Resort Specialty: Mom’s Night Out at Pop Century

Update: Fried Chicken is served on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday is now Meatloaf night; Thursday and Friday evenings offer turkey dinners.

Many of the Disney Resorts have specialty food items for which those hotels are uniquely known. Disney’s Pop Century has several of these, like the famous tie-dye cheesecake, but there’s one fun foodie twist that I’m not sure everyone knows about:

Pop Century Favorites

Pop Century Favorites

The “Mom’s Night Out” meal fits perfectly into the resort’s theme, which highlights famous and popular toys, inventions, and productions from the 20th century. In this case, “Mom’s Night Out” refers to the nights when Mom went out to the PTA meeting or bowling league, meaning Dad and the kids got to have TV dinners! Except this isn’t just any TV dinner — and it sure doesn’t taste like it came out of the microwave.

Head over to Pop Century’s food court from 4-10pm any night of the week to sample the Mom’s Night Out dinner — Saturday, Sunday, and Monday feature fried chicken; Tuesday and Wednesday bring turkey; and Thursday and Friday are pork. The best part (in my opinion) is the fresh cornbread with each meal.

Pop Century Moms Night Out Menu

Which is your favorite Mom’s Night Out meal? And let us know of the other “resort favorites” you’ve seen and tried!


  1. says

    We stayed at Pop back in October, and I have to say I was very impressed with their food court. It was run very efficiently, especially when you compared it to the Contempo Cafe (over at the Contemporary) which was just a hot mess!

    Didn’t eat dinner, just breakfast and 1 lunch, but if you’re staying at Pop, don’t let the crowded food court deter you, they know how to handle it!

  2. says

    Elisabeth — Thanks for the news on the turkey dinner!

    Kelly — Agreed. We had very good experiences at the Pop food court. I actually tend to get over there even when I’m not staying there; I really like the food.

  3. Amanda says

    I definitely loved the Pop food court… They make up for not having a table service location by having an amazing selection. I, sadly, was violently ill during my most recent trip so I relied on the food court a couple of times for meals and I was really impressed.

  4. Gail Walraed says

    Hi aj

    We went to the pop century food court for the turkey dinner last Wednesday for the turkey dinner.
    We had been wanting a turkey dinner for awhile and this seemed to be a great way to get it

    When w got there meatloaf dinner was what was offered on Wednesday

    We were very disappointed we talked to the chief nd he said changes had been made to moms night out as fa as what was being offered

    He said that Wednesday is now meatloaf nd Thursday and Friday is turkey

    We were so disappointed we did not even ask bout the rest of the nights

    He asked if there was anything he could do but since we came for te turkey dinner we told him no

    Hopefully you can call your contact and publish the new moms night out schedule

    We live in clermont about 30minutes from Disney and go there often

    Hopefully we will see you in October for desert and fireworks


  5. says

    Gail — Thanks for the news!! I don’t have a contact, so I’ll take the info you have and note it. :-)

  6. J.C. says

    Although the pork is good, I am super happy to hear they brought back the meatloaf…by far my favorite. Also the meatloaf is pretty good at the Prime Time Cafe!


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