Disney Foodie Black Friday!

Thus begins our weekly “Disney gift-giving” post series! Wondering what to give your favorite Disney foodie — or wondering what to put on your own Christmas list? I’ll put up one post a week with some great ideas!

mandmCustomized Disney M&Ms: If you love M&Ms, you’re going to love these best! Personalize your M&Ms with your favorite Disney characters, or have some made up for your little princess or pirate!

funny food songs
Disney Funny Food Songs: A fun collection of, you guessed it, funny food songs! If you have friends with kids who listen to albums over and over and over again, this is a great choice ;-)

christmas carol towerDisney’s A Christmas Carol Collectible Gift Tower: The perfect gift for any Jim Carrey or Disney Christmas Carol fan! Cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, and more! Bring it as a gift to your next Christmas party — chances are the host will put it out for guests and you can snag a taste…

placecardsPersonalized Mickey and Minnie Placecards: These will be perfect for your Christmas or New Year’s parties!

cupcake playsetDisney Minnie Mouse Cupcake Playset: I was sad when I realized those cupcakes were fake. They looked so good! Regardless, your little princess (or your sibling’s little princess) will LOVE this!

Send Your Suggestions for Disney Food Gifts!
If you see any fun Disney foodie gifts, let me know so that I can highlight them for other Disney Food fans! You can contact me via twitter, facebook, or email. Looking forward to your suggestions! :-)

Please note: By making purchases via certain links, a tiny percentage of what you spend goes toward supporting the Disney Food Blog. This week, the first four links will return that benefit.


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    They’re perfect for you, Anna! By the way, the smitten kitchen oatmeal white chocolate salted cookies were a HUGE hit with my husband this Thanksgiving! :-) Thanks for the recipe!

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    I featured your site on our Big Guide to Foodie Gift Guides. Come check it out! If you like it, please share it with your social network (Foodbuzz, Facebook, Twitter, etc).


    House of Annie food blog

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