“You Won’t Believe This Snack!”: Carrot Cake Cookie

The Writer’s Stop is an unassuming little bookstore. It offers comfy chairs and couches, books lining the walls from floor to ceiling, every coffee drink you can dream of…and baked goods. That’s right, this is another location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios harboring a “You Won’t Believe This!” Snack!

While most folk just wander right past this little corner store on their way to the American Idol Experience, Toy Story Mania, or Tower of Terror, there are a few of us who feel the call of the item that has made The Writer’s Stop famous: the Carrot Cake Cookie.

Speaking of unassuming, you can’t even see the Carrot Cake Cookie in the bakery counter display. It’s shrouded in a paper bag until purchased. Seriously — how are you supposed to know what you’re getting?! I guess you’ll have to take my word for it ;-)

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

But once you have one in your hot little hands, you won’t be able to help yourself. Find yourself some seating (my favorite spot is a little “study nook” by the front windows of the shop — if it feels like you’re back in your College Library stacks, you’ve found it!) and get down to business.

Carrot Cake Cookie in Full View

The moist cake is decent (anyone else wish there were raisins and walnuts in there?), but anyone who knows me knows that that’s not what I’m after.

Just leave me with a fork and the pile of thick cream cheese frosting and I’ll be juuuuuuuust fine.

Carrot Cake Cookie Cross Section

At least until the sugar shock sets in. Yeah. Then I’ll need a nap. ;-) By the way — at around $3, this is a less expensive snack. And, of course, you can use your dining plan snack credit!

Have you tried the carrot cake cookie? What did you think? Does it top your list of favorite snacks, or are there others that you’d order first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Karen says

    I LOVED these cookies! I was there & had one… errr, ummmm, two or 3! ..and I just can’t get them out of my mind. Anyone have a recipe for them? Definitely more than enough sugar but so worth it!

  2. WDWCanFan says

    This was the first snack I picked up when I was at WDW in September. It was in the top 3 of my “must try snack-credit items” list. Unfortunately, it won’t be on the “must try again” list. I expected it to be sweet, but it really was TOO sweet for my taste. That’s not the bad part, though. Maybe I did not read the reviews too carefully, but I was under the impression that it was raisin-free. Mine was not.

    If you have a real really sweet tooth and don’t have the disdain for raisins, like I do, however, do try it.

    Fortunately, this disappointment did not hinder my zeal to look for the other must-try items. Believe it of not, this was my third time to Magic Kingdom, yet, my first time to FINALLY get a Dole Pineapple Float (Number 1 on the list, BTW). That pineapply goodness made me right giddy and left my face sore from all the smiling! LOL!

  3. Amanda says

    This cookie is huge and absolutlely amazing! It is more cake-like than the texture of a cookie but it is moist and and soft and the frosting is thick and has a great cream cheese flavor! I would suggest letting it warm up a little if you can wait that long but definitely bring someone to share with because it’s quite large and sweet!

  4. Emma says

    I finally got to try the carrot cake cookie and I LOVED it. So big and the cream cheese frosting was amazing.

  5. says

    There are certain “snacks” in each park that I make sure my visitors (I live 5 mins. down the road) make a point of having. And this is one of them! This carrot cake cookie is awesome. Don’t plan on eating anything else and maybe wash it down with a big milkshake. My other “secret snacks” are green tea ice cream in Japan/epcot, the outside concession stand, ginger ice cream in China, chocolate mousse in France, Baklava in Morocco – but one of my other favorites is the coffee float next to the flying carpets in MK. have fun everyone! Enjoy!

  6. Cindy Skinner says

    We shared one of these 4 ways and thank goodness we did because it was so good I would have happily eaten the whole thing by myself…not good for a diabetic but OMG so freakin’ YUM!!

  7. Karen says

    I had one of these yesterday and it is as delicious as everyone says. However, it’s big enough to feed a small Ethiopian village. Because I have trouble with portion control, I threw half in the trash can before I even took my first bite, just to keep from eating it all. It was a wise maneuver because I probably could have eaten my weight in carrot cake cookies. Very delish!

  8. carol says

    I love carrot cake and often make it from scratch so I know good carrot cake when I taste it–I LOVE THIS CARROT CAKE COOKIE!! it is worth going back to Disney World just for this cookie–I brought 3 home with me:) Great price too and the Disney Meal plan snack makes it even better.

  9. Dolores says

    I think I’m going to have to take a trip over there just to get a cookie!! Will call it “lunch.”

  10. Terri says

    I always bring zip lock bags so I can bring about five of them home with me in my carry-on. By the time I get home I usually have 3 left. Might have to up the number. They are sooooo good.

  11. Marie says

    I was really disappointed in it. I love carrot cake but I thought the cookie was a letdown. I’ve had better carrot cake and better cookies. Maybe if it were more like cookie with the cream cheese frosting or more like regular carrot cake? It could definitely have used more frosting to counter not having more of a moist interior (since it’s a cookie shape it’s bigger surface makes it seem more dry to me).


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