Hidden Dole Whips?

UPDATE 9/9/11: Peter’s Polar Parlor may have discontinued Dole Whips per a reader comment below. BUT, see the list below — and the comments section — for updates on where other readers have found Dole Whip throughout the USA!

Believe it or not, Dole Whip — that delicious frozen treat that is the true Disney food for many of us — can be found in many other places around the country.

Scott Thomas, who runs the legendary website PSCalculator.net, told me a few months ago that his area has several spots that serve Dole Whip. These include Peter’s Polar Parlor near the New York State Fairground:

Peter's Polar Parlor in New York State

Peter's Polar Parlor in New York State

Peter's Polar Parlor Sign

Peter's Polar Parlor Sign

Scott says he’ll send “proof” photos of the Dole Whips in the Spring; right now all of the ice cream places are closed for the winter…brr!!! :-)

Now, about a month or so after Scott told me that New York State was riddled with Dole Whips, I was thrilled to see my very own outside-of-Disney-parks Dole Whip during my first trip to Hawaii!

These are from Zack’s in Kaua’i:

Zack's Dole Whip Decorative Tile

Zack's Dole Whip Decorative Tile

Zack's Dole Whip Sign

Zack's Dole Whip Sign

Zack's Dole Whip Menu

Zack's Dole Whip Menu

And Kilohana Grill in the San Francisco East Bay area (San Ramon) has just started serving Pineapple Dole Whip (as of June 2011).

Note: You can also purchase Dole Whip Mix online and make your own…but I think it’s always more fun to buy one from a vendor!

Where Else Can You Find Dole Whips?

Have you found Dole Whip somewhere other than Orlando or Anaheim? Let me know! We’ll make sure that other Dole Whip lovers know if there’s a hidden Dole Whip lurking in their backyards! Here’s what we’ve heard from other readers so far:

Got this email from Barbara R.:
“Boy Blue Dairy Treat Stores in Wisconsin carry Dole Whips. I have also ordered the Dole Whip mix from Hawaii and made it in my ice cream maker. Delish!!!”

“Dole Whip can be found at peachwave yogurt. It looks like they have locations in many states. I have had it several times at the Beaverton, OR location.”


“Mom & Pop’s Cone Corner in New Albany, IN sells the Dole Whip. I believe they are closed for the winter.”

“My husband and I have had the dole whip at our Indiana State Fair. We had the orange dream whip flavor. yummy!!!!”

Reader Mary found Dole Whips at the St. Louis Zoo! “I had the plain pineapple one while my fiance had pineapple and raspberry swirl.”

Reader James shared this Dole Whip Discovery: “My sister found this at Earth Fruits Yogurt in Sarasota, FL.” See www.earthfruitsyogurt.com.

Dole Whip at Earth Fruits Yogurt in Sarasota, FL!

“You can find Dole Whip & Dole Floats at Farrs Fresh frozen Custard, Icecream and Frozen Yogurt Cafe on Riverdale Road in Ogden Utah. We carry both Pineapple and Raspberry flavors.”

More in the comments section! :-)


  1. Fae says

    I’ve seen it a few times in Ohio –

    Dairy Isle in Heath, OH, has Dole Whip in different flavors every week. Pineapple, at times. I can honestly say raspberry doesn’t have the same appeal. :)

    I’m not sure if either of these places are still in business, but there was a shop in the microscopic town of Brookville (Dayton area), and Indian Springs (I think! Cincinnati area)

  2. says

    Thanks, Fae! I agree that raspberry dole whip might not make the grade, but possibly raspberry and pineapple swirl…I could go for that…!

  3. April says

    There’s a place here in Edmond, Ok that sells a pinapple frozen yogurt that tastes just like dole whips. Its NOT dole whip, but its very good. Of course its not the same without Disney surroundings…

  4. says

    April — Thanks for letting us know about the pineapple fro yo in OK! Substitutes are always welcome :-)

    AngelForever — Would love to hear an update. I’m going to post about this again when we have actual “proof” photos!

  5. says

    I found a photo from a place near Oswego, New York, last night. It’s right on Lake Ontario. I’ll just have to do more research in the Spring for ya. Thanks for the assignment. Just couldn’t turn it down. LOL

  6. says

    I haven’t seen any in this part of NC, but maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough! Either way, I always love the way WDW has slipped into our culture subconsciously, and how great it is when they are discovered!

  7. says

    Ryan — There are a LOT of Disney fans in NC, aren’t there? You guys should all get together and order the dole whip mix!

  8. says

    Got this email from Barbara R.:

    “Boy Blue Dairy Treat Stores in Wisconsin carry Dole Whips. I have also ordered the Dole Whip mix from Hawaii and made it in my ice cream maker. Delish!!!”

  9. Doris says

    We were on the island of Oahu at the beginning of the month and drove around the island – they serve Dole whip at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. It was yum!

  10. says

    I was about to type the same thing Doris did! Of course, I didn’t even think about Disney then (this was 1997, when I was a Disney fan, not a Disney freak, lol),

  11. John says

    The Dole Whips at the Dole Plantation on Oahu are so much better than the ones at Disney.. but that makes sense because they have fresh pineapple right there to make it with. That being said, I would rather have the Dole Whip from Disney, though… because it is at Disney World!
    Also, the Dole Whips at Disney are better than the ones sold at the Texas State Fair near me.

  12. Annette says

    According to: http://www.squidoo.com/dole-whip

    Honolulu Hawaii – Ala Moana Center Food Court

    Lapperts Ice Cream Shops – There are Lapperts shops in Sausalito, CA; Palm Springs, CA; San Diego, CA; Pacific Grove, CA; and Las Vegas, NV.

    Latrobe, PA – Mr. B’s Ice Cream & Food. Includes Dole Whip on their soft-serve menu.

    I don’t know of any place here in Colorado that sells them…I wish someone would.

  13. Gin says

    I got a Dole Whip last summer at the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo, MN. Cold comfort, though, I would have rather been at Disney…

  14. says

    Annette and Lynne — Thank you so much for the great info!

    Gin — When you’re from the North, you just get used to eating ice cream when it’s cold! Thanks for the updates!

  15. priv8pete says

    My first experience with Dole Whip was at a small ice cream stand in Almond, NY named The Big Dipper and I was forelorn when they stopped selling it. They are under new management now so I’ll report back if they are selling it again.

    However, in my search for Dole Whip, the menu at What’s the Scoop (http://www.whatsthescoop.org/) in Sylvan Beach, NY (on the east side of Keuka Lake) lists Dole Whip. I’ll be making the trip this summer to investigate.

  16. says

    Lauren — Lucky duck!

    Priv8pete — Let us know what you find out! Would love to have you add your knowledge to the blog!

  17. priv8pete says

    I made it out to What’s the Scoop, but I was confused as to its location. It is actually on Lake Oneida not Lake Keuka (bummer since that’s much farther away from where I live). Sylvan Beach is this great, little tourist town with a Coney Island like amusement park. What’s the Scoop serves orange Dole Whip or a creamsicle twist with vanilla custard. If you’re in central NY, Sylvan Beach is definitely worth an afternoon or day trip.

    My wife’s friend who we met up with has also been on the lookout for more Dole Whip and found another place in the Syracuse area, Chuck Hafner’s:


  18. says

    priv8pete — Thank you so much for reporting back!! This is so cool! Sounds like a great place to visit. Much obliged for the link.

  19. Candice Rominger says

    My husband and I have had the dole whip at our Indiana State Fair. We had the orange dream whip flavor. yummy!!!!

  20. Allison Kristich says

    My husband and I had Dole Whips at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk this past weekend. He practically jumped up and down like a 2 year old when he saw them!

    They have the pineapple whips and the floats as well. Yum!!!!!!!!

  21. Stephanie O says

    A new Hawaiian shave ice place (opening soon) in LA has DOLE WHIP. I felt it was important to alert the Disney community. As far as I can tell it will be a flavoring on the shave ice, not a creamy dole whip like at the Tiki Room. But still! If you check out the pics on their page, you can see a shot of the Dole Whip label.


  22. priv8pete says

    In Syracuse for a wedding and stopped by Peter’s Polar Parlor which sadly no longer carries Dole Whip.

  23. priv8pete says

    Travelled the greater Cuse area last night in search of Dole Whip. Chuck Hafner’s was closed, but learned of another ice cream stand – Heid’s in Liverpool that we arrived at just as they closed! Dole Whip was on the menu and a trip after the reception may be in order prior to heading home tonight.

  24. says

    I just purchased a soft serve ice cream machine! Thats not the best part. I ordered Dole’s whip mix in pineapple, strawberry,rassberry, orange, and mango! they are all off the hook in taste, hey Disney how bout serving all the flavors Dole makes, including vanilla and chocolate, which I had no intrest in. The flavors are so true I want to open up a shop, of Dole whips only, and toppings of course.

  25. Jeremy says

    I read about Zack’s on this website, then totally forgot about it. Lo and behold we stumbled upon it last week on vacation in Kauai to my giddy pleasure. Unfortunately, the Dole Whip wasn’t very good as with was a super sweet burnt tasting pineapple yogurt. No pineapple juice either. I’d disappointedly scratch it off your list!

  26. Maria says

    I’ve been getting Dole Whip at the Minnesota State Fair as long as I can remember, actually before I even knew Disney had it. I’ve always gotten the pineapple and raspberry twist, but I believe they have vanilla as well, just never tried that one before.

  27. Paula B. says

    There’s a small seasonal ice cream stand, Sundaes, just over the Rhode Island border in Seekonk, Massachusetts, they sell soft-serve, hard ice cream, AND Dole Whip! I’ve never actually had one there because I am always getting a hot fudge sundae but for those pining for such a treat, there you go!

  28. Becca says

    You can get Dole Whip at a few places in Traverse City, MI. I have only ever had it there in my life. I need to find it in New York though as I’m lactose intolerant and dying without it! help!

  29. Jennifer says

    Dutch Wonderland (no Disney but a super sweet amusement park for littles) in Lancaster, PA

  30. Tracy says

    DeNucci’s in Fernandina Beach Florida has Dole whips in Pineapple, Orange, Mango and Raspberry flavors.

  31. Dani says

    St Louis Zoo…there is an outdoor seating only restaurant close to the Children’s Zoo area that has Dole Whips! I went for a coke, and came back to my husband and three year old with a Dole Whip and they almost cried (:

  32. Mark says

    I enjoyed Dole Whip for many years when I would visit Disney World. When I saw they had a cart and the Minnesota State Fair (next to the WCCO Radio Booth) I was SOOOO excited. My friends could not figure out why I was so excited until they hand a sample of it!
    I just wish the booth had a pineapple wedge like they have at Disney World.

  33. CaryM says

    Central New York:
    Grist Mill truck stop – Parish, NY
    Jake Hafner’s – North Syracuse, NY

  34. says

    A note to let you know that Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA still carries the Dole Whip. I’ll be having one tomorrow. Orange I think.

  35. Carrie says

    Dairy Delite, a lovely mom and pop seasonal ice cream shop in Lakeville, MN has pineapple Dole Whip. :-)

  36. priv8pete says

    I was just checking back in to report that an acquaintance of mine is the college student who manages the Dole Whip stand at Dutch Wonderland only to see that Jennifer and Scott beat me to it. Needless to say, we’ve planned a family trip to Lancaster this summer!

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