Cantina de San Angel Refurbishment Scheduled For 2010

Cantina de San Angel EpcotAccording to WDWMagic, the quick service dining location outside of Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, Cantina de San Angel, will begin refurbishment in January 2010. The refurb will provide higher seating capacity and presumably reduce the bottleneck effect that clogs this major entrance to the World Showcase from Future World.

Taqueria Del Lago, the Food & Wine Festival booth that has become semi-permanent in the Mexico pavilion, will provide outdoor quick service Mexican food during the refurb.


  1. says

    Now if they could only solve the mystery of why it takes so long to order and get your food there! I love this place (and my son loves the churros) but I almost have a nervous breakdown while trying to order or waiting on my food. It seems to be consistent, too. Is it just me?

  2. April says

    I really hope when the rehab is done the seats won’t be bolted to the ground! I hate not being able to move around or that you can’t easily pull up a chair to have a friend join you!

  3. says

    Janna — they’re changing up so many of the queue processes; maybe they’ll figure out a way to make quick service food ordering go more quickly.

    April — Especially for Iluminations!

  4. Lynn says

    I wonder how long the renovations are expected to take. We are heading down March 13-20 and I was hoping to catch that wet burrito since the Coronado Springs’ Pepper Market doesn’t have it on their menu anymore.

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