Tigger Tails vs. Tiger Tails

This is one of the fun posts I promised in my last Newsletter, and I’m pretty excited to explore the intricate differences between these two Disney favorites!

Disney World and Disneyland both have some great signature food items — Dole Whips, Mickey Premium Bars, popcorn, pretzels… but only Disneyland has Tiger Tails AND Tigger Tails! Now, the names can get confusing, so let’s check out how to tell them apart ;-):

Tigger Tails

If you like marshmallows, caramel, and chocolate — this is the treat for you. Named after everyone’s favorite bounceriffic tiger, Tigger, these treats are homemade in Disneyland’s Pooh Corner!

Pooh Corner in Critter Country

Tigger Tail

Now, I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a HUGE marshmallow fan. I like them best when they’re toasted and smushed between chocolate and graham crackers or spread between bread with some gooey peanut butter in a fluffernutter, so I wasn’t really expecting to like the Tigger Tail all that much. After all, it’s essentially four giant marshmallows on a stick, coated in caramel, and then coated in orange-colored white chocolate…

Tigger Tail cross-section

…but Oh My Yum! This was actually delicious! Those of you who don’t think marshmallows are for you (chris — this means you), you still have to try this. Just be careful not to get stuck with the stick! ;-) Once again, I say “We Love Pooh!”

Tiger Tails

Bread-lovers, get ready for heaven on Earth! Tiger Tails can be found at Bengal Barbecue — a teeny-tiny counter-service spot that happens to be a hot-bed for delicious portable snacks like spiced chicken and steak skewers and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Bengal Barbecue Menu -- Click for Larger Image

An order of Tiger Tails will bring out two grilled bread “tails,” and I know what you’re thinking — how can a couple pieces of bread be blog-worthy? That’s what I thought, too. I didn’t understand why I was hearing all about these things — how can they be that great?

Tiger Tails

Now I’m a convert. These are the lightest, most flavorful pieces of bread I’ve ever tasted. They’re definitely worth ordering, and I can highly recommend using them as a “bun” for the meat on the spicy skewers! My husband and I were bowled over. :-)

So, there’s the difference — Tiger Tails = savory; Tigger Tails = sweet; Both = delicious! These are great walk-around Disneyland treats that will cover you no matter what you’re craving! ;-)

What are your favorite Disneyland or Disney World signature treats? Would love to hear what YOU think is blog-worthy in the Disney parks (yep — always looking for new ideas of food to try!). Let me know your ideas in the comments section below.


  1. allyn says

    bengal barbecue is just about my favorite place to eat at disneyland. two banyan (spicy) beef skewers and an order of tiger tails and an ice tea is my favorite lunch. poor value but great taste. i guess i haven’t eaten there for awhile because the last time i had tiger tails they didn’t look at all like that. they looked longer and thinner but still had the zig-zag shape. before that bengal barbecue had leopard tails, which were straight, dense breadsticks. awesome for dipping in the spicy sauce, which i wish they would bottle and sell.

  2. Griffin says

    For 10 years now we’ve been going to WDW. (And are going again in 2 months) But the reasons for my fam to plan a trip to DL keep piling up!! Those look yummy!

  3. Liz says

    Mmmm…those tigger tails look delish! I wonder if they’ll ever bring those to WDW. My fave WDW signature treat is the Dole Whip at MK. Most refreshing treat ever.

  4. Sarah says

    Both of those look great! I’ll have to put those on the radar for my DL trip in September!

  5. says

    Allyn — I’m with you! Those spicy banyan skewers were deeeelicious! I’m asking for extra sauce next time so I can dip the tiger tails.

    Griffin — I know! There are so many wonderful, edible reasons to go to Disneyland ;-) Jealous that you’re going to WDW in two months. Be sure to get some pics for our Flickr page! :-)

    Liz — I couldn’t believe how much I liked the tigger tails! They really WERE delicious! Agreed on the Dole Whip.

    Sarah — I hope you’re keeping a list! I’ll be writing about lots of other great DL treats throughout the summer, too. :-)

  6. Andrew says

    I love Bengal Barbecue. A few years back there was talk of doing away with it, but happily, I think all that nonsense talk has passed, and the powers that be have come to their senses.

    Corn Dogs are another portable Disneyland treat that is not to be missed. Corn Dogs can be had many places, but a Disneyland Corn Dog is truly something special.

  7. says

    Andrew — My mouth waters every time I look at my pictures of corn dogs at Disneyland. They’re so yummy.

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    Tiger Tails: I’m disappointed that you would write off bread as being un-blogworthy as a reflex. Maybe it’s Americas fault because here bread is limited to sandwich holders or flavorless buns to be consumed before dinner. Compared to the bread other parts of the world has American bread is largely bland and boring. If you are willing to take a walk to other cultures where bread is a staple they do amazing things. Indian bread is almost always a treat – look beyond just naan. Injera from Ethiopia is another great treat. Bread (not pastry or desert bread) can be so much more than “multigrain” or “white!”

  9. Lillian C. says

    oh, tiger tails???? I didn’t know about these little guys. I’ll need to try them. They look scrumptious. I’ve only tried the bbq skewers there.

  10. DisneyandBeyond says

    I just wanted to mention that when I was at Disneyland a week ago, I saw a Tigger Tail in the design of the Cheshire Cat. I don’t know if this is common, but I know they were the same thing.

    Also, not necessarily a “Disney” exclusive, but I love all the international candy bars you can get around the World Showcase in EPCOT. Especially Germany. LOVE the German chocolate.

  11. says

    GG — Touche! Very good point taken! ;-) Thanks for the suggestions, too.

    Lillian — Let me know how you like them! Again, dipping them in some of that spicy bbq sauce is definitely called for.

  12. says

    LOL. I would try them out of respect for your culinary expertise, but I have to tell you, they’re scary looking!

  13. Lynnette says

    The Tiger tails are the perfect companion to my chicken skewer and they taste great dipped in the polynesian sauce, too. Their vegi skewer is also quite yummy. Love the Bengal BBQ!

    The Tigger tail is my son’s favorite snack from Pooh Corner. The caramel around the marshmallows is the clincher for him. This ooey-gooey confection is not only orange colored, but also slightly orange flavored which makes it a hit with me too. (I don’t usually care much for white chocolate). The Cheshire Cat tails are pink with purple stripes and are strawberry flavored. They were tasty also.

    Tigger or tiger – they’re both worth trying!

  14. Mykelogan says

    It has been said a few times already but ad my voice to the chorus, Bengal Barbecue is the best little counter service spot in Disneyland, and if I may be so bold in all of the Disney parks! Fresh, flavorful food… it is a wonderful place for a snack, lunch or dinner! The bacon wrapped asparagus deserves its own column in my opinion, so we can go on and on about how amazing char-grilled bacon is when wrapped around delicious, juicy asparagus.

    My tip (if it is still like this) is to grab your food and head up past the jungle cruise. There is a roped off area that was a part of the old Aladdin photo op. A sitting area. Plop down there and enjoy your spoils. Many times I asked if it was ok to sit there and was told sure by CMs in that area. Most people avoid it because it seems like it might be wrong. A great little spot to rest in the chaos that “alley” of the park can become. :-)

    Oh man I miss Disneyland! hehe

  15. says

    The tigger tails are so pretty, but I hate white chocolate. I wish they could come up with some sort of m&m candy coating alternative!

  16. Josh says

    The Tigger Tails look very colorful and tasty. I also saw a picture with a little bit of carmel shown on the outside of one as well. I’m not a big fan of eating just bread, but the Tiger tails do sound very tasty as well especially if you can pair them with one of the skewers that are sold.

    As well, I’m interested in hearing more about these Cheshire Cat tails that are strawberry flavored! They sound very tasty as well and it seems like they are very well known.

    I wonder if they sold these at the Pooh’s Corner in Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World…

  17. robert metzler says

    hey i am wonder where is pooh corner in critter country in what land ?

  18. madoka says

    I don’t normally care much for marshmallows or white chocolate, but I have to admit I love the Tigger Tails! Finally tried one on our last trip after hearing so many raves of this treat, and now I’m a convert. The white chocolate is indeed orange flavored, and the balance of the different parts is perfect. The tail wasn’t sickeningly sweet, and the caramel didn’t even stick to my teeth! DH and I rode the Pooh ride while sharing a Tigger Tail, and every time we saw Tigger on the ride, he said “we’re eating your tail!” LOL

    Didn’t know about the Tiger Tail bread at Bengal BBQ. The bacon-wrapped asparagus is one of our favorite food items at Disneyland, and we like the other skewers too. Using the bread as a “bun” for the meat is a great idea! I’m gonna try it next time for sure.

  19. lena z says

    Is anyone as mad as me that tigger tails have now become essentially peeps?? As of my visit in November 2010, they are marshmallows covered in orange sugar.

    My sister and I look forward to our Tigger Tail when we visit D’land — it’s a highlight, but this year we were completely disappointed to find out they have been modified (supposedly to be more healthy which is ridiculous — first because sugar is not healthier than chocolate and it’s a dessert!!)

    We are making them ourselves to get over our disappointment. Bad move Disney. Bring back the REAL Tigger Tails — not the peeps version.

  20. Anne B says

    Love, Love, Love the real Tigger Tails! They recently changed them into a sparkle-sugar covered Tigger’d out peep!! Why? Disneyland really needs to rethink that decision. Bring back the real Tail!

  21. Saffron says

    I had tigger tails for the first time a couple of weeks ago.. My partner and I both loved them I didn’t think it looked that good I just got it to try because I like Tigger but was amazed at how good it was it had sprinkles and I hate sprinkles but you didn’t notice the sprinkles, they’re not really sprinkles anyway they’re crylalized sugar but anyway you don’t even taste them because under them was a big layer of white chocolate and under the chocolate was thick yummy caramel surrounding gooey vanilla marshmellows it was amazing!! I wish I could have tigger tails all the time!! We were visiting from Australua and next feb were going to disneyworld and I was looking forward to having tigger tails again.. Very dissapointed to find out they don’t have them there!

  22. Hannah B says

    Finally able to taste a Tigger Tail in DL! It was delicious & fresh. BUT it was modified, maybe because all those white chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick being turned into ghosts? I went to Pooh Corner & the marshmallow & caramel treat labeled as a Tigger Tail was covered in white chocolate & ORANGE sugar crystals with the chocolate stripes. Enjoyed it very much & the sugar added a crunchy texture to the outside. Definitely a must try snack!

  23. Hannah B says

    Didn’t read all the posts, thought the sugar was new. As I don’t know what it was like before the change, I really enjoyed it. I don’t like when they change snacks/foods either, so I understand the previous posters!

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