“You Won’t Believe This!” Snack: Marble Cupcake

Marble Cupcake from Starring Rolls

You’ve seen the Butterfinger Cupcake and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, and the third in our “You Won’t Believe This!” Snack Series is the Marble Cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Starring Rolls Cafe

Marble Cupcake and Butterfinger Cupcake

Marble Cupcake and Butterfinger Cupcake

The Marble Cupcake is one more in the line of gorgeous confections created by the Starring Rolls Cafe — and I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in Disney World! As you can see, these things are HUGE, and well worth the $3+ price tag.

Marble Cupcake at disney world

This mountain of sugary goodness is made of marbled vanilla and chocolate cake topped with swirls of that same heavy vanilla frosting found piled on top of the Butterfinger Cupcake. And this isn’t your “light whipped cream” frosting, either — this stuff’s got some serious fat in it. And, in my world, fat makes a good frosting!

Marble Cupcake from STarring Rolls inside

That delicious vanilla mountain is covered in chocolate sprinkes — tiny flakes of real chocolate (the same kind that Sprinkles Cupcakes uses). These are gourmet sprinkles that actually have TASTE.

Marble Cupcake Frosting

And then, up on the tippy top, we have a dollop of that incredible chocolate frosting that’s slathered all over our friend the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake. The texture is smoother than that of the vanilla frosting, but it’s still just as heavy and flavorful.

Closeup Marble Cupcake

Finally — the Mickey Mouse sprinkles top of the whole thing, giving it color and that Disney magic! I hope you’ve enjoyed our third “You Won’t Believe This!” Snack. Have you sampled it? What did you think?

PS! This just in! StudiosCentral.com was kind enough to send over a pic of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ 20th Anniversary Cupcake from last May. Looks strangely familiar, don’t you think…? I love the extra chocolate hat!

Disney's Hollywood Studios' 20th Anniversary Cupcake

Disney's Hollywood Studios' 20th Anniversary Cupcake


  1. Anne says

    They have some *insane* desserts at Starring Rolls. I once ordered what I thought was a slice of flourless chocolate cake, but which turned out to be more like one enormous chocolate truffle. It took the whole length of a “Beauty and the Beast” show, but I managed to polish it off.

  2. says

    Further proof of Hollywood Studios awesomeness. I should send you photos from the Studios 20th anniversary when they had a special cupcake just for the anniversary which was equally gaudy (yet satisfying!).

  3. says

    My kids looked at the pictures and they think that the sliced-in-half picture of the cupcake looks like a Hidden Mickey!

    My 3yo son just picked out one of his snacks for our trip… lol

  4. says

    Oh-my-gosh what a great way to start my day! Absolutely love Starring Rolls and will definitely be looking for these mouth-watering cupcakes on our next trip!

  5. JulFromMD says

    Okay…here’s the million dollar question for our December (dining plan) trip…

    Are these able to be gotten with a snack credit? (If not, we’ll need to tell folks to bring cash, but if so, that’s totally where the credits are going.)

  6. says

    Anne — I NEED to try that chocolate cake! An enormous truffle sounds like it’s right up my alley!

    Matt — If you have pics, I’d love to see the anniversary cupcake! Also, in response to your first sentence, writing this blog has really opened my eyes to the incredible things you can find at the studios…the imagineering detail that goes into just the restaurants and food locations is amazing. And the cupcakes don’t hurt either.

    Janna — Tell your kids that I thought that, too!

    Nancy — Good luck choosing which cupcake to get! :-) Have you tried any of the others?

    Zanna — Yes ma’am! But bring the kids to help you!

    Jul — I’m happy to say that they CAN be purchased with a snack credit!!! A great deal, too…these things are upwards of $4!

  7. says

    Delish! Delish! Delish! I first had this type for DHS’s 20th Anniversary in May, but recently had this one and it was delish.. Yet so big, i couldnt finish it :'(

    Starring Rolls does have some great, and unique offerings.

  8. says

    Jeff — NO way! You are not saddling me with your dentist bills! ;-)

    Minnie_Moose — The countdown has begun!

    Chip — If you get someone to mail you a dozen, tell them to stick a few in a box for me, too!

    Cody — Just give me a call and I’ll come help you finish the cupcake. I gotta do what I gotta do sometimes! ;-)

  9. says

    Jeff — I don’t think so…but I DO know of an old hotel down the street…something about a Tower? ;-D

  10. says

    That cupcake looks amazing! I have never been too impressed with Starring Rolls, but obviously I have been ordering the wrong things! I think I will be in WDW in November, and I must try these…


    ps. I love this blog :)

  11. says

    Susan — Absolutely, please try this. Or one of the many other options available! Delish! Thanks for the Disneyland foods post on your blog; got me very excited for our upcoming trip!

  12. Chip says

    I swear next time I am at WDW I am going to make it a point to use every snack credit i get here..

  13. TJ says

    Not that all of these cupcakes don’t look delicious. But, what about the white chocolate cupcake?

  14. says

    Chip — Yessir! You’re payin’ for ‘em!

    TJ — I haven’t tried the white chocolate one, yet. @GDPinvestigator tried it, if you want to get his opinion! :-) I hope to sample it on the next trip.

  15. Kelsi says

    I had one of these the last time I was there. I had it at DisneyQuest’s FoodQuest. It was amazing. I didn’t even really know what it was when I got it. I thought the chocolate on top was a Hershey kiss, not fudge all the way through. Yum! Then, I thought it was just a plain vanilla cupcake, I was oh-so-happy to find the marble (being the chocoholic that I am). Anyway, I love your blogs, keep up the good work!

  16. says

    Kelsi — Awesome!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. How did you like DisneyQuest? Thanks for the kudos on the blog! Much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

  17. Pam Passater says

    Have you tried the carrot cake cookies at Starring Rolls? They have the cream cheese frosting in the middle of two of them! One of the best things I have ever eaten.


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