Cupcake Store to Open in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney

The OC Register’s Fast Food Maven is reporting some great news! Those cupcakes that were selling like hotcakes from the kiosk in Downtown Disney this past winter are getting their own permanent location!

Celebration Cupcake from The Cupcake Store

While The Cupcake Store‘s main bakery will be in Mission Viejo, CA, they’re also setting up shop in Downtown Disney. Baking will be done at Mission Viejo and shipped to DTD.

Cupcake Packaging

The Cupcake Store Holiday Cupcake

The store is shooting for a September 2010 opening!

Head over to the OC Register for a great interview with The Cupcake Store founder Janel Mitchell.

Cupcake photos courtesy Misti Song; taken at The Cupcake Store kiosk. Used with permission.


  1. jon says

    while it’s nice to get a cupcake store in downtown disney, these cupcakes cost $1.50 more than a sprinkles cupcake, $1 more than a crumbs cupcake, and aren’t as good. i’d put it on the same level as a cupcake from ralphs.

  2. Christina says

    I am so amazed at this cupcake phenomenon. I would like to see one at WDW, though, even if its an Orlando-based business.

  3. geraldine says


  4. ari says

    While their cupcakes are a little pricey, they are GOOD! I personally love love love the vanilla bean. I would post a picture, but alas I never remember until I’ve eaten all of it!

  5. jon says

    i believe the cupcakes were like $4.75–i think the cupcakes at marceline’s confectionery are just as good, and cheaper.
    although, sprinkles newport beach isn’t that far away–20 min drive but it’s right by the beach!

  6. says

    Well, I guess I just learned that there is a Disneyland Downtown Disney. I only ever thought that there was a Walt Disney World Downtown Disney and that was THE Downtown Disney.

    It seems as though recently cupcake business have been having a really great amount of customers to keep them open. These don’t look like anything spectacular though.

    The only thing worth my while would be if a Starring Rolls Cafe opened outside of Disney World Hollywood Studios. Other than that– don’t bother me with the cupcake nonsense. ;)


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