Disney’s Famous Blue Glow-tini

While you can find those snazzy glow-cubes all over Disney parks these days, the signature “Glow-tini” is the one light-up drink you know you can find pretty much everywhere. Packing quite a punch with Citrus Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, and occasionally some Sweet and Sour, the Glow-tini may look like a weak cocktail, but it could really knock your socks off!

I was lucky enough to have one of these radiant drinks on a visit to the Hearthstone Lounge in Disneyland’s Grand Californian Resort about two months ago. It was the perfect way to kill some time while we waited for the taxi to the airport, and to begin the process of dulling my random and recent phobia of flying (where did that come from?!).

The Beautiful Hearthstone Lounge at Disney's Grand Californian Resort

Disney's Blue Glow-Tini

The Glow-tini usually goes down smooth, though too much Vodka can really give it a bite! And even though the rim is sugared, the drink isn’t too saccharine-sweet. (However, if you’re like me and prefer your drinks a touch on the sour side, request that they add sweet and sour.)

It’s definitely a drink that will get you some looks from the others in the lounge, so be ready to answer at least once the question about how the light-up ice cube works:

  1. Find the button on the cube
  2. Press the button to make the cube light up
  3. Press the button again to make the cube light up with several different colors
  4. Repeat step three several times to see all the different light patterns
  5. Repeat step three until the cube turns off

By turning off the cube when you’re not using it, you’ll save batteries. This is a good thing, because Disney doesn’t sell replacement batteries for these things. :-)

Speaking of the light-up ice cube, if you’re averse to taking the one out of your drink and sticking it in your pocket (which is what you’re expected to do, by the way — it’s re-usable!), you can always buy your very own light-up cubes in several Disney parks gift shops and stores. Note: They’re not the same cubes that are served in the drinks in Disney’s lounges and restaurants. The cubes found in Disney’s shops light up when submerged in liquid and turn off when taken out of liquid. I found these in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World:

Light Up Ice Cubes in Disney Shops

Light Up Ice Cubes in Disney Shops -- back of package

By the way, check AllEars.net for the Glow-tini full recipe. Their recipe lists sweet and sour, which is no longer listed on the official Disney drink menu, but, personally, I prefer the S&S…!

Have you sampled the Blue Glow-tini? What did you think? For other reader favorites when it comes to drinks at Disney parks and resorts, check out the awesome response I got to my request for suggestions for a new “favorite drink!” :-)


  1. Keith C (TheFugitiveGuy) says

    I’ve never ordered one of these, but I wonder what the proper protocol is for it. To me, it seems like a toy floating in a drink, so are you supposed to keep the ice cube in there until you finish the drink? Or as soon as the drink arrives, do you take it out, wipe it off, and put it in your pocket? I do like the idea that it has different modes, that appeals to the nerd in me, I’m just not convinced about having it delivered in my drink :)

  2. Sarah says

    I’m sure you could request the cube on the side if you don’t want a liquor and sugar coated cube sitting in your pocket or purse, although they look really cool in the drink! Also, if you want a different beverage, you can add the glow-cube to it (for a nominal fee, of course). Come to think of it, I also believe you can buy the cubes outright for around $5.

  3. says

    I found the drink to be very sweet! But I do like my drinks rather sour, so that’s probably why!

    I took the glow cubes and stuck them in my purse. Here’s a tip: don’t ACTUALLY put them in the freezer. They break that way.

  4. says

    Those look interesting. Strange about the onset of the flying phobia. Perhaps it’s a reaction to some major life change.

    And yes, I’ve watching too much Dr. Phil.

  5. Danielle says

    The Glow-tini is my favorite drink of all time while in the “world”. I am not a big fan of the taste of alcohol. That is why I order it; i like the sweetness of it and not too much alcohol taste to it.

  6. Beth says

    I’m with Matt – love the photos, I may have to check my liquor to see if I have the ingredients to make one! I love these drinks – but I agree about the S&S.

  7. says

    The Glowtini is a tradition for me. I just cleaned out my home bar and found I still have SEVEN working lightbulbs. *blush*

    I usually leave the cube in until I’m done, and then I ask for a glass of water (which I have usually done anyway) and dunk it in there. Even if you haven’t finished the water, nothing that’s left on the cube is strong enough to flavor it much.

    Looking forward to dropping cube number 8 in the bar drawer! :-)

  8. says

    Keith — I like to have it in my drink, but I DO get weirded out that someone clearly just had their hands on that thing and now it’s in my drink. Still, I drink it with the cube in tact, then grab the cube when the drink is gone.

    Sarah — Pretty sure you’re right that you can buy the cubes outright. And I know that you can put a glow cube in just about any drink for an added cost. Too bad they don’t last forever! (Though, they’d make really fun party favors…)

    Kelly — Thanks for the tip on the freezer. ;-) My glow cubes are sitting safely in a drawer at the moment.

    Chris — I look forward to your analysis when we meet up in October :-)

    Danielle — Interesting point! I felt like the taste of alcohol was pretty strong in mine. Maybe they make ‘em stronger on the west coast ;-D I’ll have to try one in WDW soon to compare!

    Matt — Much obliged! I’ll keep on keepin’ on!

    Beth — Cool! I wonder if you can get the glow cubes from WDW Mail Order for the make-at-home cocktails…

    Elizabeth — Awesome! You win the glow cube award for the month! Do you ever use them at parties and things? Sounds like fun!

  9. says

    What an intriguing drink! I love the glow and such a neat idea with the “ice” cubes. I will have to look for them next time I am in the States and at Disneyland…not to mention try one (or two of this great looking drinks!) I doubt HK or Tokyo have the cubes, but will keep my eye out in the meantime just in case!

  10. Rhiannon says

    Thank you for posting the link to the recipe. I don’t have a “drink” so I always order “something blue” with the instruction the bartender to surprise me if there is no set cocktail menu. I’ve had some really yummy drinks this way (and only a few times has it gone horrible wron (like straight vodka with some blueberries in it) but by far my fave was the Blue Glow-tini from Ohana’s. We were there during MK fireworks so the place was nice and dark – except of course for my drink!

  11. Rosemary (rcsilverspring) says

    My waiter at Narcoosees took mine, cleaned it off and brought it back to me wrapped in a napkin! Still use it once in a while when I am feeling “homesick”!

  12. Heather says

    They look cool, but I’m a little weirded out about having batteries and light bulbs in my drink. I mean, I’m sure they have to pass some kind of safety test before they’re allowed to go into a drink, but I can’t help wondering if I’ll get a defective one that leaks.

  13. Lisa says

    I haven’t used mine at home yet but I’m gonna have to get a few more when I go back – they’d make great halloween cocktails!

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