Sushi in the Studios! is reporting a Sushi sighting in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! You can find these rolls at our favorite Starring Rolls (Cafe, that is)!

According to the source, you can find California Rolls, Full Moon Rolls, Spicy Shrimp Rolls, and Vegetable Rolls for $8.99 each.


  1. Sarah says

    Nice! I’m glad the parks are starting to offer a greater variety of food. I wish they had one with eel, but the options, although basic/safe, are good for a quick, light and cool summer meal in the Studios.

  2. says

    Sarah — Agreed; it definitely diversifies the park’s offerings!

    WME — That’s what I heard on Twitter, too. Is that any good?

  3. says

    I like their sushi. They always have a sushi chef making the sushi fresh every day and it’s normally pretty tasty.

    Lately though, they have been raising prices so much that I’ve been finding it cheaper to get takeout from an actual sushi bar instead of buying it from the supermarket. So the Disney price of $8.99 for a shrimp roll really isn’t that bad…

    Here’s a short little post I did on some of their sushi a while back…

  4. says

    Thanks for the review and info, WME!! It’s shocking to hear someone say that Disney’s price on anything isn’t that bad… ;-D

  5. Max says

    The sushi at Starring Rolls is very fresh and delicious. IMO this is one of the better bargains at DW, and a plus if you like sushi. Also, if you’re on the DDP, the sushi counts as the entree portion of a counter-service meal. You also get a dessert, a beverage, and a “side”, when I was there, the choices were a bag of chips or a piece of fruit. You get a lot of food!

  6. says

    Matt — Thanks for the info on pricing!

    Max — Great to hear it’s part of the dining plan counter-service option!

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