It’s All About the Crispies

One of everyone’s favorite easy-to-make and easy-to-enjoy snacks is the Rice Krispie Treat. Clearly Disney understands this phenomenon and has capitalized on it. These days, Disney’s customized “crisped rice treats” seem to have become as ubiquitous as any other classic Disney parks treat.

Classic giant Mickey head Crisped Rice Treat

So, being the Disney Food Blog, I was just waiting until I had enough pics to really do them justice. What’s incredible is the sheer variety of things Disney has done with these little snap-crackle-pop puffed rice pieces! “Crisped Rice” + Marshmallow + Butter + Imagineers = big bucks, I’d imagine!

Experience the Magic

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite “crisped rice treats” in the Disney parks, but first of all, here’s a little tip: Did you know that you can watch Disney’s Confectioners create these goodies? You can! Just head to the Main Street Confectionery in Disney World, where the talented Cast Members are always whipping up something special. Sometimes you’ll see them making caramel apples or fudge, but they’re often churning up some of your favorite light-as-air crispie treats as well!

Making Crispies at The Confectionery

Shaping the Crispies

Finished Crispies on the Cooling Table

Dipped And Decorated Crispies

Now I get to share some of my favorites! Here are some fun places I’ve seen these little crispies used throughout the Disney parks and resorts:

Classic Crispies

While wandering through Disney World on a quest for crispies, what you’ll usually come across are traditional shapes — Mickey heads. (Well, traditional for Disney, anyway :-) ).

They come in giant size (literally as big as my head), and what I like to call “manageable” size — this kind is edible in one sitting. All of these can be plain, partially chocolate dipped, or completely chocolate dipped; it just depends on where you’re purchasing them.

Giant Mickey Head Gone Wild

My favorites are the ones on a stick — my hands don’t get all gooey that way.

Manageable Size -- With Chocolate-Coated Ears

And these — crowned with a thick chocolate Mickey — might be just about the most perfect crispies ever made.

Chocolate Face Crisped Rice Treats

Of course, you can find the even more universally traditional, square-shaped crisped rice treats in Disney World as well.

Crisped Rice Bricks at Writers Stop

They’ve also invaded the Wishes Dessert Party in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Rice Krispy Treats at Wishes Dessert Party

Sometimes they’re even pre-packaged, which I’ve never sampled — any reviews?

Selma Brand Pre-Packaged Crisped Rice Treats

I’m assuming these ones from Earl of Sandwich are good. Everything from EoS is good. ;-)

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treat at Earl of Sandwich

Unconventional Crispies

But if you’re looking for more unique crispies, you can definitely find them!

Check out Disney snack shops, candy stores, and bakeries during holiday seasons and you’re sure to find appropriately decorated crisped rice treats!

Crisped Rice Treats Shaped Like Mickey Heads and Candy Corn

And these fun Hunny Pot crispies were found in Pooh Corner in Disneyland!

Hunny Pot Crispies at Poohs Corner in Disneyland

Also in Disneyland, I found a couple of pre-packaged versions shaped as moons and stars.

Star Crisped Rice Treat in Disneyland

Moon Crisped Rice Treat in Disneyland

In Disney World, they’ve started selling these little “ballitas” (thanks for the correct terminology, Emily!), which I hear tell taste better than the regular Mickey head treats. You’ll have to try them yourself to be sure!

Sprinkle Ballita at Main Street Confectionery

Chocolate Striped Ballita at Main Street Confectionery

And in Disneyland’s Goofy’s Kitchen, I saw something I’d never seen before! Chocolate crisped rice treats — with fruit loops — dipped in white chocolate!!! Talk about sugar overload!

Chocolate Dipped Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats

Get ‘Em Your Way!

Here’s another little tip: If you’re like me and love to mix and match your sugary substances, you can go to Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney World’s Downtown Disney and create your very own Mickey Crisped Rice Treat just the way you like it!

Just choose your dipping flavor, your topping, and your “drizzle!”

Goofy's Candy Company Order Form

You might come out with something like this:

Cocolate Covered Mickey Rice Krispie Treat at Goofy's Kitchen

Or even better!! Check out this awesome one that reader Jessie Shoop put together!

Goofy's Candy Company Make-Your-Own Crispy

What’s Your Favorite?

Now, I showcased some of the crispies that I think are interesting, delicious, or both, but I’d love to hear from you about your favorites. I’m always looking for new things to try in the Disney parks, so I can’t wait to find out about some new options or old, reliable stand-bys that you keep going back to over and over again.

Where’s your favorite “crisped rice treat” in the Disney parks or resorts? :-)

Thanks to for the use of their Mickey Head on a Stick photo ;-)


  1. Lillian C. says

    Oh, I just had the star crisped rice treat in DL during Memorial Day weekend. It was delicious!!!

  2. says

    The Selma’s variety are not as good as the freshly made Disney variety. The chain bookstore/cafe I used to work at ordered Selma’s rice krispie treats, and even the day they arrive they don’t have the same fresh taste as the ones you buy out of the bake cases at Goofy’s Candy Co. and such have.

  3. says

    oh man – i LOVE the ones on a stick with just the ears in chocolate (or just plain on the stick – i often bite the chocolate off and toss it out to get more rice krispie goodness!) I’ve never seen those hunny pot ones, but those are adorable! I’ve also had the mini balls – mine had white and blue snowflake-like crunchy decorations for a holiday/hanukkah theme (instead of shprinkies which i would prefer :X) but i don’t think they have the same flavor and consistency as the ones on the stick that you can get for a snack credit in your hotel.

  4. Jessie says

    Yay! My favorite treat on a Monday morning (or at least pictures of it :) My VERY favorite one is my Goofy’s Candy Kitchen ‘make your own’… with dark chocolate, reeses pieces, and caramel! Let me know where to send the picture, if you wanna see… but beware it is a doozey! ;-)

  5. says

    There’s something about the rice krispy treats at WDW that are fantastic. They are great any time of the day and it has just the right blend of marshmallow and rice krispies.

  6. says

    I tried the ballitas on my last trip with the family. Grabbed them on our way out of the Magic Kingdom as we were headed to the car for the ride home. They made a great snack for the ride home. Just a little way to take a piece of the magic with you.

  7. Allison says

    The prepackaged ones (not Selma’s) are delicious and make a great snack to take home with you. I wasn’t sure they’d be any good since they are prepackaged, but oh man! Wonderful!

  8. Ro says

    OMG, they have create-your-own crispie treat?! Oh, I am in SO much trouble next time. : ) Those ballitas look good (manageable, as you say), too.

  9. says

    Lillian — Thanks for the review! I didn’t get a chance to try it, so I was hoping one of the Disneyland experts would chime in!

    Mark — That’s what I figured. I’m also wondering if the “brick” type, chocolate covered crispies sold in the Writer’s stop are Selma’s brand… they look just the same…

    Rachel — Thanks for your insights on the ballitas! I didn’t know they decorated them differently for the holiday! Cool…

    Jessie — You can send it along to webmaster @ disneyfoodblog(dot)com!! I’d love to see the pic! Do you mind if I put it on the blog?

    Dana — Those are adorable!! And I love the beautiful rose cupcakes as well. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Kelly — That’s awesome! Did you guys use the Mickey cookie cutter to shape the crispies? They look delicious!

    Matt — Agreed. They’re also one of those blessed snacks that DON’T fill you up, so you’ll be all ready for a big dinner later (these are very important in my world).

    Ryan — Great idea. I heard the same thing about the chocolate peanut butter sandwiches. Maybe I should do a post about “Disney Food to take home with you!”

    Allison — Awesome! Thanks for the review! So, based on these comments, Selma’s = not fresh and Other Prepackaged Crispies = delicious!

    Ro — YES! You have to try them!!! :-)

  10. Griffin says

    We had a few of them around xmas one year. They had a stocking and xmas tree design at the food court. I have to say, they were good, but just not as good as homemade. Something about them is a little waxy and just not as tasty as ones you can make at home. I think they are actually more fun to look at then to eat ;)

  11. Tere Given says

    Grabbing one or 10 of these during our trip is a MUST. Never go to MK without getting one. My friend and her family loves them as much as we do. Whenever one of our families go down, we have to bring back Krispy Mickeys for the other family.

  12. maryvh says

    oh yummmm! This was a perfect post and photos for a slow Monday at work! Now I’m day dreaming about these wonderful treats! After last year’s trip to the world, I came home with 4 of the ones on a stick. The plan was to give them to the kids…. I’m embarrassed to say I eventually ate 3 of them…. my daughter did get the 4th one….

  13. Emily says

    I got a shoutout! :D Life = complete? Maybe…

    My fav krispies are the krispie squares with chocolate and peanut butter chips. YUM! I think I may have to get one today – I’ve been inspired!

  14. says

    We love all of the rice krispies treats! Years ago (2004), we bought one of the large Mickey Mouse krispies with chocolate dipped ears (and sprinkles) for a birthday cake for my son’s ‘faux’ birthday (he was 2 1/2 months short of his 5th birthday).

    My dad’s birthday is during our October trip. While we were at DtD in April, I took a picture of the icing-decorated Mickey/Minnie rice krispie ‘cakes’ at Goofy’s. I am planning to get a Mickey one for my dad. It’s silly, really, how excited I am about this!

    WHat a fun post!

  15. says

    Love all of them – one of our favorite treats! We are heading back down in December, we are going to stock up!!

  16. Amy says

    I love the plain rice krispies from the Confectioners shop. It has to be a fresh one though. Those packaged ones are just not the same. I always buy a huge one on my first day and then take it as a snack all week! I must say the last reeses one looks awesome! Something new to try!

  17. Elisabeth says

    I love eating them for breakfast in the parks…it is cereal so it is allowed, right? We always get tons of them while we are there. Can’t wait because this time I am driving and get to bring back even more of them to last throughout the months without WDW.

  18. Lynne says

    Well, I’ve been going to Disneyland and WDW since I was 18 months old, but I have not had a Krispie Treat–I guess I need to have one in September!

  19. Eric says

    I love them in almost every shape and form! I wish they had the Bag of rice crispy balls at Disneyland. My favorite is the huge brick sized one dipped in chocolate… no wait, my favorite is the smaller Mickey ears on a stick…. not wait…. :)

    I have had the prepackaged Selma ones… I’m sure they taste the same but my mind was telling me that these are prepackaged and they cannot be as good as the “fresh” ones. So, with that said, they seemed fine but I prefer the others.

  20. Galloping Gourmand says

    I have a problem with something called… what is it now… “portion control?” That sounds about right. So my first experience with one of these spoiled it for me. About 10 years ago I ate a whole RKT at the Main Street Bakery. I am now diabetic. Coincidence? I think not!

    Self deprecating humor aside these are a skip for me. I feel that I can make or have an RKT anywhere. Often they are on shelves next to home made fudge, taffy, caramel, and a whole host of other goodies. An RKT is something I can get at a bake sale. Those blocks of fudge or hand made chocolates are unique. It’s my own little prejudice, I guess.

  21. says

    These Mickey krispies are my must-have-all-time-favorite dessert/snack at WDW! I always buy the ‘ears on a stick, dipped in chocolate’. This past visit, I used some “extra” snack credits and bought 4 extras to bring home with me.


  22. says

    First stop for us to get a krispie rice treat is Main Street Confectionery.

    This last trip, we got a giant-sized one there with the ears dipped in chocolate, had a birthday coin put in the center, and Fed-X’d it to my Mom in PA for her birthday. She was thrilled!

  23. Ari says

    I’ve had the moon/star shaped krispies from Disneyland quite a few times as I’m an AP over here and they are YUCK! I kept thinking that maybe I got an old one, but nope- they’re all hard and flavorless. For the same price you can get a fresh square from the Candy Palace, Greetings from California, or a couple other stores.

  24. Heather says

    I’ve seen some cute ones decorated for Halloween & Christmas, but I’ve never had one. I’d much rather have a cookie or cupcake. ;) Maybe I’ll have to try one in Sept!

  25. k.campbell says

    I had the ballitas on our last trip and they definitely are a perfect size and were incredibly fresh (even for breakfast the following morning!). I don’t know if anyone remembers but back in the *gasp* ’90’s they used to sell treats that blended cocoa puffs and plain rice crispies and were drizzled with chocolate. Those bad boys were heaven on earth! Also, I have to agree with previous comments that there is just something special about Disney’s rice krispie treats that can’t be duplicated. : )

  26. says

    I’ve never had a Crisped Rice Treat at Disney World, but they sound really really good. The Chocolate Faced Mickey ones look as though they have taken a Chocolate Mickey Cookie and placed in on the front of a Crisped Rice Treat.

  27. says

    Chris — Really? You can’t even have marshmallows IN things? You can hardly taste them! ;-)

    Griffin — I can see that! Nothing’s better than home-made when it comes to rice krispie treats!

    Tere — Bring back some for me, too!!

    Maryvh — No reason for any of the kids to know there were originally four… ;-)

    Emily — Where are the peanut butter chips?!? Yum!

    Janna — That’s so much fun! What a great alternative to a regular birthday cake. I wonder if it has less fat and fewer calories…

    Steph — Good point! I wonder if they get stale if you stock up…

    Amy — I know! I think I’d go into sugar shock if I ate that thing, but it would be worth it!

    Elisabeth — I never thought about the cereal justification! That’s perfect! After all, people put sugar on their cereal, right? This is the same!

    Kelly — So cute! Thanks for the tip!

    Emily — Can’t beat a classic!

    Lynne — The time has come…

    Eric — Good point on the psychology of the thing; if they’re pre-packaged we’ll probably think they’re stale even if they’re not. ;-)

    GG — Good point. Are you looking forward to trying out the Caramel shop in Germany this fall during your trip? I bet there will be a lot of WDW-only products there.

    TraciLeigh — They’re awesome, aren’t they? Great use of the extra snack credits!

    Jeff C. — What a great idea for a shipped birthday gift! I love it! I’m doing that for my mom this October — thanks for the idea!

    Ari — Good review! Thanks for the info. Agreed, fresh is best.

    Abby — A girl after my own heart! I hate sticky hands — especially in the parks (not sure WHAT I’m going to do when I have at toddler!)

    Heather — Have both! Cookie AND Rice Krispie Treat!

    k. campbell — Cocoa puffs?!? Yum!

    Josh — I’ve never tried one of the chocolate faced ones, but I think that’s on my list for the Fall trip!

  28. says

    Krystin — You can find them from time to time at the Main Street candy shops in Disneyland and Disney World. :-)

  29. Karen says

    FYI, went to the Candy Cauldron in Downtown Disney last night, they don’t sell the fresh ones any more. like at all. Not that they were out, or making more… they don’t sell them. They have the pre-packaged ones, but they just don’t taste the same. :( The employee was very nice and very friendly, and he said that he didn’t want to say they would NEVER have them ever again, but right now they have no plans to bring them back :(
    We generally go to the Goofy candy store, but they were already closed, so i don’t know if they have them there still or not.

  30. Bonnie says

    I bought the prepackaged set of 5 Mickey rice crispy heads on sticks at the Grand Floridian. Delicious, but definitely NOT the same as the original rice crispy treat recipe. The difference is that these are not as sticky. I think they use a white chocolate blend to bind the rice together. Looking at the label was no help. Too many artificial ingredients. Hope someone can discover & share the secret recipe.

  31. John Gird says

    ok- just so you know: none of the crispy treats are actually made at Goofy’s. They all come prepackaged to the store. At the Confectionary at Main Street the giant Mickey heads and the Ballitas are made fresh, the heads on a stick are not, but the heads on a stick in the case are hand dipped. Also- the recipe for the crispys not only has butter and marshmallows but also corn syrup and brown sugar.

  32. laurs says

    I used up some snack credits at the end of my trip by picking a few up to bring home and they tasted fresh a couple of days later. However, I have a sweet tooth and these were almost too sweet for me. Beyond the sweetness of an ordinary rice krispie treat.


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