The Three Best Burgers in Disney World

A lot of people think that the only thing to eat in Disney World is burgers. In fact, I hear lots of folks lament that they couldn’t exist solely on all that junk food, and that’s one of the big reasons why they don’t vacation in Disney World.

Well, lucky for us, there is a variety of food (both high- and low-brow) to eat in Disney World. But I have to admit, they can and do make some pretty mean burgers! While they’re pretty much good everywhere, there are a few places that stick out in my mind.

Three Best Burgers in Walt Disney World

Here’s a quick look at my top three:

Le Cellier Entrance

Le Cellier Entrance

1. Le Cellier Grilled Angus Chuck Burger: You might have to sell your firstborn to actually get a reservation at Le Cellier, but once you’re in you can get this yummy burger for just $12.49. Le Cellier is deservedly known as a steakhouse, and someone at your table should absolutely order the famous Filet with Mushroom Risotto; but if you like burgers, this is a grand opportunity.

Le Cellier Burger

Le Cellier Burger

What makes this one so good is the Black Diamond Cheddar melted on top. The cheese has a strength to it and the flavor will knock you out. Definitely worth a try.

Note, however, that this is only available at lunchtime at Le Cellier.

Grilled Angus Chuck Burger topped with house-made onion ketchup and your choice of cheddar or blue cheese $12.49

Liberty Tree Tavern Entrance

Liberty Tree Tavern Entrance

2. Liberty Tree Tavern Angus Chuck Cheeseburger: Another one that’s only available at lunchtime, the Liberty Tree burger is one of those unexpected surprises. While I’d been a die-hard pasta fan there for awhile, I tried the burger one day and was so impressed I had to split it with the rest of the table.

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

Thinking it was a fluke, I ordered the burger several more times after that initial visit and have been wow-ed every time. You know how you’ve got that great hometown diner or restaurant that you keep going back to? This is what Liberty Tree Tavern lunch has become for me.

And, please, get the fries.

Angus Chuck Cheeseburger topped with bacon and cheddar or mushrooms and provolone, served with fresh fruit or tavern fries $11.99

3. Beaches and Cream Cheeseburger: And finally, the Beaches and Cream burger! While this one’s pretty flat, pretty thin, and pretty standard, the Beaches and Cream burger wins a mention for being an authentic burger in an authentic diner.

Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream

You just don’t get more nostalgic than this.

Compliment the masterpiece on a plastic plate with some big ol’ greasy onion rings, or the lightly seasoned fries that are always perfectly crispy at Beaches and Cream. (You have the option to order fresh fruit as a substitute for the fries.) And don’t forget to save room for the malted milkshake, banana split, or Kitchen Sink for dessert!

Cheeseburger – – A juicy beef patty served on a fresh baked bun. Single $8.99; Double $11.49

Now, Let’s Eat!
Hopefully this little beef-based culinary tour has whet your appetite for some delicious burgers at Disney World.

Beaches and Cream Burger (photo (c) Brett Young)

Beaches and Cream Burger (photo (c) Brett Young)

While WDW may be the land of junk food, don’t write it off as a stereotype too quickly! Judge for yourself.

If you know of a “best burger” that I’ve missed, let me know about it in the comments section below!


  1. says

    Great choices!! I clicked hoping for which counter service ones were going to be the best since I’ve been disappointed recently, however I’m glad you highlighted these because I’d almost forgotten about Beaches and Cream (which we love). I’ve never had the burger at Le Cellier because I always get the steak haha, but it looks delicious! Also, can you believe in all my visits to WDW we’ve NEVER been to Liberty Tree Tavern? I may have to remedy that.

    Thanks for the great piece!

  2. admin says

    Hey Zanna! Thanks for stopping by! And yes, please do make a stop at Liberty Tree Tavern. The dinner meal is solely “Thanksgiving Dinner” with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, ham, etc… but the lunch menu is fantastic. I can highly recommend the pasta (obviously) and the BURGER! I’ve heard the pot roast ain’t half bad either :-) For dessert–ooey gooey toffee cake!

  3. says

    I’m so glad to see the LTT Angus burger on this list! I had that on my last trip after craving a cheeseburger for days and being totally underwhelmed by the so-called burgers at fast food places at WDW. The LTT Angus burger was soooo good. Now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to order anything else there.

  4. Eric Zink says

    Great choices. Liberty Tree has a great burger bar with lots of fixing’s too. But, when it comes to burgers and great fixings, in the Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Rays with sautéed mushrooms and onions, mmmm.

    Being an ex-castmember (that will change again one day soon I hope) i think I remember having a very good burger at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, in the Old Port Royale Food Court! By the way, a great place for a very good, and quick meal.

    Happy Eating!

  5. admin says

    That’s the problem with a great dish–you end up not being able to break away and try something new for fear you’ll have chosen poorly and missed out on your favorite! I need to practice “trying new things.”

  6. admin says

    Thanks for the great feedback about CBR and Cosmic Rays! It’s been years since I’ve eaten at Rays…that might have to go on the list for next trip. I love that place!

  7. Joanna says

    I love your choices and illustrated review. While the burger at Le Cellier has been my husband’s lunch favorite for a long time, we’ve never eaten lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. I’m going to try and work it in during our New Year’s trip this year. Looking forward to it!

  8. admin says

    Joanna and Allison–thanks for your comments! Absolutely try to fit Liberty Tree Tavern in as a lunch plan. The service is almost always superb, and it’s a great way to take a break from a Magic Kingdom day!

  9. says

    I’m somewhat afraid that I’ll never click off of this blog…

    Until September of course, when I head down to the world… :)
    Such an amazing job here…I can’t wait to explore it all!

  10. VistaWay210 says

    Service at Liberty Tree Tavern is always great! As a matter of fact, my friend is a part time cast member there and he loves it! Everything there is delicious.

    My #1 Burger on property can definitely be found at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. I’ve had pretty much every burger and this takes the cake…well, for me anyways. Never a bad experience. If you haven’t paid a visit, I highly encourage you to do so. Great food, great service, amazing environment. You’ll be glad you did!

  11. Eeyore says

    We haven’t been to LTT, but WILL change that on our next visit – thanks for the tip!

    Our fave used to be 50’s Primetime until they took it off their menu. Huge bummer. Needless to say I got “what-for” when I asked about it – LOL! Our second place winner was Sci-Fi but we were disappointed the last time we went.

    We heard about Beaches and Cream and were sold! Now it’s our absolute top burger in the World! How can you beat having the milkshake and/or sundae afterwards?

    I don’t think I’ll pass up the fillet at Le Cellier for a burger, but will definitely go for our first visit to LTT (can you believe it?) next visit!

  12. says

    Thanks for your comment Eeyore! I know — I’m hard pressed to give up the filet for the burger at Le Cellier, too! ;-) I really hope you enjoy LTT. It’s one of our favorites, and a must-do every trip. It’s usually our traditional first meal, too, because it’s in the Magic Kingdom.

  13. says

    I love a good burger! Thanks for this great post. For anyone looking for a great burger outside the parks but still on property, try RAGLAN ROAD at Pleasure Island. They have this burger called the ‘Fada Burger’ (Char grilled Sirloin beef burger with bacon and tomato chutney with Wexford Vintage cheddar. Served with Fries). The bun has a a bit of baked onion or something in it….SO GOOD. I would have to say this is the best burger I’ve had in my life! RECOMMENDED!

  14. Tom L says

    You might also try Pecos Bills in Frontierland for a burger at the Magic Kingdom near Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad as well; if you want to ride either of these after or before your meal.
    It is made from Angus Beef as well and the fixins bar has all the sides at no extra charge, such as tomato, lettuce, pickels, onions,
    mushrooms etc.. A meal in itself for the sides. Some make a small salad from the sides. Of course all burgers come with fries or fruit and there are plenty of tables in and outside. A good spot to watch the parade go by when it is scheduled.

  15. Beth says

    I’ll have to second Pecos Bill’s just for the fixins bar. Also, while not a Disney owned restaurant, Big River Grill on the Boardwalk has an AWESOME burger! Ate there twice on our last trip becuase I loved it so much!

  16. says

    Tom — Those mushrooms are delish! Thanks for the tips and tricks!

    Beth — Thanks for mentioning Big River Grill — I have pro and con experiences with that restaurant, so I’ll have to sample it again soon!

  17. Morgan says

    I have not tried any of the three burgers, but if I were eating at Liberty Tree Tavern or ESPECIALLY Le Cellier, then I would not be ordering a burger… I bet the Beaches & Cream burger is delicious, but my personal favorite is Pecos Bill’s angus burger (fixins bar is awesome). I got the burger, a side of fries, and a soft drink for around $10. That’s a great deal? Sci-fi’s burger is pretty good as well. They are good to split with someone. I cannot eat a whole burger and milkshake by myself! And the atmosphere helps a bit too!

  18. Janet says

    Raglan Road would be on my list.. that Irish Cheddar is AMAZING..
    but my fave burger is at Captain’s Grille! now THAT’S a great burger!

  19. Sheena says

    Wow, all of those look so great – will for sure have to try at least one on my next trip… My favorite burger in all of Disney is the Kobe burger at Yak & Yeti… Oh yum. :)

  20. Laurin says

    I can’t believe no one mentioned the angus chuck burger at Grand Floridian Cafe! It’s amazing, but it IS expensive (and not for every taste). It’s a large juicy angus burger topped with lobster, asparagus and a horseradish and chive hollandaise sauce. *drools*

  21. SoCal Nolefan says

    Yak&Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a Kobe Burger that is by far the best on Disney property!!!! I would venture to say that it is one of the best in all of Orlando. The thing is masive!! It’s fresh Kobe beef that is grilled and basted with a some type of soy-herb mix and comes topped with a choice of sauted shiitke mushroms&scallions or an asian slaw. The slightly spicy mayo and the homeade asain pickles are to die for, the skinny fries are an added bonus!!

  22. Gigglesucf says

    I have found that the best burger on property is from Olivia’s Cafe at the Old Key West Resort. The Key West Burger is topped with Grilled Shrimp, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Pico de Gallo served with Honey-Lime Fruit Salad or French Fries.

  23. says

    There’s a burger at Grand Floridian Cafe worth making a trip across the country for. It’s a 100% Black Angus burger, grilled to order and topped with Lobster, Asparagus, and Horseradish-Chive Hollandaise. It’s like ground sirloin Oscar;)

  24. Serena D. says

    The best burger , by far , at Disney (and one of my top 3 burgers ANYWHERE!) is the kobe Beef burger at the Yak and Yeti at the Animal Kingdom.
    It is just divine. Order it medium with the Shitake and Wild Mushroom Topping -and be prepared to be amazed (you can add cheese , but honestly the cheese covers up some of the awesome Kobe beef flavor – but if you must then I’d say go with a light flavored cheese. ) , It’s around 17.99 for the burger , it comes with fries (order extra of the fry dipping sauce -trust me) . The fries are the yummy thin shoestring style and thanfully are almost always crispy -as they should be. This burger is a MUST anytime I am in the Animal Kingdom and i usually arrange my day so I can be there when park hopping for lunch or dinner .

  25. says

    I went to Disney World in October, There’s a resturant called T-Rex, at Animal Kingdom. THEY HAVE AWESOME burgers. I mean…they aren’t like high end…but they are definetly better than ANY fast food burger I have EVER had (and believe me, I have alot of them).

  26. Joel says

    The best burger, not only at disney world, but in the US is at the Grand Floridian Cafe. It’s expensive, but you are at Disney. Prime beef patty, lobster, asparagus, red onion marmalade. We go to disney every year with the kids. This burger is the only thing besides the toy story ride that is a “can’t miss” every year.

  27. Jason says

    I agree with Alexandra, the T-Rex has some incredibly good burgers and some of them are monstrously huge! The T-Rex restaurant isn’t in Animal Kingdom as she says however, it’s in Downtown Disney. I definitely love the Pecos Bills and Cosmic Rays Fixin’s Bar when I get burgers there! I usually can’t actually tell if there’s an actual hamburger patty in there after I get done loading up. =)

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