COVID closure. So Gold was $719
    Sorcerer Pass, the new equivalent is $900, and if we opt for photo pass, which was free, it’s now $1000 for one us, and $900 for other..
    So we used to pay $1438 for 2.
    Now it’s close to $2000?!
    Not to mention Genie+ Costs?
    We’re out, not worth it anymore.
    We were married on the Boardwalk, we’re DVC members, move here from the north east to be closer to Disney. We are so disappointed to say the least. they finally pushed our last button. There’s no value anymore. We’re very unhappy with the direction they’re going. Less Magic for more money.

  4. I like the new Pixie Dust Pass ok and the price is about the same as the old weekday select(prob even less considering that the price was going to be raised again soon anyways). One thing I like in particular is the fact that you now have access to the park during the summer with this pass unlike the WS pass(I hated the fact that the pass was blacked out right when my son was getting out of school until he had to go back)!

  5. First, thank you for your informative blog…it is almost daily reading for staying on top of WDW happenings!

    Now, the title of this post has asked a question…but the article does NOT answer that question at all! So, as a Platinum AP, let me say that the new (comparable) annual pass (Incredi-Pass) costs MUCH more and offers less than the current Platinum pass.

    Being able to hold five reservations is a trivial perk. You are trying to make it a much bigger deal than it really is. And now I no longer have PhotoPass and have to pay YET MORE again if I want to add it to my pass! Disney keeps telling me this is such a NEW EXCITING CHANGE…WOW! – I get to pay MORE now for what I used to get as a standard feature of the product…

    The vast majority of passholders will be VERY disappointed – if not OUTRAGED – at these changes and how they illustrate Disney’s blatant disregard for their AP community!

    All recent changes at WDW conform to the theme of “offering less and charging more”…yet DFB is not saying much about this disappearing magic! While we value DFB opinions on all things Disney, if those opinions are to be credible, then DFB needs to be a bit more transparent and outspoken when changes and offerings are NOT favorable.

  6. One note in regards to Premier prices with the old AP. The Florida resident rate was lower than the out of state rate and now as I understand it, we will pay the same as everyone else. While I can understand the reasoning behind it , this is still an incredibly steep increase.

  7. Jack, I have been working through Disney’s details with the team, and our understanding is that when you renew and are required to transfer into a new Pass type, you will not lose the perks you carry over from your old Pass — unless you opt into a lower level Pass. So if you make what Disney considers to be a lateral move, you should carry over your current perks.

  8. If I understand how this is going to work DVC members are the big losers here. On the old program DVC members received the Platinum pass for a discounted rate of $899. That is a pass with NO blockout dates. The only thing being offered to DVC members now is the pass equal to the old Gold pass with many block out dates. It is a bit disappointing.

  9. MRD, DVC Members could also opt into the Incredi-Pass, but that’s significantly more money. You may reach out to see if DVC Members will receive any discounts.

  10. Unfortunately, ever since Ken Potrock left DVC, the perks have been being cut back. We DVC members are a captive source that a guaranteed payday for 50 years. We commit and Disney cuts back. My DVC vacations are being scaled back to resort stays and Disney Cruises. I don’t see me going to the parks as much. With the Waterparks at such a low price, and the resorts being great in of themselves, they are losing me from going to the parks.

  11. I am very disappointed as a DVC member. When you look at the new pass prices and add-ons compared to the old passes we are talking about a $200 increase for the Platinum & Platinum+ Retail (General Public) pass to the Incredi-Pass (with options added to make them the same). The biggest loser here is the Florida resident and DVC member that had a Platinum or Platinum+ pass as they will see an increase of about $500 (adding the options to get equivalent value and perks) as they are losing the discount they had at this pass level. Those are just huge price increases and I would hope there is some push-back to these. I had already renewed my pass so these changes will not impact me this year, but I am seriously considering using my DVC for lodging and then using my Universal annual pass for visiting a park.

    Let us also not forget other perks that we are losing like the Magical Express and Magic Bands.

  12. i have not seen anywhere that says if there will still be Hotel discounts or Party / Special Event Discounts for AP holders. I know those are not consistent, and they do say after Dining, and merch discounts AND MORE. This may be where those other discounts may be involved.

    However, I’ve heard this price increase is meant to lower crowds – how does eliminating Photopass decrease crowds? Other than making people really angry that they say money grab, I’ll see you at Universal.

    Eliminating month to month payment would reduce crowds.
    Instead Out of State AP’s pay more for AP and to stay at a hotel.

  13. Jellybean, here are the “perks” Disney has listed on the AP page of their website:

    Food and Beverage: Up to 20% off select dining
    Merchandise: Up to 20% off select merchandise
    Events & Experiences: Save on select tours, spa treatments, rounds of golf, after-hours events in the theme parks and more!
    Disney Resort Hotels: From time to time, enjoy special offers on stays
    Invitations to exciting Passholder events
    Passholder merchandise
    Original content created for Passholders
    Dedicated support with V.I.PASSHOLDER Support

  14. I am very excited that they are bringing passes back. To be honest I think the Pixie pass is the one I will purchase. I had a platinum pass before and would always book rooms midweek anyway and the Pixie pass also includes summer, a great value for me. I am 70 and have been enjoying Disney since it opened . Amazing to see all of the changes. If you think the passes are a lot now, I remember you could get a hot dog, fries, coke and a brownie at Casey’s for about $2.00, and they had a penny candy store, that actually had candy for a penny on Main Street. Those were the days, and yet that was a lot in that day.

  15. I used to be a Disney pass holder, but not anymore considering it. Too overprices, and you have to make a reservation to get in even with an annual pass?? They treat their employees poor and they have learned that they can charge anything they want so they can increase profits to their share holders.

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