Pop Century’s Everything Pop Food Court

There’s a brand new resort fan site for those of us who love Disney’s Pop Century Resort: PopCenturySite.com! We’re using a few of those photos today for a little review of one of my favorite food courts in Disney World: Everything Pop! But these photos aren’t even close to the end of the stash — check out the site’s image galleries for hundreds more photos, including dining pics with detailed menus.

Everything Pop Food Court

Pop Century’s Everything Pop food court is definitely worth a visit, even if you aren’t staying there — no kidding. The food is good, the decor is fun, and they have those groovy sit-down video game things. You know what I’m talking about, right? Here. These ones:

Video Game Tables

Video Game Tables

You remember now? And if you’re wondering why they have these here, it’s because Pop Century Resort is dedicated to all things 20th century pop culture, including these little beauties! If you look around the food court, you’ll also see giant Rubik’s Cubes, yo-yos, and roller blades. It’s a feast for the eyes.



The seating areas are a comfortable combination of booths and tables with big TVs playing Disney Channel shows all day, and right outside is the resort’s main theme pool, Petals Pool Bar, and dozens of fun and colorful pop culture icons.



There are several things the Pop Century food court is known for: twinkie tiramisu, tie-dye cheesecake, Mom’s Night Out TV dinners, and…the waffles!

Line of waffle makers

Line of waffle makers

But my favorite meal at Pop Century, as you might know, is the chicken and pasta alfredo along with a big old cupcake. I’ve added a Mickey crisped rice treat just for you…

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Chicken Alfredo Pasta



Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

But if that meal doesn’t work for you, here are a few other options from around the food court:

Italian Menu

Italian Menu

Sandwiches, Flatbreads, and Salads

Sandwiches, Flatbreads, and Salads

Burgers, Cheesesteak, Hot Dog, and Chicken Fingers

Burgers, Cheesesteak, Hot Dog, and Chicken Fingers



If you’re still hungry, consider some of the Asian and fish options, too! There’s something for everyone at Everything Pop.

Everything Pop Food Court

(And, yes, you can get cheese fries. I knew you were worried.)



  1. says

    Love this! Thank you SO much for sharing this new website. Heading over right after. We loved Pop Century in May and are going to stay there in a few weeks before the Social Media Moms Celebration at Disney. Our family fell in love with the Tie-Dye cheesecake so much that we actually tried some recipes out there and made some of our own. One of the best parts of Pop Century food court for vegetarians (like my hubby) is the selection. Some of the Quick Service venues at resorts are not as equipped, but Pop is different. Can not wait to head back there soon.

  2. says

    TAF: So jealous you get to stay there soon! Pop is so much fun, and I really do visit their food court often — even when I’m not staying there. I love all of the options, and then shopping on the way out!

  3. Jo says

    The last time I was there they had a FANTASTIC Chicken Sandwich topped with some sort of Artichoke Cheesy stuff….YUM!

  4. says

    We stayed at Pop back in October. I was very impressed with how efficient it was! Even when it was super crowded, it was handled much better than when we grabbed dinner over at the Contempo Cafe (Contemporary.) And there’s so much more seats! Clean, efficient, decent-good food…it’s a winner in my book!

  5. says

    Jo — Artichoke Cheesy stuff! That sounds pretty good. And if it’s on a chicken sandwich, it’s healthy.

    Kelly — Agreed. I’ve never had a problem with inefficiency at Pop. And the CMs are always, always nice and helpful. It’s great.

  6. says

    AJ – Were we separated at birth? LOL!

    Pop is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Disney resort. Hands down. (And I grew up staying at the Contemporary and honeymooned at the Grand Floridian.) And…the alfredo chicken & pasta dish is my must have meal at the Pop food court!

    I love this hotel for so many reasons.

    We are staying here in November. I am so excited about the new Pop Century site!

    I’m deliriously giddy now…thanks!

  7. says

    Woo hoo, Janna! Rock on! I know; I love that meal. It looks kind of bad in the lighting on this page, but it’s deeeelicious!

  8. Heather says

    How did I never see those tables!? Where exactly are they?

    I hate to say it, but I wasn’t too impressed with the food when we stayed there. Liked the breakfast potatoes & waffles, but that’s it. Also I *did* have a CM/efficiency problem one morning. :(

    I totally loved Pop, though! I’ll have to check out that site!

  9. says

    Oh, no, Heather, you’re totally harshing my mellow! ;-) Just kidding, but sorry to hear that you had some problems. I usually try to hit the food court when it’s not too busy, so maybe that’s where I get lucky. I didn’t try the breakfast potatoes — I loves me some breakfast potatoes!

  10. Jessica says

    BT, they don’t have the twinkie tiramisu any more. I heard about it about a million times before I went to POP in 2008 and when I went to get one, they told me it had been taken off the menu because it had too much trans fat. I still hope it comes back some day so i can have one. I love the POP food court! The Penne Chicken Alfredo is one of our favorites, too. I also love the Asian Chicken salad. Delish!

    BTW, I found your blog after hearing you on WDW today!

  11. says

    Jessica — BOO TRANS FATS!! That’s (allegedly) why they took the potatoes away from ‘Ohana as well. Argh. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to sample the tiramisu, but the recipe is floating around here somewhere! Lemme go find it… here it is, from The Disney Chick: Twinkie Tiramisu Recipe. If you sample it, let us know how it is!

    Thanks for listening to me on WDW Today!! :-D

  12. Heather says

    AJ-I mostly went when it wasn’t busy (one day we were up at 4am, and we had to wait until they started serving breakfast!) The day I had the problems it was more crowded, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it, she was just a bit rude & clueless. It’s ok, I’m not one to complain about Disney & didn’t let it bother me! After 6 trips in 3 years, I guess having just 2 bad experiences with CMs isn’t too bad (the other one was even worse. I really should have gotten his name, he practically made me cry.)

    Anyway, to help you get back your mellow, lol, I thought I’d share this layout I just did of the food I had at Pop (with 5 food pics.) Haha, even the food I didn’t like looks really good in the pics! (BTW, I’m one of your twitter followers, heatherw25 :))

  13. says

    Heather, that layout’s awesome!! Do you mind if I check out some of your other layouts? What a cool idea!

  14. Heather says

    Thanks so much. :) Sure, I love sharing my layouts! I am horrible at getting my pics posted, so this way, I’m able to share at least some pics through the layouts. ;)

    Eek, I just posted 25 food related layouts, but I guess it was too long or something since it didn’t post. And stupid me didn’t copy it before hitting submit. *grr* I’ll have to email you all the links or something! You can see all my Disney layouts here:
    and here:

  15. says

    Thank you, Heather! I’m sorry the first try didn’t work out. I think my husband was working on the servers in the wee hours of the morning :-( Thanks for posting the links to the layouts, though — I’m sure many of us will have a happy hour or so sifting through them! :-)

  16. JoAnn says

    I love Pop Century. I had the chicken and pasta alfredo one night with a cupcake. I miss the Hunters breakfast every morning. I can’t wait to go back.

  17. julie penkszyk says

    THANKS!!! This is what i was looking for . we going to be staying at POP CENTURY RESORT 9/24-27. I guess we only be eating breakfast there,due to alot of other places to dine at also.

  18. Karen says

    Just LOVE Pop Century. Been there for 5 years in a row. If I had a choice of another Value Resort I don’t think I would pick one. Even the Art of Animation does not entice me.
    The service has always been great. The food is good for quick service. No complaints from me or my 3 kids. We LOVE Pop Century. !! :) :)

  19. Karen says

    I just LOVE Pop Century. Been there for 5 years in a row and have no complaints whatsoever. The food is good, the service is good, the staff has always been friendly. If I had a choice of another resort to pick, I don’t think I would pick one. Even Art of Animation does not entice me. We are POP fans all the way. :):)

  20. Sarah says

    When we stayed at Pop Century in 2011 we loved it! Food court was very good. I worry about staying at the new AOA and if my children will eat at there food court. We try to eat fruit , vegies, but some of the selections AOA have will not appeal to my children. I guess we could drive over to Pop and eat.! LOL We could stay at Pop and walk over to see the new resort. Does anyone have any comments that have eaten at both food courts and am I making to much of something that isn’t a problem.

  21. RONNIE says

    I want to make them potatoes they offer for breakfast how can I make them they are so good

  22. Trish says

    Please do an updated review because I just came back from staying at Pop century and the amazing foods you guys are talking about are no where to be found! =[

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