My Disney Easter Basket

Easter in my house growing up always meant colored eggs and baskets full of plastic grass topped with candy and sweets. And, as we know, Disney’s big on the whole candy and sweets thing, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Disney sweets. These would definitely be in my personal Easter basket:

The Disney Food Blog Easter Basket

The Disney Food Blog Easter Basket

So, why these particular goodies? Let’s take a look at my Easter basket contents — and a few items that just didn’t fit! — and hopefully you’ll find a few new treats to try!

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles
Easily my all-time favorite candy, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles can be found in Epcot’s UK pavilion. For those of you who haven’t tried them, think: fruity jujubes coated with sugar. Then make them about 100 times better than fruity jujubes coated with sugar, and you have Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles.

When these come in rolls, the candy is circular, but the boxed version, as you see here, has actual fruit-shaped candy.

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

Daim Candy Bars
For those of you who are Ikea devotees, you probably know Daim pretty well. These Swedish toffee bars (kind of like a Heath bar) are full of buttery, chocolaty goodness, and provide the perfect sugary treat after a ride on Maelstrom in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

Daim candy bars in epcot

One of my favorite items to purchase in Japan’s Mitsukoshi store is a box of Pocky. The long, thin cookies are dipped in chocolate, and packaged in bunches for maximum deliciousness. I always try to eat one at a time, but by the time I’m in the middle of the box, that goal goes out the window.

Relaxing by the World Showcase Lagoon chomping on some Pocky is a great way to pass the time before Illuminations starts!



Jose Cuervo Especial Truffles
Um. Yeah! Those are goin’ in the basket.

Jose Cuervo Especial Truffles

Jose Cuervo Especial Truffles

Cotton Candy
Eating cotton candy at Disney World is a must. What’s a carnival, fair, or theme park without a bite of that light-as-air spun sugar? You can call it candy floss if you’d like, but we all know that a Disney trip with no cotton candy is pretty much anathema.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways
This is for all of you Reese’s lovers out there! Disney’s version of mass-produced chocolate-coated peanut butter is just as good, if not better, than your favorite brand name peanut butter cup. These things are decadent and rich, and if you can finish more than four in a sitting, I want to shake your hand!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways

Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways

Another British-y treat (what can I say, I lived in England for a while and got hooked on these things), Hobnobs are like your favorite oatmeal cookie slathered in chocolate. I mean, with a tagline like “nobbly, oaty biscuits,” how can you go wrong? You get a whole tube of these hefty biscuits, and they are really delicious.

PLUS, they come with a handy-dandy cover so that you can have the canister sitting in your hotel room all week and they won’t go bad! (AJ nods, pretending that the canister even makes it back into her hotel room after a trip to Epcot…)



Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
You can’t mess with the perfect Jelly Belly mixture:

2 parts Very Cherry
1 part lemon
1 part lime
1 part tangerine.


Jelly Bellies

Jelly Bellies

Disneyland Taffy
Why are they selling real Disneyland taffy in Walt Disney World? I have no idea, but it’s goin’ in my Easter basket! I found this stuff at MouseGears in February and it is DEEE-lish! I wonder if they’ll have real Walt Disney World taffy on my trip to Disneyland in April…

Disneyland Taffy

Disneyland Taffy

Chocolate Covered Mickey Rice Krispie Treat
Why would this NOT be on anybody’s list? It’s become synonymous with Disney in the way that Mickey Premium Bars and Dole Whips prevail. Plus, if you add M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces, it’s all over.

Cocolate Covered Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

Cocolate Covered Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

Toblerone Bars
A quick trip to Epcot’s Germany will often end up in a Toblerone Bar for me…after the pretzel and the bratwurst, of course… . These “alps” shaped chocolate bars capitalize on delicious Swiss chocolate like none other.

Toblerone Bars

Toblerone Bars

Candy Art From Miyuki
Every Easter basket deserves a special treat or gift to top it off, so I think my special candy would be an original piece of sugar art from Miyuki, who performs in Epcot several days per week.

Miyuki and her Candy Art

Miyuki and her Candy Art

What Would Be in YOUR Disney Easter Basket?
Would love to hear from you what favorites you’d be sure to include in your Disney Easter basket! Any treats, cookies, candies, or baked goods you KNOW you’d include in your “top five” list? Let me know in the comments section below! I wish all of you a Happy Easter and a Blessed Passover! Who’s ready for Spring?!

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  1. says

    Not even joking now – I can’t read this stuff late at night because I am just getting hungrier and hungrier. I think I am going to Epcot tomorrow and will look for this Pocky in Japan – MMMmmmm!

  2. Bryan Irrera says

    1) from any candy store on property, the green label “Goofy’s candy” bags: the “sour” gummi candies. They are shaped like Mickey heads in various colors/flavors (like regular “gummi bear” style candies), but LIGHTLY dusted in the sour powder that sour patch kids are dusted in (just enough to give them a bit of a “kick” but not TOO sour for those with strong/sensitive palettes).

    2) an assortment of fudge from the Main Street confectionary. I know that the availability of flavors may vary by season, but optimally I’d want plain chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, cherry vanilla and maple (though chocolate mint would be the first flavor I’d choose to substitute in).

    3) from Japan’s Mitsukoshi: I’d really love some “Gumi Choco” (pictured here: ). They have an assortment that includes orange, cherry, strawberry and apple flavored each in their own individual pouch that you can tear off as you go. They are chocolate covered gummie drops. Wonderful.

    4) In Italy, I always choose the “Frizy Fizzy” hard candies from Cedrinca ( is the only store where I’ve been able to find them besides Epcot). They are fruit flavored hard candies (mostly citrus flavors, but there is a berry flavored one, too). They have that sour powder as well…but with a difference. Instead of being on the outside like a “Warhead,” the powder is INSIDE the candy and doesn’t appear until you’ve sucked on the candy long enough for them to burst in your mouth. Delicious and fun!

  3. says

    I think I can eat over 4 of the PB Meltaways in a sitting…I’m a little piggy when it comes to sweets!

    I really like the graham cookies, and the vanilla and chocolate cookies from Minnie’s Bake Shop. And the white chocolate covered pretzels that are in the blue bag!

  4. Evan says

    While slightly off topic, but related none the less…reports are saying that Miyuki is no longer allowed to give out her candy creations. She will ask for suggestions from the audience, but will no longer be able to give them to those that requested.

  5. says

    I’m torn between the custom caramel apples or the custom Mickey rice treats at Goofys.

    Also, Donald Duck taffy, M&Ms from the dispensers at The Confectionery, and definitely cotton candy!

  6. says

    oh my..that is quite the basket! I think I would have to have some of the dark chocolate covered coconut mickey head patties in mine!

  7. says

    Chef — You MUST try the Pocky!!

    Bryan — I love your basket contents! Especially the sour stuff…I will definitely go check out those Italy candies on my next trip! Thanks for your comments!

    Kelly — Yum. Chocolate-covered pretzels are my downfall. DHS has some that are PEANUT BUTTER and chocolate covered. Forget it. I’m done when I see those!

    Evan — Thank you for the news! That’s kind of horrible! Where did you hear?

    Morgan — I think that when you’re torn between two custom treats, you just need to get both. Especially if you’re on your honeymoon. ;-)

    Stephanie and Rebecca — Those coconut patties are the winner today! I’m getting some on my next trip, for sure!

    Elisabeth — Slabs?! Where do I find those!!!? I want English Toffee Slabs!!

    TAF — Happy Passover! Good point on the non-sugar item in there… ;-)

  8. says

    I’m not a big candy eater but dang…I must try that Pocky next time I’m in the Showcase.

    And yes AJ…tis true what Evan said…Miyuki is no longer allowed to give out her candy creations. =( boo hiss This was a gift that I would stand for hours it seemed as a child in hopes of being selected to receive it.

  9. Elisabeth says

    English toffee slabs are in the Confectionary in the case with the fudge. At Disneyland you can get them in sticks. OMG good stuff.

  10. says

    Amanda — Yes, ma’am! Pocky is a winner. I got hooked on it when I lived in Switzerland, and finding it in WDW was awesome! They have all different flavors, too… I’m going to be doing a full post just on Pocky soon! :-)

    Elisabeth — Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to get the sticks in Disneyland in three weeks!

  11. says

    My personal Easter ‘basket’, which I will be putting together at Goofy’s on Sunday morning, will contain one personalized chocolate/caramel/pecan covered apple.

    Are the bags of Disneyland taffy the same taffy that you find in the Confectionery at MK? Those build-a-bag of taffy are one of the best and most affordable take-home treats at Disney.

    A whole Daim bar? I’ve only had the small ones from IKEA…I need to check that out (that may wait for November).

    My boys will each get a Mickey rice krispie treat, a few eggs filled with candy, and a Disney gift card for their souvenirs this weekend.

  12. says

    Mickey rice-krispie treats are at the top for me….and maybe the toblerone bars….and the Jose Cuervo truffles….oh what the heck just throw ‘em all in! Seriously though, I have got to be more careful about when I read your blog, and stop doing it right before dinner…. ;)

  13. Shayne says

    AJ, could you please give the Easter Bunny directions to my house? (Head south on I-45…) This all sounds divine!


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