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  1. Thank you for this info, it answers some of the questions I’ve had.
    Do you know if my current platinum pass (expires June 2022) will continue to have the free memory maker photos or does that end on Sept 8th

  2. If you just buy regular theme park tickets, can you hold reservations for all of the days when you purchase? For example, if I buy admission for 8 days, will I be able to get 8 reservations at one time?

  3. Another way to charge the fans of Disney more money!! AND only one pass if you are not from FL and the most expensive one? Seriously, pretty soon no one will be able to afford to come to Disney at these prices. It’s probably cheaper just to buy park tickets for your trips rather than spend $1,200 on an AP. You could probably come close to two trips with regular park tickets, granted you don’t get the benefits of it as in certain discounts. I feel Disney thinks that DVC members should be punished because we come more than others, because we can, since technically we do not have to shovel out thousands of dollars for a room, but to leave us with only one pass choice if we want to come during the holidays? That is so wrong. Just because we do not spend money on a hotel room, we still spend plenty of money on food and t-shirts, etc. Pretty soon people are going to start treating these hotels like any other holiday and not go to the parks, which means they won’t be purchasing park tickets or annual passes. So then what will Disney do? Raise AP prices and park tickets to compensate for that? I understand they lost a few billion last year because of the pandemic, but why are they trying to make it all up in a years time by raising prices so high no one but the very wealthy can afford to go? They need to re-think this pricing through again, but I am sure they will not!!!!

  4. DFB/ Sarah- I have a question. My husband and I are both currently A/P’s. Included in each of our annual passes is “memory maker”. Does this mean under the new system that as of September 8 we will no longer have memory maker on our annual passes?? Or will we keep memory maker until our passes expire In August 2022??

  5. Sorry Sarah – forgot to mention in my previous comment that both my husband and I are currently Platinum annual passholders. We do not live in Florida. I also forgot to ask you another question, Disney allowed us to purchase new AP’s earlier this year but at full price, $1195 not the renewal price. When we renew them next year will we be getting the new lower price of what the renewals currently are under the new AP plan? Sorry if I sound confusing but I’m a little confused myself! Thank you!

  6. Arlene, confusion is the word of the day! Our understanding is that when Passholders renew and are transferred to the new APs (as it sounds like you would be next year), they should be paying a discounted renewal price. I believe the prices are $1104, $763, $594, and $339 (Incredi-Pass > Sorcerer > Pirate > Pixie Dust).

  7. Arlene, I’ve just put my head together with a couple team members and the details we’ve gotten from Disney (so many details!), and it sounds like when you renew next August, you will not lose the perks of your current AP as long as you don’t choose to drop to a lower tier of Pass (among the new Pass options).

  8. Donna, you’ll retain your benefits and your current Pass until you renew. When you renew, as long as you switch to what Disney determines is an equivalent Pass, they’re saying you’ll retain your benefits then as well.

  9. I have a weekday select annual pass that hasn’t been activated as of today, do I need to activate that by 9/8/21 or will it still be good until we activate it we were going to wait until December 2021 to activate the passes?

  10. We have a renewal pass purchased and planned to go in October to do so. If we don’t go by September 7th, and we change our Current Gold Pass into their new Pirate Pass – can you advise what benefits we would lose. It is a long way to travel over to renew the pass but if we need to we will. Looking forward to your answer, and thank you! Will we have to pay the additional cost between the Gold pass and the Pirate Pass? Our passes currently expire on 9/30/21 and we have the renewal paid for but were waiting until our October trip to actually activate it. Just so confusion what to do?

  11. Cynthia, Disney is saying that those who have renewed but not activated by September 7 will be transferred into an equivalent Pass in the new program, but you won’t lose your current benefits (like PhotoPass, if you’ve got it). Does your renewal already show in My Disney Experience? I’m curious because Disney mentioned that renewals would automatically show in the system and would not need to be activated. (I understand those are conflicting messages from Disney, but with all the details flying about, I want to be sure to share the info that might apply to your situation.)

  12. Shawn, the info from Disney is that if you’re holding a voucher or certificate for an Annual Pass, and you don’t activate it by 9/7, you’ll be activated into a new Pass come (in your case) December. Disney is saying you’d retain your benefits even when you shift into the new Pass, since you purchased the older Pass with benefits. I think if I were in your shoes, I’d call to confirm this.

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