Breakfast and a Good Read

Jeff Kocan, who comments around here as JeffK, sent along this photo. I’m considering using it as a desktop screen. Or maybe I’ll make a calendar out of it.

Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll

Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll

To go along with this delicious breakfast, Jeff sent along a hilarious blog post titled “The Stars (?) From Disney’s All Star Music Resort.” As he says, it’s “poking a little gentle fun at the All-Star Music food court mural–my girlfriend and I laughed about that thing every morning during our December trip.”

It’s pretty funny, and it mentions Nigel Tufnel…and any mention of Nigel Tufnel within a Disney context worth a read, don’t you think?

Thanks, Jeff.


  1. says

    Forget screen saver…I’m already tempted to lick my screen!

    Just another treat to add to my ever-growing lits of food to sample on my next trip…that would be the one where I gain 10 pounds! LOL

    As for the blog, funny stuff! I have stayed at ASMu several times, and I, too, have tried to figure out who the heck most of them are!

  2. says

    Pretty funny, right Janna? I was laughing out loud each time I read it, which was, like, four times. And then I made my husband read it. And I still laughed.

  3. says

    Thanks for the link, AJ! Those cinnamon rolls, along with Dole Whips, are our must-have snacks at the MK. (We have to split the roll, though, because they’re the size of a small car.)

  4. Rebekah Gayarre says

    I thouht Grand Floridian breakfast buffet was excellent.! it is a character breakfast with Alice, Mad hatter ,etc. and the price is a bit steep , but the stickey buns were enought to make you want more and more.

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